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  • User Centered Design WorkshopWorkshop Overview, Concepts, & Mozilla + MozCamps project kick-off proposal

    Holly Habstritt Gaal

  • User Centered Design WorkshopThe User Centered Design Workshop was held in Bangalore, India during the June 21-22 MozCamp. The workshop lasted 3 hours and was held once each day so that 2 separate groups had a chance to attend.

    10 concepts created 25 participants Lots of feedback was received regarding a need for skills-based

    workshops like this for the community Many amazing, near-implementable ideas in just 2 days! Our community has strong UX and Dev skills

    The following slides share the outcome of the workshop. To view the workshop slides which reviewed a history of User Centered Design and stepped through a series of exercises, see the following PDF: UCD Presentation

  • Overview

    User-centered design, how to interview users, design thinking exercises, success metrics, and audience identification were all topics throughout the workshop.

  • Workshop Theme:

    Create an app that helps your community learn about or contribute to Mozilla.

  • What is User-Centered Design?We talked through the history of User Centered Design - from Scientific Management to Usability and Contextual Research. We discussed the principles of UCD, and how research and design are at the core of this process. We ended this section on best practices for interviewing users and then practiced interviewing each other before moving to sketching, success metrics, and choosing a final concept.

  • Interview practice Participants practiced interviewing each other using the techniques and rules we discussed. After which we went through our interview notes and distilled the feedback to single points - one per post-it.

  • Interview analysisWe then grouped our post-its to start to discover common themes from our interviews.

  • Solo concept sketchingBased on feedback from the interviews and their personal knowledge about Mozilla, we spent 20 minutes creating quick sketches for 2 ideas.

  • Success Metrics & AudienceWe talked about identifying our audience. We also discussed identifying what would make our project successful and how to measure this once we have a prototype and/or release our app.

  • CollaborationAttendees paired up and focused on a single concept. Concepts were taken from on of the sketches, or often a combination of the best ideas.

  • Concepts

    Theme: Create an app that helps your community learn about or contribute to Mozilla.

  • 42


    Description:Communities request a session/event that they would like to attend. Once a demand for a session is met, a Mozillian responds by creating an event. Upcoming events and requests are also displayed for the community to both vote on a request and see if their topic of interest is already in the schedule.

  • 42Audience


    Local communities of developers (but could be for any skill)

    Attendees get to learn what they came to learn [ ratings ]

    Mentors volunteer for multiple events

    Attendees actively seek to attend more sessions

  • Bugs Ahoy 2.0


    Description:An app that sends new users through a whatcanidoformozilla flow to introduce them to bugs. Complete with a leaderboard and push notifications, this rethinking of Bugzilla will keep contributors coming back for more. (need explanation of credits from sketch)

  • Bugs Ahoy 2.0Audience


    People wanting to contribute to Mozilla development

    Newbie retention A rise in new/first patches

  • Bugstrips

    @larissashapiro@sawrubh, :saurabh

    Description:Pick from a list of bugs you are working on or have completed and use Bugstrips to create a shareable Dino-themed comic strip to tell the story about your bug. This creates a better story around your solution than Bugzilla can do and is also more inviting for those not accustomed to or intimidated by Bugzilla.

  • BugstripsAudience


    Developers People who view strips

    Developer keeps fixing more bugs

    Rise in views of strips # of viewers who click to

    learn more about strip/bug Social media sharing

  • Contri-rail


    Description:UI presents the story/timeline of completing a project like a game. Each piece/role in a project is represented on the trail/map. You can invite people to help you complete your tasks, add new components, visit milestones in the project, and earn badges. High scores can also be featured on community pages.

  • Contri-railAudience


    Newbies Existing Contributors

    Works in lo-fi as it is a light app

    Interactive and collaborative contribution

    Social media shares Invite people to contribute Feels like a game Offline documentation Badges awarded

  • Mo5


    Description:Mozilla contributors and anyone with a Mozillans account users have a chance to High five the work of other Mozillians. By high-fiving a post in this feed you can share the users post to social channels. Community engagement can feature relevant posts in this feed and on social channels, emails, etc. (what does post need to contain? - resolved bug, blog post, live project?)

  • Mo5Audience


    All Mozilla Contributors Mozillans account users

    Easy to use Top hi-fives Get mentioned in Mozilla

    channels (FB, Twitter) Submitter gets famous

    socially, bragging rights Motivates other community

    members Community Engagement

    pushes relevant posts to top (trends)

    Identification of top and new contributors

  • MozPlanet


    Description:One stop access to blogs, Get Involved opportunities, events, etc all on your mobile device and all in a unified flow/UI. The app can use what it knows about you to push appropriate actions and content your way. (e.g.: skills-based opportunities, location-based events). Users also have quick access to a feedback form. (could also include SUMO & MDN content)

  • MozPlanetAudience


    FirefoxOS users Other mobile device

    users Newbies Existing Contributors

    rise in # of new contributors rise in # of blog viewers and

    subscribers rise in number of events

    registered through app

  • Moz Postcards


    Description:Post-card interface and concept simplifies the steps for contributors when sending information to us. It is more compelling and personal than a form. User can get their first badge by creating the postcard. (optional: use webmaker to create?)

  • Moz PostcardsAudience


    Potential Contributors

    Mozillians/Reps/Guides respond to letters

    People connect to relevant opportunities/communities

    people find out how to contribute

  • Moz Square


    Description:Find a Mozillian near you! Search by distance, name, functional area, country. Connect with Mozillians data to populate app and invite Mozillians to share their location a la Swarm/Foursquare.

  • Moz SquareAudience


    Current Contributors New Contributors

    Increase in # of Mozillians / Contributors

    Retention of Current Contributors

    Mentor / Mentee connection

  • Mozillians (mobile)


    Description:Find the nearest Mozillians and/or Event near you! Mobile Mozillians guide to staying connected to locale-based Mozilla content. Also a space to be notified about blog posts, stories, general updates from Mozilla. CTA to contribute + action for those that want to get help from the nearest Mozillian.

  • New users / contributors to know and get in touch with Mozillians

    Those that want support from nearest Mozillian

    People who love stories Explorer for nearest event,

    especially for PSA

    Mozillians (mobile)Audience

    Success More community

    engagement used as a common place

    for Mozillians Marketing local events maintain relation with

    Mozillians Reaching nearest

    Mozillians quickly

  • Moztivity


    Description:Gaming of contribution presents a list of activities, leaderboard, and connects to Mozillians profile to connect Mozillians and allow for collaboration. Bug autosuggestion, badges, and sharing success to social channels also possible.

  • MoztivityAudience


    All Contributors (bugzilla, AOA, L10n

    New users

    profile views outgoing links (L10n,

    bugzilla, SUMO) Impact on bug fixes, L10n

    strings, SUMO AOA

  • MozCamp Project Kickoffs

    Why include our community in project kickoffs for large projects?

    The India Mozillians requested skills-based workshops during MozCamps - lets empower our community!

    Give Mozillians the tools and knowledge to share with other Mozillians and their communities.

    Many amazing, implementable ideas in just 2 days!

    Involve Mozillians in creating tools that directly improve their communities and their contribution.

    Our community has strong UX and Dev skills and they are eager to contribute.

    Planning ahead and allowing our community to offer solutions not only allows us to explore more solutions,

    it saves Mozilla time and resources, while allowing Mozillians to have an impact.