ups integration: integrating ups with erp, crm, warehouse management and ecommerce applications

Download UPS Integration: Integrating UPS with ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management and eCommerce applications

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DESCRIPTION UPS integration with your accounting, ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management and eCommerce applications can be achieved through drag and drop integration tools which provides seamless integration between systems providing the ability to automate day-to-day administration processes. This slideshare reveals the common shipping and distribution process bottlenecks and how order to fulfilment costs can be reduced and order to fulfilment times significantly reduced. Learn to integrate UPS WorldShip with your business software.


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2. Slide 2 UPS Integration UPS is one of the largest shipping and logistics company in the world and is used by organisations worldwide. 3. Slide 3 UPS Integration However 4. Slide 4 UPS Integration For the majority of businesses It still requires an employee to manually place sales orders with UPS. 5. Slide 5 UPS Integration Why is this a problem? 6. Slide 6 UPS Integration Its Repetitive Time consuming Error prone 7. Slide 7 UPS Integration Losing valuable employee time and money to this administrative task is a pain many businesses can live without 8. Slide 8 UPS Integration Whats the solution? 9. Slide 9 UPS Integration UPS integration with your accounting, ERP, ecommerce or industry specific business application 10. Slide 10 UPS Integration Why? 11. Slide 11 Reduce order to fulfilment costs Significantly decrease order to dispatch times Ability to process more transactions without increasing employee numbers Eradicate data entry errors Increase employee productivity UPS Integration 12. Slide 12 UPS Integration How is it achieved? 13. Slide 13 UPS Integration Its all achieved through a code free drag and drop integration solution 14. Slide 14 UPS Integration Providing codeless drag and drop integration between business systems enabling organisations to automate repetitive business processes and enforce best practice workflow procedures. 15. Slide 15 UPS Integration What are the benefits of UPS integration? 16. Slide 16 Automatically identify orders that need fulfilling Automatically push orders from business software to UPS for fulfilment Automate the printing of sales reports and delivery labels UPS Integration 17. Slide 17 UPS Integration Automatically pull back tracking numbers from UPS and synchronise with your other business applications or send them to customers via email or SMS Automatically record proof of delivery into your business software 18. Slide 18 UPS Integration What if you use multiple delivery providers? 19. Slide 19 UPS Integration You can integrate other local and international courier services with your business systems. Such as 20. Slide 20 UPS Integration DHL Integration DPD Integration FedEx Integration Interlink Express Integration Parcelforce Integration 21. Slide 21 UPS Integration What do our customers say? 22. Slide 22 UPS Integration Using TaskCentre to automate the dispatch process, means that order to dispatch times have reduced and customers can track order progress online Dean Whitcher, IT Manager for Agriline Products Ltd Read the case study: Agriline Products Ltd 23. Slide 23 UPS Integration Want to learn more? 24. Slide 24 +44 1202 241 115 UPS Integration


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