Useful Tips for Presenting Corporate Awards

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<ul><li><p>Useful Tips for Presenting Corporate Awards </p><p>Employees enjoy receiving awards, especially when you recognize that they </p><p>have achieved something great. </p><p>Before handing your employees a trophy or a medal, you need to establish </p><p>the title for the award: Sales Over-achiever, 5 Years of service, Best customer </p><p>service, etc. </p><p>The awards that you give you to employees will make an impact on how they </p><p>work for the rest of their careers, so make sure to give worthwhile awards </p><p>that are meaningful. Here are a few useful tips to use when planning the </p><p>ceremony. </p><p> Set Goals Before you buy trophies for your corporate awards, you need to set SMART criteria for people who are entitled to an award i.e. </p><p>Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic &amp; Time-related. </p><p> Plan award presentation You should make sure that you carefully plan the presentation of all corporate trophies and make sure that it is </p><p></p></li><li><p>in front of a large audience including the more senior members of the </p><p>company such as the directors. </p><p> Plan each award to the recipient All awards should be personal and memorable to the recipient, meaning the company shouldnt make </p><p>simple mistakes as mispronouncing their name. More importantly, </p><p>remember to talk about their journey to achieving the reward: about </p><p>how hard they worked; the extra hours they put in; the value they bring </p><p>into the company, and the pleasure of working together with them. Dont forget, the most important part of an award ceremony, is not the </p><p>presentation itself! The ceremony is about celebrating each individual </p><p>employees hard work, dedication &amp; achievements with the directors. </p><p>Visit Our Website - </p><p></p></li></ul>