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  • 1. Starfish Training USciences

2. Agenda Overview of Starfish Starfish at USciences Goals Expectations Demonstration Hands-on training Questions throughout Slide 2 3. What is Starfish? We are. A Student Success Company We believe. The campus community engaged with a student will lead to that students success. We help academic institutions. Identify. Which students are at risk now? Guide. Where do I go to get/offer help? Connect. When can I get help? Optimize. How are services performing? Slide 3 I made a difference for that one. 4. Starfish Solutions Early Warning & Student Tracking System Student concerns can be manually flagged when observed or through periodic surveys. Automatic flags are raised based on online grade book data. Recommendations can be communicated to the student. Appropriate personnel are informed of flags raised and cleared. Close the loop with faculty when progress is made. Slide 4 Educational Support Networking System Each student has personal My Success Network of instructors and campus staff. Online scheduling for in-person meetings both individual and group appointments. Appointment confirmation by email. Documentation of contact with students through private and shared notes. Service catalog of available campus support resources. 5. Starfish at USciences A collaborative effort between the faculty and advisors at USciences to ensure student success and persistence. Goals: Provide real-time information on student academic performance Increase collaboration to support student success Intervene with at-risk students in a timely fashion Provide advisors/faculty methods to provide constructive and/or positive feedback (Kudos) to students Increase retention rate of first-year students through effective interventions 6. Flags & Descriptions Flag Name Description Attendance Concern Student has not been attending class regularly. Lateness to Class Student has arrive numerous times (typically more than three) to class or lab tardy. Low Participation Student is not prepared or actively engaging in class. Behavior Concern Student is exhibiting concerning behavior. Faculty member will need to provide specific examples. Disruptive Classroom Behavior Student is disruptive in the classroom environment. (IE Lateness, cell phone use). Faculty member will need to provide specific examples. Interpersonal Relationship Concern Student is demonstrating inappropriate interpersonal skills. (IE communication in class, group dynamics, emotional outburst.) Faculty member will need to provide specific examples. 7. System Flags Flag Name Description Course Activity Flag Student has not logged into course during past 30 days. Low Quiz/Test Scores Student is preforming below average. Currently set at 70%. 8. Specific Expectations Slide 8 Instructors Raise flags when appropriate. Submit flag survey when emailed. Academic Advisors Receive email notifications from Starfish. Record follow up actions in Starfish: Add notes Schedule appointments Clear flags Students Receive email notifications when flagged. Contact appropriate support office. Everyone Complete your Profile so students know more about you. Utilize online appointment scheduling to facilitate student meetings. 9. Flag Surveys You will receive an email reminding you to complete a flag survey for your pilot courses. Simply check the appropriate boxes and click Submit to raise flags. 10. Example Survey Reminder to Instructor Dear Joe Instructor, As you know, we are piloting a new software solution from Starfish Retention Solutions that will help us make the process of reporting on the academic progress of our freshmen business students as easy and efficient as possible. Starfish works in conjunction with our existing CMS. Please click the link below and login to the CMS. You will be directed to your outstanding flag surveys in Starfish. Once you reach the flag survey grid, simply check the box next to the particular student's name where you have a concern. The flag options include Excessive Absences, Low Grade Concern, Poor Participation and General Concern. Then click Submit. If you don't have any concerns, just click Submit. The appropriate academic advisor will be notified of your flags and take any appropriate actions. You have 2 surveys which need to be completed. Outstanding Surveys: Course #1 Course #2 View Surveys in Starfish! This is a quick and easy way for you to tell us how the freshmen business students enrolled in your courses are doing. Your responses will help us know which students to reach out to and offer help. Thank you, Advising Team 11. Demonstration Student experience Slide 11 12. Hands-On Training 13. Training agenda Find your students list. View a student folder. Raise/Clear a flag. Configure your profile. Contact information Appointment preferences Email notifications Create your first office hours block. Slide 13 14. Find Your Students List 1. Click Students in the top frame navigation. 2. Search for a student by 1. Typing the students name into the Search field 2. Choosing your Connection to them 3. To organize your students list by flag, select the Tracking tab. 1. You can sort the list by flag name and/or flag status. 2. You can clear or comment on flags from here. Slide 14 To clear multiple flags at once from the Flags tab: Check off the boxes to the right of the flags you want to clear, then click the Clear Flags link at the top. 15. View a student folder 1. From your Students list, click the hyperlink of a students name. 2. This brings you to the students folder. Depending on your level of access, you will find information on 1. Appointments (past/upcoming) 2. Grades (past/current) 3. Notes (you added/shared with you) 4. Tracking history (raised/cleared) 3. From the student folder you can 1. Raise a flag 2. Add a note Slide 15 Anywhere you see a students name as a hyperlink will take you to their student folder. 16. Configure Your Profile 1. Click Profile in the top frame navigation. 2. Edit your contact information. Then, select the email address(es) where Starfish notifications should be sent. 3. Upload your photo to help a student put a face to your name. a. Select the Upload Photo link. b. Browse for a photo on your desktop (JPEG, GIF, PNG). c. Click the Upload Now button. 4. Complete the General Overview and My Biography sections so students can learn more about you. 5. Click the Save button. Slide 16 Students will see your profile information when they click to view your online appointment calendar. 17. Appointment Preferences 1.Go to Profile > Appointment Preferences. 2. Select your Minimum Appointment Length. 3. Select your Scheduling Deadline e.g., if appointments must be made by 5 p.m. the day before. 4.Establish My Locations so students know where they can meet with you. 5. Delegate Calendar Managers colleagues who can see your calendar and make any edits/deletes. 6. Click the Save Button. Slide 17 When students sign up, they see time slots for the appt lengths you allow. If you check the box to allow walk-ins after the deadline, students will see this noted in your calendar. 18. Email Notifications 1. Go to Profile. Then choose Email Notifications. 2. Under Appointments Notifications and Flag Notifications, set your preferences for if/when you want to be notified of appointments and flags. 3. To receive iCal attachments, check the boxes to receive an individual email every time there is a new or cancelled appointment. 4. Click the Save button. Slide 18 You can change your email notifications settings at any time. 19. Add Your First Office Hours Block 1. Go to Appointments> Add Office Hours. 2. Give your block a title. Indicate which day(s) of the week this block occurs. 3. Specify the start and end time. 4. Set the location. You can set up multiple locations by going to Profile > Appointment Preferences. 5. Enter any special instructions, or specify a Start/End Date if it is part of a series. 6. Click the Save button. Slide 19 How do I edit or delete? Click the icon to see options for managing your office hours blocks. 20. Scheduling Wizard Slide 20 1. Click Scheduling Wizard. 2. Fill in your appointment availability from week to week. Use the arrows to scroll through the weeks within the entire term. 3. Click the Save button. 21. Schedule An Appointment 1. Click Appointments at the top, then choose the Add Appointment link. 2. Search for a student name in the With field. 3. Complete the fields to specify the date, time and duration of the appointment. 1. You will receive an email confirmation for this appointment. 2. As the calendar owner, you can add appointments at any date and time, regardless of whether they occur within available blocks. 4. Click Save. Slide 21 Students can never see other students information. If a time slot is taken, it is marked as unavailable in your calendar. 22. You are ready to begin utilizing Starfish! Congratulations! Slide 22 23. Support Slide 23 Having trouble? Technical Support Joe Evanick *7090 Functional Support Ross Radish *7573