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<ul><li><p>[Urgent] Worldwide AIESEC internship opportunities for Business, </p><p>Computer science, Engineering and Biomedical Science </p><p>students! You are the global talent that we are looking for! </p><p>We provide services such as resume &amp; interview skills coaching, leadership </p><p>development setting and outgoing preparation seminar to prepare you for overseas </p><p>internship. </p></li><li><p>Please only use Chrome / Safari to open the link. </p><p>Job Title: CISCO Project/ Event Management Intern (USA) </p><p>Starting Period: 30 Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending Period: 30 Jan 2019 </p><p>Duration: 52 weeks </p><p>Salary: 2000 USD per month (accommodation covered &amp; provided) </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/851522 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Providing support in the design and structure of various events, workshops and trade shows </p><p>2. Create project plans, budget and timelines </p><p>3. Handle convention logistics and events management </p><p>Job Title: CISCO Internal Platform and Technical Engineering Intern (USA) </p><p>Starting Period: 4 Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending Period: 4 Jan 2019 </p><p>Duration: 52 weeks </p><p>Salary: 2000 per month (accommodation covered &amp; provided) </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/877860 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Develop Web and RDMS applications that support project management and operational </p><p>metrics. </p><p>2. Maintain and audit user accounts for Partners and ICs </p><p>3. Maintain servers uptime and deployment (Docker) </p><p>4. Maintain the technical applications being used by the innovation center </p><p>5. Gather data to strategical plan/request certain updates to be implemented </p><p>https://aiesec.org/opportunity/851522https://aiesec.org/opportunity/877860</p></li><li><p>Job Title: Finance Specialist |AGCO (Hungary) </p><p>Starting Period: Dec 2017 /Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending Period: Oct 2018 </p><p>Duration: 52 weeks </p><p>Salary: 160000 HUF per month </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/855987 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Document Scanning (OCR): Operate network high speed production scanning equipment </p><p>(SAP add-on tool) </p><p>2. Perform scanning and imaging tasks; Identify, classify and sort documents </p><p>3. Document Indexing </p><p>4. Archive documents in the digital archive and link them into the invoice clearance workflow </p><p>tool </p><p>5. Assist P2P users and support them with invoice processing as required </p><p>Job title: Financial Reporting Executive (Malaysia) </p><p>Starting period: 1 Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending period: 1 Jan 2019 </p><p>Duration: 52 weeks </p><p>Salary: 3000 MYR per month (accommodation provided) </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/867125 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Prepare and ensure timely submission of various Monthly Financial reports and Analytical </p><p>Review </p><p>2. Examining company Financial Records to ensure proper compliance based on proper </p><p>standards </p><p>3. Assist in the planning, testing and execution of Internal Audit Activities. </p><p>4. Plan and Perform financial audits in the various operating areas are completed on schedule </p><p>5. Well versed with accounting software such as Tally, Quick book, etc. </p><p>https://aiesec.org/opportunity/855987https://aiesec.org/opportunity/867125</p></li><li><p>Job Title: Navigation Algorithm Engineer in Hangzhou (China) </p><p>Starting Period: Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending Period: 15 May 2018 </p><p>Duration: 25 Weeks </p><p>Salary: 5000 CNY per month (accommodation provided &amp; covered) </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/848198 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Software development on ROS </p><p>2. Software testing on ROS </p><p>3. Robot navigation system/algorithm development </p><p>4. Sensor development on ROS </p><p>5. English training for needed department </p><p>Job Title: Data Analyst Management Trainee (Malaysia) </p><p>Starting Period: 1 Dec 2017 (Negotiable) </p><p>Ending Period: 7 Dec 2018 </p><p>Duration: 52 weeks </p><p>Salary: 2600 MYR per month (accommodation provided &amp; covered) </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/874389 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Support the following business units for data services request </p><p>2. Perform necessary quality control checking prior delivering data to client </p><p>3. Create input for IT to extract data from Data Sources </p><p>4. Merge the input string and output string from IT </p><p>5. Run validation generation code provided by analytics team </p><p>6. Create subset to calculate score statistics on score level </p><p>7. Generate dual matrix analysis using statistics </p><p>8. Demonstrate knowledge of supporting data processes. </p><p>9. Generate new analytical ideas for products. </p><p>https://aiesec.org/opportunity/848198https://aiesec.org/opportunity/874389</p></li><li><p>Job Title: Biomedical Science Safety Data Specialist (Colombia) </p><p>Starting Period: 8 Jan 2018 </p><p>Ending Period: 4 Jan 2019 </p><p>Duration: 52 Weeks </p><p>Salary: 2327518 COP per month </p><p>Application Link: https://aiesec.org/opportunity/869991 </p><p>Job Descriptions: </p><p>1. Pharmaceutical research </p><p>2. Actively participate </p><p>3. Perform data entry </p><p>4. Perform registry and case assignment tasks as needed </p><p>5. Assist managers with reviewing individual coordinator report quality </p><p>For more internship opportunities, please go to aiesec.org to open an account and source for </p><p>more overseas internship. Feel free to contact Jing Jing at Jing3.jing@aiesec.net if you have any </p><p>queries. </p>https://aiesec.org/opportunity/869991mailto:Jing3.jing@aiesec.net</li></ul>