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  • 1.Use Content Marketingto Reach Your AudienceAndreas Ramos Alok Vasudeva San Francisco,March 30, 2013

2. Who We AreAndreas RamosAlok Vasudeva PPC for MIT 10+ years in B2B SEO for Stanford marketing Co-founder, Expertise product Adviser to five SV management, productstartups marketing, Worked at SUN, marketingSGI, Brio, Acxiomcommunications Author of seven Emulex, HitachibooksData Systems, Upcoming book on Marconi, SiemensContent MarketingCommunications2 3. Books by Andreas 4. Problem: Advertising Doesnt Work 5,000 ads per person daily 80% of the target audienceignores TV ads (Nielsen) 63% of the web users usesoftware to block ads(, 2012) Unilever spent $6.3m on TV,but reached only 40%(Financial Times) 61% decide without talking tosales (MarketingSherpa, 2012) 57% of the purchase decisionis made before talking withsales (Eloqua)4 5. Solution: Content Marketing 91% of CMOs are using content marketing 34% of marketing budgets at Fortune 500s Coca-Cola and Intel Content Marketing Institute B2B Content Marketing, 2013 5 6. Solution: Content Marketing6 7. What Is Content Marketing?Traditional marketing is push marketing It is pushed at the audience It is broadcasted at the audience Dont create marketing blah-blah-blahCreate useful content that the audience wants It is content that they want They seek it out Find their questions and give them answers Find out their problems and offer solutions Examples: FAQs, support, technical documentation7 8. Focus on Your Audience 8 9. What Does Your Audience Want?Use Web 2.0 tools Search queries on your website Yahoo Answers Quora Search Twitter and download Forums in FB, LinkedIn, G+, etc. Influencer tools (eCairn, EzyInsights) Word Clouds 9 10. Use the Formats that Your Audience Wants Text Image eNewsletters Photo essays Blogs Infographics FAQs llustrations White papers Books Video eBooks Interviews Demonstrations Case studies Events Tweets Slideware Audio Press release Podcasts 10 11. Use the Basics of Marketing Business goal Branding (logo, colors, font) Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Target Audience Use a Brand Guideline document Where to get one? 12. Tracking and Metrics Analytics Adobe Omniture, IBM Coremetrics, Google Analytics Email Automation Add a form to your site Build your mailing list Acxiom, Responsys, VerticalResponse, MailChimp Marketing Automation Moves visitors through your site Sorts prospects into good or poor Eloqua, Marekto, Loopfuse CRM Manages your sales teams performance SAP, Salesforce, Full Circle, Pivot-It 12 13. Why Metrics? KPIs Cost-per-Lead (CPL) Cost-per-Acquistion (CPA) KPIs are for investors Show that you have a strategy to grow traffic Show how much it cost to reach the target Buy your traffic 13 14. Summary: Why Content Marketing? Give your audience what theywant Bypass the media Bypass Google Control your message 14 15. Get the Book Coming May 14th 15 16. Get a Free Copy of the Book May 14th Get this presentation 16 17. Thank You