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  • [Urgent] Worldwide AIESEC internship opportunities for Business,

    Computer science, Engineering and Biomedical Science

    students! You are the global talent that we are looking for!

    We provide services such as resume & interview skills coaching, leadership

    development setting and outgoing preparation seminar to prepare you for overseas


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    Job Title: CISCO Project/ Event Management Intern (USA)

    Starting Period: 30 Jan 2018

    Ending Period: 30 Jan 2019

    Duration: 52 weeks

    Salary: 2000 USD per month (accommodation covered & provided)

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/851522

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Providing support in the design and structure of various events, workshops and trade shows

    2. Create project plans, budget and timelines

    3. Handle convention logistics and events management

    Job Title: CISCO Internal Platform and Technical Engineering Intern (USA)

    Starting Period: 4 Jan 2018

    Ending Period: 4 Jan 2019

    Duration: 52 weeks

    Salary: 2000 per month (accommodation covered & provided)

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/877860

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Develop Web and RDMS applications that support project management and operational


    2. Maintain and audit user accounts for Partners and ICs

    3. Maintain servers uptime and deployment (Docker)

    4. Maintain the technical applications being used by the innovation center

    5. Gather data to strategical plan/request certain updates to be implemented


  • Job Title: Finance Specialist |AGCO (Hungary)

    Starting Period: Dec 2017 /Jan 2018

    Ending Period: Oct 2018

    Duration: 52 weeks

    Salary: 160000 HUF per month

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/855987

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Document Scanning (OCR): Operate network high speed production scanning equipment

    (SAP add-on tool)

    2. Perform scanning and imaging tasks; Identify, classify and sort documents

    3. Document Indexing

    4. Archive documents in the digital archive and link them into the invoice clearance workflow


    5. Assist P2P users and support them with invoice processing as required

    Job title: Financial Reporting Executive (Malaysia)

    Starting period: 1 Jan 2018

    Ending period: 1 Jan 2019

    Duration: 52 weeks

    Salary: 3000 MYR per month (accommodation provided)

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/867125

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Prepare and ensure timely submission of various Monthly Financial reports and Analytical


    2. Examining company Financial Records to ensure proper compliance based on proper


    3. Assist in the planning, testing and execution of Internal Audit Activities.

    4. Plan and Perform financial audits in the various operating areas are completed on schedule

    5. Well versed with accounting software such as Tally, Quick book, etc.


  • Job Title: Navigation Algorithm Engineer in Hangzhou (China)

    Starting Period: Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

    Ending Period: 15 May 2018

    Duration: 25 Weeks

    Salary: 5000 CNY per month (accommodation provided & covered)

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/848198

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Software development on ROS

    2. Software testing on ROS

    3. Robot navigation system/algorithm development

    4. Sensor development on ROS

    5. English training for needed department

    Job Title: Data Analyst Management Trainee (Malaysia)

    Starting Period: 1 Dec 2017 (Negotiable)

    Ending Period: 7 Dec 2018

    Duration: 52 weeks

    Salary: 2600 MYR per month (accommodation provided & covered)

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/874389

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Support the following business units for data services request

    2. Perform necessary quality control checking prior delivering data to client

    3. Create input for IT to extract data from Data Sources

    4. Merge the input string and output string from IT

    5. Run validation generation code provided by analytics team

    6. Create subset to calculate score statistics on score level

    7. Generate dual matrix analysis using statistics

    8. Demonstrate knowledge of supporting data processes.

    9. Generate new analytical ideas for products.


  • Job Title: Biomedical Science Safety Data Specialist (Colombia)

    Starting Period: 8 Jan 2018

    Ending Period: 4 Jan 2019

    Duration: 52 Weeks

    Salary: 2327518 COP per month

    Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/869991

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Pharmaceutical research

    2. Actively participate

    3. Perform data entry

    4. Perform registry and case assignment tasks as needed

    5. Assist managers with reviewing individual coordinator report quality

    For more internship opportunities, please go to aiesec.org to open an account and source for

    more overseas internship. Feel free to contact Jing Jing at Jing3.jing@aiesec.net if you have any