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  • 1.e by Gideon Tsang (via flickr) Using social media to find a job By Tatum Mackey

2. age by OTA Photos (via flickr) When looking for a job it is extremely important to use social networking websites effectively. 3. Image by Phil Whitehouse (via flickr) 92% of companies use social media for recruiting 4. Image by Matthijs (via flickr) 45% of fortune 500 companies have links to social media on the career section of their website 5. Image by Flazingo Photos (via flickr) 93% of companies used LinkedIn the 2012. 87% in 2011. 78% in 2010. 6. 66% of companies use facebook Image by Lars Plougmann (via flickr) 7. 54% of companies use twitter Image by Shawn Campbell (via flickr) 8. Image by CharlotWest (via flickr) 73% of successful hires are through social media 9. Image by Flazingo Photos (via flickr) 42% of companies say the candidate quality has improved from using social media 10. Image by kobiz7 (via flickr) 20% of companies say it takes less time to hire 11. Image by Unique Hotels (via flickr) The top industries that use social recruiting are: 1. Restaurants 2. Advertising/PR 3. Nonprofit 4. Fashion 5. Healthcare 6. Food service/Catering 7. Technology 8.Education 12. Image by Flazingo Photos (via flickr) Companies are using social media to recruit employees so if you are looking for a job it is important to use linkedin, facebook and twitter. 13. Image by Robert S. Donovan (via flickr) Make sure that you are using social networking to its full advantage. 14. Image by Ed Yourdon (via flickr) Job seekers have more power than ever. They arent relegated to another piece of paper in the stack of rsumsthey can show off, brag and stand out. -Zack Grossbart, a virtual team coach 15. Teresa Basich used to twitter to look for potential job opportunities. She also created a blog to host her resume. Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis (via flickr) 16. Image by Think Panama (via flickr) Basich made contacts through social media. Then she regularly talked to one of her contacts and managed to get her dream job. 17. Image by Daniel Foster(via flickr) So how should you use social media to find a job? 18. Image by Ed Yourdon (via flickr Remember quality over quantity. Target specific companies instead of spamming out your resume. 19. Image by Flazingo Photos (via flickr) Upload your resume online so job recruiting searches can find you. Polish your resume daily and make sure to include keywords from the job description. 20. Image by Gangplank HQ (via flickr) Have a strong online presence. Maintain a strong LinkedIn profile that shows your work, blogs, articles, portfolios and videos. 21. Image by Jeff Hitchcock (via flickr) Remove unflattering content from social networks. 79% of hiring managers and job recruiters look at their candidates online information. 22. Image by Ed Yourdon (via flickr) Expand your network. Nearly 30% of external hires are referrals. 23. Everyone is using social networks It is the way to get a job Learn to use it to your advantage 24. Works Cited [1] J. W. Dubin, "Secrets to finding a job online," 19 August 2010. [Online]. Available: [Accessed May 2014]. [2] S. Pratt, "Social Media for Recruitment," 18 October 2013. [Online]. Available: [Accessed May 2014]. [3] V. Souza, "Bullhorn Reach U.S. Social Recruiting Report," 5 June 2012. [Online]. Available: [Accessed May 2014].