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Untamed by D Lewis


  • Untamed by Dylan Lewis at Kirstenbosch Gardens

  • New Untamed show opens at Kirstenbosch Untamed: Restoring the lost balance between man and nature : opened at Kirstenbosch Gardens, Cape Town. Untamed consists of exciting new work and collaboration project between Dylan Lewis (sculptor), Enrico Daffanchio (architect) and Ian McCallum (poet/writer). Lewis's primary inspiration for his sculpture is wilderness. For the first time, Lewis will be collaborating with two other masters in their fields: Ian McCallum, an author, poet, psychiatrist, analytical psychologist and specialist wilderness guide, and Enrico Daffonchio, an Italian-born, Johannesburg-based architect who specialises in sustainable design and building. Daffonchio designed the Cradle restaurant at the Cradle of Humankind, a well-known World Heritage Site in Gauteng, as well as Arts on Main, a unique blend of studio, commercial, residential and retail spaces that is the hub of Johannesburg's creative community. The exhibition will allow visitors to the garden to view a selection of Dylan Lewis's sculptures, which will be held within a temporary structure designed by Enrico Daffonchio. They will also be able to follow a marked garden trail along which they will discover strategically placed monumental bronzes interspersed with McCallum's prose and poetry. The temporary structure will showcase contemporary, sustainable South African architecture, using solar power and natural light. The building will also feature a specially designed living wall of indigenous plants. The exhibition will run for one year, and over that time almost a million visitors to Kirstenbosch will have the opportunity not only to see Dylan Lewis's latest sculptures, but to also explore through architecture and a powerful narrative the theme of wilderness and what its loss entails to the human psyche. At a time when the destruction of our planet and the loss of its natural resources is so top of mind, it is hoped that these visitors will leave Kirstenbosch viewing the relationship between human beings and nature in an entirely new light. For more information please read: http://www.sanbi.org SA Art Times will be publishing an exclusive interview with Dylan Lewis next week on the website.


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