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  1. 1. User Centered Design
  2. 2. As we know
  3. 3. Definition User-centered design process (UCD) is also called human-centred design process. Human centred design processes for interactive systems. "Human-centred design is an approach to interactive system development that focuses specifically on making systems usable. It is a multi-disciplinary activity." In UCD, all "development proceeds with the user as the center of focus
  4. 4. Totally
  5. 5. . participatory designusabilityexperience design IDEO humane centered design . . -1 -2 3- . 4 . . Card sortingContextual Inquiry Focus GroupTask AnalysisUsability Test . .
  6. 6. UCD cycle
  7. 7. UCD Process
  8. 8. User-centered design (UCD) in designing web pages is a project approach that puts the intended users of a site at the centre of its design and development. It does this by talking directly to the user at key points in the project to make sure the site will deliver upon their requirements. The stages are carried out in an iterative fashion, with the cycle being repeated until the project's usability objectives have been attained. This makes it critical that the participants in these methods accurately reflect the profile of your actual users. How to use method
  9. 9. Steps
  10. 10. ISO 13407 outlines four essential activities in a user-centered design project: 1-Requirements gathering - Understanding and specifying the context of use 2-Requirements specification - Specifying the user and organisational requirements 3-Design - Producing designs and prototypes 4-Evaluation - Carrying out user-based assessment of the site. User-centered design project
  11. 11. By the way
  12. 12. Usable methods Method Cost Output Sample size When to use Focus groups Low Non-statistical Low Requirements gathering Usability testing High Statistical & non- statistical Low Design & evaluation Card Sorting High Statistical High Design Participatory design Low Non-statistical Low Design Questionnaires Low Statistical High Requirements gathering & evaluation Interviews High Non-statistical Low Requirements gathering & evaluation .The following is a typical top-level characterisation of the most popular user-centered design methods:
  13. 13. Everything about UCD
  14. 14. Which is the most imp
  15. 15. Business & UCD
  16. 16. 7 phases of UCD
  17. 17. More about UCD
  18. 18. Success in UCD
  19. 19. Refrences .ritoon .IDEO method Cards .UCD method .Other websites
  20. 20. Mission Done Well!
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