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Using Google Apps Education Edition. April 7, 2009 Michael Pogor. What is Google Apps Education Edition?. GAEE is a FREE collection of web-based communication and collaborative tools Google provides FREE technical/telephone support. What is Inside GAEE?. GAEE Includes: Google Sites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Google Apps Education EditionApril 7, 2009Michael Pogor

  • What is Google Apps Education Edition?GAEE is a FREE collection of web-based communication and collaborative tools

    Google provides FREE technical/telephone support

  • What is Inside GAEE?GAEE Includes:

    Google Sites


    Google Docs

    Google Calendar

    Google Talk

  • Advantages of GAEE?In addition to Googles many publicly available features/services, GAEE provides Schools/Boards with the following:

    Web hosting (

    Email hosting (

  • Using Google SitesCustom LogoGoogle Search for websiteBlogGoogle GadgetsGoogle Countdown

  • What Can I include?In addition to standard text/pic items, you can also include:Slideshow (Picasa)Blog entries ( (Google Calendar)Powerpoint (Google Docs)Gadgets (Google Gadgets)Video (Youtube/Google Video)ETC. ETC.!!!

  • Website Using Google

  • GMAILWith GAEE, Gmail-type email accounts can be created (

    All staff/students can be given email addresses

    Ability to migrate email from outside IMAP server to Google Apps

  • Google Docsonline word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editorenables you and your students to create, store and share instantly and securely, and collaborate online in real timeStart from scratch, or upload filesNO SOFTWARE NECESSARY!

  • Google DocsGoogle Docs Video

  • Google CalendarThe calendar in GAEE is similar to Google Calendar, except that:Sharing options are available to control the flow of information between the domain and the outside worldResources such as Projectors, Computer Labs, Meeting/Conference Rooms can be viewed and booked online

  • Resource ExamplesDante Start Page

  • How Do I Sign Up?In order to use GAEE, a School/Board needs the following:Domain Name (plus DNS Service)....less than $50/yearGAEE requires (hardest part) Domain ownership verification (Registrars can usually assist you)

  • Google Authorized ResellersThere are Google Authorized Resellers who will perform the setup for a nominal (
  • And FinallyIf you switch to GAEE, you will be joining a growing number of education institutions:University of Notre DameNew York City Intermediate School 339University of Southern CaliforniaColumbia Secondary School (NYC) Gallaudet University