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  • Using Apps and Digital Tools to Enhance Campaign Support and Engagement

    Mike Robert :: Digital Strategist

    PresenterPresentation NotesHi everyone, my names Mike and Im a digital strategist with Booz Allen and Im humbled to serve as the digital & creative director for the Real Warriors Campaign contract.

  • Siri, what is the meaning of life...and this session?

    Do you love apps?Do your audiences love digital tools?Youve come to the right place.

    PresenterPresentation NotesIm here today as a fellow geek to talk with you about the campaigns digital tools, including the Real Warriors app.

    So if you love apps and social media, youre in the right place.

  • Real Warriors CampaignIntegrated communicationsReal Warriors app & complementary website

    Siri, how will we spend the next15 minutes?

    PresenterPresentation NotesFirst, well look at an overview of the campaign, its integrated tactics, and then well have some fun with the app.

    So lets get into it.

  • The Defense Department Real Warriors Campaign launched in 2009. Based on the health belief model, its a social marketing campaign that encourages the military community to seek care for invisible wounds.

    PresenterPresentation Notes-The Defense Department, with Booz Allens support, launched the Real Warriors Campaign in 2009.-Its a social marketing campaign that encourages the military community to seek care for psychological health concerns.-The campaign is based on the Health Belief Model, which is a behavior change theory for motivating people to take positive health actions. [that uses the desire to avoid a negative health consequence as the prime motivation]

    -When we prepared to launch the campaign, this was the situationWere about 5 and 7 years into the Afghanistan and Iraq warsThese wars are the first where our service members are facing long-term, repeat deploymentsThey are going repeatedly and staying longerThanks to improved body armor, service members are surviving serious injuries more than ever beforeBut they are sustaining invisible wounds war that are not always apparent to the ones closest to them (spouses, families)PTSD and TBI have become the signature wounds of these wars-For example, an estimated 31 percent of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition or reported experiencing a TBI.

  • CREATE AWARENESS about available resources for psychological health careamong warriors, their families, their commanders and the public at large.

    CREATE UNDERSTANDING regarding the challenges service members may feelprevent them from seeking care or support for psychological health concerns.

    CREATE AWARENESS of the concepts of resilience and early intervention as wellas the roles they play in successful care, recovery and reintegration for returningservice members and overall force readiness.

    Based on formative research, goals were defined:

    PresenterPresentation NotesBased on the health belief model and the campaigns formative research, goals were defined as [READ SLIDE]

    [The campaign provides resources to 5 audience segments: Active DutyVeteransNational Guard and ReserveFamiliesHealth Professionals]

  • 60+ AWARDS

    PresenterPresentation NotesBY A SHOW OF HANDS, how many people know a service member or veteran? [PAUSE] This is a resource you can take back and share with them.

    If you dont have your hand raised, this is a tried and true campaign and my hope is these tactics inspire ideas for your own health campaigns.

    Now, lets take a look at the campaigns channels.


    PresenterPresentation is the heart of the campaign. All tactics point here.

    The website has 100+ articles on sensitive topics.

    A key feature is the 24/7 Real Warriors Live Chat, which connects target audiences to the DCoE Outreach Center. The Outreach Center also has a toll-free number and its staffed by health resource consultants who are there to talk, listen and connect audiences to care in their area.

    Similar to the website URL, all tactics point to the Outreach Center, so if someone has questions about getting care, they can get their questions answered and get connected to a provider.

    Next up, video.


    PresenterPresentation NotesThe campaigns focus group research found target audiences wanted to see themselves in communications.

    One way the campaign accomplishes this is through video.

    Campaign videos and PSAs feature real warriors such as retired Army Maj. Ed Pulido here who share their stories, showing how reaching out for care benefits themselves, their families and their communities.


    PresenterPresentation NotesPSAs like retired Army Maj. Ed Pulidos air stateside in areas with significant military populations and at bases around the world.

    In addition to TV, the campaigns media coverage includes radio, print, and online.


    PresenterPresentation NotesThe campaign has 200+ partner organizations with similar missions who help the campaign reach audiences. Through the website, anyone can order free materials weve shipped out more than 1M.

    [Our team also participates in conferences and events, like our Game Day events where we brought together former NFL players with service members to watch NFL games, socialize and talk about psychological health topics.

    [-The Real Warriors Campaign partnered with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to host eleven Game Day events at military installations around the country including Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Campbell, Ft. Carson, Ft. Drum, Ft. Worth, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and Quantico.-At each event, former NFL players joined service members and their families to watch NFL games, socialize and discuss common reintegration challenges facing service members as well as the resources available to address them.


    PresenterPresentation NotesOf course, you cant have web without social media.

    For the Real Warriors Campaign, we focus on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    There was a time when we had 900 fans/followers, now its one of the largest military health brands, with 90,000+ fans/followers, reaching about ~1M individuals every year. We know this through monitoring and analytics.

    [Fun fact, the most mentioned resource people share when they mention the campaign is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.]


    PresenterPresentation NotesTactics include directing users to 24/7 resources (including past midnight), offering customer service, and reaching out to at-risk audiences.

    We also built relationships with social media accounts that reach target audiences where we sent copy/paste posts to accounts like the Air Force. We no longer do this, but it was a powerful tactic for helping the campaign grow.




    PresenterPresentation NotesWith tools like radian6, we know that audience attitudes are supportive of campaign messages.

    As you see here, online audiences are actively sharing campaign resources with their peers.

    This peer engagement happens across the campaigns social media channels everyday and it was a big influence in developing the Real Warriors app.

  • PresenterPresentation NotesThe Real Warriors app launched in September 2014 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    The app is free and its an online photo-sharing service that promotes self-help and encourages the military community to support their peers.

    Now, Ill play our 29-sec. app PSA, so you can see it for yourselves.

  • PresenterPresentation NotesThe app lets users snap a picture, choose a Real Warriors branded color, pick a Real Warriors Campaign key message, add a caption and upload the photo to the Wall.

    This is a user-generated imagery app and this tactic is becoming more mainstream. Youve probably heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Well, its the same concept where users are involved in the brand experience.

  • PresenterPresentation NotesTo facilitate engagement, we built in a salute or like feature, which lets users show their support for their peers. This feature facilitates positive reinforcement that is peer-driven.

    On the right here, youll see the apps left hand menu. Id like to draw your attention to the Reach Out 24/7 feature, which connects users to 24/7 resources for concerns like suicide [the DCoE Outreach Center, Real Warriors Live Chat and the Military Crisis Line (telephone/SMS text message)]. This feature truly puts 24/7 help in users pockets.

    To keep content refreshed, we message app users with monthly photo challenges. [Users can opt in to receive push notifications and for users who hate push notifications, like me, we built an in-app inbox that lets users check their notifications when its convenient.]


    PresenterPresentation NotesWhen we launched the app, at the same time, we launched the apps complementary website.

    The app website displays images created by app users and it uses a responsive framework, so anyone can check out the Wall and salute photos from any devicemobile, tablet and desktop.


    PresenterPresentation NotesThe app also required building a moderator dashboard, which is where user content is reviewed before it goes live on the Wall. This ensures user content is always supportive and is never stigmatizing.

    To set expectations with users as well as m