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Update to 2014/15 academy funding. February 2014. Funding updates. Prior Attainment SEN LACSEG Education Services Grant Academy allocation protection Pre and post 16 allocations Payment profiles Insurance. Primary prior attainment factor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Department for Education

Update to 2014/15 academy fundingFebruary 20141Funding updatesPrior AttainmentSEN LACSEGEducation Services GrantAcademy allocation protectionPre and post 16 allocationsPayment profilesInsurance

2Primary prior attainment factorRevised measurement means more Yr 1 pupils attract funding as an aggregated measure is used this is skewing the overall proportionSeparate measures:Yr 1 proportion not making good developmentYr 2- Yr 5 proportion reaching 73/78 in EYFP LAs can apply scaling to the proportion of Year 1 pupils receiving funding under this factorDetails shown in your 14/15 Funding Allocation Pack

3SEN LACSEG adjustment (1) Only affects academies open before 1 April 2013LAs have a duty to provide SEN services to all academies and maintained schools on the same basisThis means that both academies and local authorities have been funded for the same set of servicesThis has resulted in academies receiving funding for SEN provision that has already been paid to LAs to provide those servicesThis SEN block funding was included in your baseline when calculating your MFG for 2013/14We will adjust for this overpayment in your 2014/15 allocation

4SEN LACSEG adjustment (2)Identified this double funding in the 2012/13 baseline:50% to be deducted in 2014/1550% to be deducted in 2015/16 Details of the adjustment will be shown in your 2014/15 Funding Allocation PackProtected within new overall allocation protection (separate from MFG)

5Education Services Grant (ESG)ESG rate for 14/15: 140 per pupil in mainstream setting575 Special Academies525 Alternative Provision

No dedicated ESG protection - now included in overall allocation protection

6Academy allocation protectionSimple per pupil protection resulting from the reduction to academy funding caused by:Double funding of SEN LACSEGReduction in ESG rate Removal of ESG protection An academy protection will be payable where the 14/15 allocation reduction as a proportion of the 13/14 allocation is greater than -1% It applies to all academies (inc special academies and alternative provision), free schools, UTC and studio schoolsThis is shown in your funding allocation pack

7GAGAcademy allocation protection13/1414/15GAGSEN LACSEGESG at 150MFG operates GAG to GAGABProtection = loss at D cannot exceed 1% of A on a per pupil basis. ESG protectionD = B - CCAll post-16 allocationAll post-16 allocationInsurance50% SEN LACSEGESG at 140 and protection goes8Payment profilesFrom September 2014 the payment profile for academies will be revised Currently academies are paid on a front-loaded basis with a higher percentage of their annual GAG funding paid in September The revised payment profile will distribute GAG funding to academies in equal instalments throughout the year

9Pre and Post 16 allocationsAcademies with sixth forms will have allocations with confirmed pupil numbers sent with their pre 16 allocationPost 16 statement have been sent out separately without funding amountsOnce post 16 funding allocations are available we will send a complete allocation, with pre and post 16

10More informationFunding allocation pack guidanceOnline presentations Podcasts

Enquiries:academy.questions@education.gsi.gov.uk11Insurance 13/14 a recapAll academiesTop up where applicable12New insurance schemeNew voluntary academy insurance scheme from September 2014Brings value for money by reducing the cost of insurance premiums to academiesOpen to all academies, free schools, UTCs and studio schools

13New insurance scheme (2)Removal of 20 additional insurance payment for all academiesFor those participating in the scheme the cost of 25 per pupil is deducted from your allocation Further details of the scheme will follow