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  1. 1. {Using Reward Based Dog Training methods to Train Your Dog In this informative article I'll be discussing how exactly to make use of reward training methodologies that are based to train your pet to sit. 1. The training session important you've treats prepared for the dog before you begin it. For your first session you may need to make at least 200 treats accessible. This exercise is based a good deal treats you use, therefore it is important that you simply bring enough to carry the task out. 2. Find a place that is quiet and has little to no distractions that one may begin your work in. 3. Go to your own large supply of treats, take some of them out as well as put them on your hand. Kneel down towards your dog take your hand together with the treats and set them. When it gets your dog's attention, begin to go around, getting your hand is followed by your pet. Make certain it is not fast enough without losing interest, so that the dog can follow. Your hand needs to be close enough the dog can literally touch your hand. 4. Your hands should be more away from the dog's nose, as you raising your hand up and away from your pet. 5. When your puppy sits up as a way to dog classes harlow achieve your hands filled against the treats, say something positive to the dog to signal that he or she has done something correct and give the dog some treats as a benefit. 6. Duplicate parts one to five of this exercise. You should start utilizing the term to signify to the dog the action the dog is carrying out once you are 100% sure your dog will sit then. It's significant that once you get passed this phase, you begin to use the word "sit" before you entice the dog upwards. The word "sit" should always be properly used prior to the dog's action, in order to signify to your pet.