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  • Urban and Regional PlanningUrban and regional planning is about anticipating and providing for the future distribution of different land uses supported by appropriate infrastructure. SGSs combination of project management, land use and transport planning and economics skills ensure we are uniquely equipped to assist our clients in this field.

    Who we areSGS is a leading planning and economics firm whose purpose is to shape policy and investment decisions to achieve sustainable places, communities and economies.

    As a leader in the field, SGSs services in the urban and regional planning field involves the pursuit of the public interest through the lenses of environmental sustainability (including minimising demands on the natural environment and optimising resource use); economic activity and efficiency; and facilitating positive social outcomes.

    In recent years SGS has assisted all Australian state governments in the preparation of their respective metropolitan plans. In addition to the preparation of these plans, SGS has provided project management, technical advice and peer review perspectives. Territory and local governments have engaged SGS to undertake structure planning for employment and residential land studies as inputs into statutory plan revisions. State governments, peak bodies and councils have sought the independent and expert advice of SGS for submissions on policy matters and planning appeals. SGS has also worked in the Middle East and been a consistent advisor to New Zealand governments in urban and regional planning.

    What we doWithin urban and regional planning, SGS serves its clients in the following areas:

    Identifying appropriate and desirable land use futures for particular sites

    Projecting future housing, employment, community service, open space and infrastructure needs for local and regional areas

    Providing spatial planning advice about the distribution and allocation of future land uses and activities

    Providing independent and expert advice about planning policy matters

    Plan preparation and implementation advice, including statutory planning

    Managing multi-disciplinary structure planning projects for new release or urban renewal areas

    At the macro scale, preparing comprehensive strategic plans for cities or sub-regions

    Independent insight.

  • Examples of our work

    Employment Lands Study, City of Sydney

    SGS was commissioned by the City of Sydney to prepare an employment lands study that would determine the long-term demand for industrial and business zoned land in the strategically located land in the south of the LGA. The project involved a review of major state and local planning documents, reports and data, analysis of local and metropolitan employment land trends, detailed supply and demand analysis and forecasts. The preparation of strategies and recommendations were also required to guide employment lands policy as well as future amendments to the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan. Lastly it involved providing recommended changes to zonings and FSRs, reflecting the changing nature of the study area.

    Housing Supply in Established Areas Department of Planning and Community Development

    SGS was commissioned by the Department of Planning and Community Development to provide a clear understanding of the key housing supply issues in the established areas of Melbourne, and outline practical directions to inform the development of a new metropolitan planning strategy. The project was completed through a series of interactive workshops which drew together extensive knowledge and information from all three project partners. The project investigated a range of issues: economic, demographic, planning, transport; and the motivations of developers, investors and occupiers. A clear understanding of these various dynamics and how they impact on future new housing supply was developed to support future policy decisions.

    Gippsland Integrated Land Use Plan: Scenario Workshop and Discussion Paper Department of Planning and Community Development

    Through a series of workshops, research and quantitative analysis, SGS provided a population assessment of the Gippsland region. This report investigates future population growth trends and potential supply issues within the region through a current trend and high growth population scenario. The work feeds into the Gippsland Integrated Land Use Plan being developed by Department of Planning and Community Development.

    The Gippsland Regional Growth Plan will represent and integrate relevant State policy with a focus on progressing regional objectives identified in the 2010 Gippsland Regional Plan. It is expected that the Regional Growth Plan (or Gippsland Integrated Land Use Plan (GILUP)) will be broadly implemented through Victorias statutory planning framework, providing a regional policy layer and assist councils with their local strategic planning.

    Further examples of projects SGS has worked on in this area can be viewed on our website http://www.sgsep.com.au/urban-and-regional-planning

    About SGSSGS Economics and Planning exists to shape policy and investment decisions to achieve sustainable places and economies. Our vision is to be a college of professionals providing Australias best independent policy advice.

    Our core Areas of Service are: 1. Economic and Social Analysis 2. Urban and Regional Planning 3. Infrastructure and Facilities Planning 4. Policy Advisory

    For further information or to contact us please visit our website.


    Area of Service LeaderPatrick Fensham, MSc (Urban Planning Studies), Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning (Hons 1)

    Patrick is a Principal and Partner with SGS Economics and Planning based in the firms Sydney office, and has dual qualifications in urban planning.

    Since 1990 Patrick has been an important part of the SGS Economics and Planning consultant team. He has developed specialist expertise in numerous areas including metropolitan and strategic planning, infrastructure planning and funding analysis, cultural development, regional economic development, development feasibility analysis and facilities audits and planning. He has worked internationally and in all states of Australia, for private sector clients as well as for all levels of government.

    Patrick was seconded to the NSW Department of Planning as the Director of Strategic Development on the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy through 2004 until its launch in December 2005. As well as coordinating input across all disciplines he led the Centres and Corridors and Economy and Employment sections of the Strategy.

    During 2007 and 2008 Patrick led a multi-disciplinary team of consultants preparing the City of Sydneys highly acclaimed Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy. This won PIAs National President Award in 2009.

    He has also extensive experience in teaching and giving presentations. Pat has successfully delivered a two-day PIA accredited course on Economics of Development and is a regular lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. He was international guest speaker at the Smart Growth and Liveable City conference in Ipoh, Malaysia in October, 2011, and also led a master class on Ideas for a Sustainable Ipoh.


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