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  • 1.1ChristmasBaubleTutorialISSUE5DECEMBER2012 BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARINGCake MastersAWARDS2012CakeInternationalSpecialChristmasCakeFeature

2. 2FromtheEditorISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012BAKING ~ DECORATING ~ SHARING2012 has been a great year filled with some amazingcakey stories, competitions and events.This issue is jam packed with the usual articles andtutorials to inspire you over the festive season.I love pulling together the magazine every issue andespecially love interacting with the online cake community.There are so many of you lovely people out there, it hasbeen an honor to meet and talk to so many of you overthis past year.Highlights for me have been the London Cake Crawl,Cake and Bake Show, filming at Cake International andour amazing entries into the vintage cupcake competitionearlier this year. The biggest achievement for us at CakeMasters was the launch of this online magazine. Themagazine was really supposed to be a quick newslettereach month, showcasing awesome cakes posted on ourwall, but it has evolved into an amazing rather glamorousmagazine, which we want to keep free and online so thatit is accessible to all.This issue is packed with great articles, photos of your cakes, tutorials and special features.We have a feature on Cake International, where we have included some of the cakes on displayand with profiles of the people who made the cakes. Not only can you marvel at amazing cakesentered, but also find out a little more about the person behind the cake. As an additional specialfeature, we have an exclusive short video of the highlights at Cake International too - see if youcan spot yourself JAnother special in this issue is the Christmas Cake feature, where we have displayed some of thebest designed cakes, sugar figures, cookies and cupcakes. Thank you to everyone who emailed inwith their designs, we did our best to showcase as many as possible.Another exciting feature are the Awards for 2012, I hope you join me in congratulating our winners.Before I go, I just wanted to say a few thank yous.Thanks to Michelle from Hat Trick Strategies, without your help we wouldnt have this magazine!Cake by Chantelle for being our fabulous cover for this issuehanks to Posey Furnish, who has for the second time now written us a great articleA special thanks to Kathy Boynton who shared her gingerbread story with usCharmaine for the excellent tutorial and business articleZach, our new guy for helping out with our magazineKamran for great video production servicesAnd LASTLY To ALL our contributors who make the magazine simply awesome!Merry Christmas and nest wishes for 2013Rosie xCake Masters Christmas Issue 3. 3ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012The Making of theGingerbreadSnow Globe14ChristmasCakeSpecial47CONTENTS From the Editor ~ Page 2Cake International Feature ~ Page 4Christmas Wish List ~ Page 12Gingerbread Snow Globe ~ Page 14Christmas Bauble Tutorial ~ Page 18Christmas Cookie Tutorials ~ 23Cake News ~ Page 24Guest Columnist - Michaela Saunders ~ Page 25Spotted ~ Page 26Finishing Touches ~ Page 28Cake Masters Awards 2012 ~ Page 30Christmas Caking Around the World ~ Page 40Beaconsfield High School Christmas Bake Off ~ Page42Business By Charmaine ~ Page 45Christmas Cake Special ~ 47CakeInternationalFeature4Cake MastersAWARDS201230 4. 4ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Feature@CAKE INTERNATIONALWe had an great time at Cake International this November at theBirmingham NEC. Cake International is the show of the year thatpeople look forward to - it is a sugarcraft extravaganza all underone roof. The cakes entered this year were fantastic and we lovedtaking in all the detail. We have managed to pull together afeature on Cake International including interviews fromcompetitors, as we always see the cake, but have no idea who theface behind the cake is. I hope you enjoy this feature as much aswe loved putting it together!Additionally on the day, we were running around with a cameracrew and microphone interviewing you and the exhibitors as well asspeaking to some competitors that entered cakes into variouscompetitions.Thanks to Kamran Yasin for producing an excellent video!WatchNOW! 5. 5ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureI really got into cake decorating by accident andshould I say it found me. I began my career as aChef working through various establishments. AsI progressed through the levels I always had asoft spot for the pastry side of the kitchen withoutever giving cake decorating a thought. Obviouslyas a Chef I was asked at times from family andfriends if I could make a cake and of course Iobliged but on a very simple scale. It wasnt untilI landed a job in the west end of London that itwas here it slowly began to become a passionand a labour of love. I was asked here to make abirthday cake for the owner of the company andthis is where I immersed myself fully into thesugar world! I started to teach myself making myfair share of mistakes and I plucked up thecourage