using maps for writing tapping into the power of an ancient tool

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  • Using Maps for WritingTapping into the Power of an Ancient Tool

  • My experienceEau Claire Leader TelegramBeloit Daily NewsCarnegie (PA) Signal-ItemMaryland Gazette (Suburban Baltimore)Madison Business FirstWisconsin State JournalFreelancing: Isthmus, Wisconsin Trails, Madison Magazine, In Business, Wisconsin People and Ideas

  • Revolving door

  • Maps are fascinating.

  • Ken Jennings, Maphead (12) There must be something innate about maps, about this one specific way of picturing out world and our relations to it that charms us, calls to us, wont let us look anywhere else in the room if theres a map on the wall.

  • Most often, what we ask of a map is to help us get from here to there. Turchi, (82)

  • My question:How can I use the visual tools of mapping to help students write better?

  • Is this a map?

  • Or this?

  • Imago Mundi: 600 BC

  • Ptolemy of Alexandria

  • Mappa MundiHerefords Mappa Mundic. 1290

  • Mappa Mundi Detail

  • Portolano

  • John Mercator: 1569

  • John Ogilby: 1675

  • John Snow: Cholera 1854

  • Rand McNally: 1922

  • Brain-mapping: Not a coincidenceThe distinctive feature of brains such as the one we own is their uncanny ability to create maps.

    -Antonio Damasio

  • Maryanne Wolf: Proust and the Squid

  • Katie Wood Ray Reading like a writer with pictures books.Give students choice in topics.Creating experiences to write aboutContinue reading aloud

  • Katy Wood RayShe asks .. do you their teacher think of them as writers as they are gathered around you What expectations do you have for them as writers? (75)

  • What are the stages or steps of writing a history essay?Brainstorm on your ownDiscuss as a table.

  • My process

  • Turchi says:Writing can be broken in to two separate acts:ExplorationPresentationPurpose: To lead reader on a journey. (13)

  • My writing map

  • Back to clustering

  • Is anyone using maps for writing?The Thompson Writing Program at Duke University suggests that writers use maps in these ways:Geographic contextHelp with sequencingVisual representation Analysis of history/anthropology of a setting

  • Maps have conventions

  • Using maps literally: The United States Before the Civil War

  • Sequencing

  • Maps as Inspiration

  • Where is this?

  • Here be dragons

  • Map as metaphor

  • Maps and critical literacyWho made this map?What was the political/historical/social context?What was the purpose of this map?What is at the center of the map?What is and isnt included?

  • What is at the center?

  • Whos on top?

  • What does this map represent?

  • Distortion: Mercator

  • Gall-Peters Projection

  • How could map distortion be used inFiction writingPersuasive writingHistorical writingScience writing?

  • Maphead Activity

  • Going Forward:I will use maps more consistently in history because I know my students need more exposure to learn geography.I will use maps to help them write about history.I will have student make their own writing maps.I will have give students cluster before using or making a more traditional graphic organizer.