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Improving People & Business PerformanceUnlocking YourLeadershipPotential

Improving People & Business PerformanceThe key to leadership is the intangible YOU!In order to unlock your leadership potential, or improve your leadership ability, the single best thing you can focus on is developing your Emotional Intelligence (EI). Its the ability to recognize your emotions, understand them, and see how they affect those around you. This includes being able to see the emotions of others around you.

5 Attributes of EI are as follows

Improving People & Business Performance#1:Self Awareness(being aware of how youre feeling and how it affects other)

Improving People & Business Performance#2:Self Regulation(The ability to control your emotions and actions, especially when you are in challenging situations)

Improving People & Business Performance#3:Motivation(being able to willingly put off short term rewardsFor long term success)

Improving People & Business Performance#4:Empathy(understanding other peoples emotions and what motivates them)

Improving People & Business Performance#5:Social Skills(ability to work positively with others and manage conflict)

Improving People & Business PerformanceKudos to James Mankelow, CEO of Mindtools

These five attributes of Emotional Intelligence are the result of years of experience from Mr. Mankelow and team.

Mankelows Emotional Intelligence breakdown falls right in line with SQR1s leadership philosophy called STEP Leadership, which we created and use as our guide in developing new and existing leadership.

For more information on STEP Leadership go to:


Improving People & Business PerformanceAbout the AuthorFormerly a Division Leader with the largest technical services firm in the US for 10 years, Travis Smith acquired a unique ability to assess talent and develop leaders as a result of the hundreds of people he has hired, led and mentored.

In 2015 he founded SQR1 Consulting Services, pioneering the leadership philosophy which acts as the guiding principle for SQR1's Leadership Coaching programs, called STEP Leadership.

For more information on SQR1 Consulting:www.sqr1services.com844-300-SQR1

Travis SmithManaging DirectorSQR1 ConsultingTravis.smith@sqr1services.com