one day to enter the novelty class atHotel Olympia London 2010. After a stressful andchallenging few weeks I delivered my entry andcame back the following day to see what I hadbeen awarded. Upon walking to my exhibit Ithought I was awarded a bronze and I wasalready buzzing with excitement that I hadachieved this, but on getting closer I saw thosemagical letters GOLD, I reckon I must havejumped ten foot in the air with the biggest shoutand this lit the fire in me! From then I knew Iwanted to be a cake designer so "The PukkaCake Parlour" was born.The Pukka CakeParlourNick Smith*BEST IN SHOW*Im 41 years old and have 2 daughters aged 17and 7. I started making cakes in May 2010 - thefirst one was for my nans 97th birthday - shedalways made mine growing up. Id been tellingher about how Id been making fairy cakes withmy youngest who was then 4, when sherequested that I make her a birthday cake.It wasthe only cake of mine that she ever saw as shesadly passed away a month later. I will always beso happy that I made that cake for her!In November 2011 I gave up my full time job asan account manager for a hospital linen servicescompany and opened my own cake shop andcupcake cafe in January 2012.Designa CakeKaren Bill*GOLD*Designa CakeThe Pukka Cake Parlour 6. 6ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012Feature Vicki Louise Smith*SILVER*Im an artist and have always been creative byexploring new medias to express art. Two yearsago my partners birthday cake made bysomebody else was a disaster, so I decided tohave a go myself. It turned out that good that Icarried on making cakes. I love the challenge ofmaking something different, unique and realisticin an edible form.It was difficult to get the cake to say as a wholecake without internal supports. I spoke to thejudge afterwards and he said that if the cakewasnt damaged I could have got higher.This was my first time entering the show and Iam excited to enter next year at Manchester andBirminghamMelys Cake DesignWayne Price*GOLD*Vix ArtThe cake before the damageI am 42 and from North Wales, Dad of 2 girls andmarried for 22 years.Melys Cake Design is my trading name and theword Melys is the Welsh word for Sweet.I currently work full time for a StructuralEngineering Company and make the cakesevenings and weekends as a hobby so lots ofvery late nights and NO spare time.I entered my Liverpool FC royal iced cake and itwon a Gold which I was head over heels with onmy first NEC competition entry!Melys Cake Design 7. 7ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureDeborah Harwood*GOLD*Vix ArtThe cake before the damageIm Deborah Harwood and I have been making cakes for about ten years. I dont currently have abusiness and a Facebook Page is coming after much pressure from my cake fans! Most of mywork comes from word of mouth and I do many charity cakes to raise money. Its difficult tocommit full time with cakes as my other passion is silversmithing.I dont make your everyday cake and always like to create a story within my work thereforeHandbag and Shoes were totally out of the question for my competition piece and a shop was aperfect choice.This cake took me around 5 weeks, 3 of those making the handbags and shoes. In fact I gottoo carried away and had to stop! I had a few challenges, hoping that the window aperturewouldnt collapse as internal supports were not allowed. But the biggest challenge was the 3hour journey to Birmingham praying it wouldnt collapse on the way! The relief was immense!This was my first entry into Cake International and Im so pleased with my achievements as it gotme a Gold and 2nd in category. What on earth will I come up with for next year?! 8. 8ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureMy Little Shop of CakesVanessa Mahy*GOLD*My Little Shop of CakesI have been baking and designing cakes for over 20 years. Completely self-taught, I initiallyspecialised in Royal iced paintings, then over time I have expanded my knowledge and nowI can put my hand to most styles, most recently making shoes and handbags! I love newchallenges and thats why I have started entering competitions, I always want to improvemy skills and seeing other peoples fantastic cakes always sets me new goals.All my cakes are bespoke, and I spend a lot of time working on each design before I eventhink about getting the icing out. I hope this is why people keep coming back to me, its thatextra personal detail I give to each design to create a WOW cake! Its also the taste, fluffyvanilla sponges, and rich chocolate cakes what more do you want in life.It took most evenings and weekends over a 3 week period, it takes time as you have to do itstage by stage and let things dry fully I had to be patient!I have always been a bit of a tomboy and love the outdoor life, so a his and hers bootsseemed a good choice, and they are very now at the moment. My boots are more likely tolook like the guys than the floral pair!! 9. 9ISSUE 5 DECEMBER 2012FeatureThe Clever Little Cupcake CompanyThe Clever LittleCupcake CompanyAmanda Mumbray*GOLD & SILVER*I have been making cakes since my kids werevery small, but only very amate