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Crystal Jewelry 101 If someone hands you...


<ul><li><p>Unusual Jewelry: Crystal Bracelets </p><p>Crystal Jewelry Services If someone hands you a piece of stone necklace and suggested that you wear it all the timein order to protect you from the negative energies that surrounds us, you would right awayassume that the person is talking nonsense. This is because up to this day, there arentenough scientific studies to back up such statement. However, it doesnt mean that the entireargument about stones with healing properties is untrue. It would only mean that as of themoment, scientists havent found the right apparatus to measure these claims in order toprove whether the healing properties of these stones are true or not. </p><p>Although therapeutic claims arent that strong, usage of stones and earth minerals to restoreour bodys energy is very popular nowadays. The truth of the matter is that the method waspracticed by men and women thousands of years ago to heal the sick. Records have showndifferent cultures practicing the use of healing stones even before modern medicine wasinvented. This is the reason why many believe that certain stones and minerals can actuallyrestore balance in our body. </p><p>One of the most used stones in gem therapy is the Turquoise. The stone is considered in theindustry as a master healer which also takes the dubbed as the stone of heaven. It isbelieved to be capable of eliminating bad energy while it harnesses positive force so that ourbody can utilize it. In addition, the stone also protects and aligns our chakras therebystrengthening our body in the process. Go Here </p><p>Another gem which is known to add positive energy to a person is the Sodalite. It mainlytargets the mind of the individual so that the person feels calm and relaxed all day. Itstrengthens our core so that negative energies cant pass through and do damage. While theAgate is believed to be capable of removing blockages in our circulation so that the positiveenergy can flow smoothly in our body. These gem stones complement each other in givingus amazing health. </p><p>You can find these stones in one perfect necklace which you can purchase at Energy Muse.The company saw the positive effects of these stones to our body which they thought thatcould be enhanced more if combined together. The combination of these awesome stonesgave birth to the most wonderful healing necklace today. </p><p>Crystal quartz is a popular component in jewelry pieces these days. More and more peopleare leaning toward this alternative because crystals are inexpensive compared to traditionaldiamonds. Although they are lesser in terms of value, semi-precious stones still possessincredible attributes which are at par with diamonds. But it is quite hard to purchase semi-precious stones right now because like the diamonds, knock-offs are also produced andcirculated in the market. </p></li><li><p>energymuse.com/store/finds.html/ </p><p>Before purchasing a crystal, it is important to know the origin of these stones so you can tellafterward if they are real or not. Semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Citrines, and Rubiesgrow below the earth's soil. Extreme conditions available underneath lead to these crystals tomaterialize. The processes involved in forming these stones usually produce abnormalities.Manmade crystals on the other hand look perfect because the methods used to developthese glass crystals have successfully eliminated the flaws. For instance, genuine crystalscan accumulate degrees of cloudiness or cracks but a fake crystal is free from theseimperfections. </p><p>However, there are flawless stones too and this is the reason why the test stated above isnot absolute to test the genuineness of these crystals. Because of this reason, anothermethod of checking whether the crystals are real or not must be performed. For instance, youcan tell if the stone is real once you scratch it on a glass surface since this will show off itshardness. Real crystals can scratch a glass while a knock-off does not. Affordable Charms </p><p>However there are natural occurring minerals like Hematite and Malachite which have lowhardness and therefore it is illogical to perform scratch test. For these types of stones,experts have devised another method that can determine whether the crystal is real or not.By rubbing it over a piece of ceramic one can inform if it's a knock-off you happen to bedonning or even the legitimate offer. Natural crystals will produce a powdery substance but ofa different shade while a glass crystals can't produce trace of powder.</p></li></ul>