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We are most trusted commercial carpet cleaning service providers in Oklahoma City. Call 405-662-0640. We are licensed and insured with a $1,000,000/ $2,000,000 policy.


Upholstery cleaning Oklahoma city

Upholstery cleaning Oklahoma citywww.abelcarpetcleaners.com

110/8/2015http://abelcarpetcleaners.com/ Abel Carpet CleanersWe have a variety of steam cleaning products that are safe on both man made and non-man made fabrics. We have a stain kit that includes solvents to treat red stains, coffee stains, ink, rust, gum, wax, and anything else you can think of. Steam cleaning your carpets at least once a year will remove allergens and dust mites that may be affecting your Oklahoma allergies.210/8/2015http://abelcarpetcleaners.com/ Carpet cleaners Oklahoma city We are leading carpet cleaners in Oklahoma City. We offer a full range of services for both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Oklahoma City. Call 405-662-0640.

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With an upholstery cleaning from Abel Carpet Cleaners we can make your furniture look and smell new again. Add an Upholstery cleaning to any carpet service and get 10% off your entire bill!510/8/2015http://abelcarpetcleaners.com/ Residential carpet cleaning company

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Email:info@abelcarpetcleaners.com710/8/2015http://abelcarpetcleaners.com/ Thanks&Regards