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February 2015 Issue For Daring Women 50 & Above "You're Never Too Old To Unleash Your Bold"


  • Dare to Dream


    Believe!Unleash the Power of You!

    A Woman of a Certain Age

    Feb. 2015 Issue 1

  • Letter from the PublisherBelle Kohen

    Letter From the EditorAngela Mosley

    Dare to Dream BigBelle Kohen

    What are you really hungry for?Cindy Nunnery

    IS it Time for a Financial Tune-Up?Michelle Dean

    New Year Resolution.Its all a Myth!Kim B. Smith

    To Live Life UnleashedElise Cohen Ho

    I Got a Rock A Shift in PerspectiveBelinda Phillips

    Believe!Christine Cataggio

    Lets Go On A Money Diet!Sharon Case

    A Woman of a Certain AgeLisa DAlessio

    Unleash the Power of You! Denise Thompson

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  • Letter from PublisherBelle Kohen

    Welcome and thank you for reading my new magazine, UNLEASHED: for Daring Women 50 and Above.

    Youre NEvER Too Old To UNLEASH Your BOLD!It is an honor to welcome you to the inaugural issue of this magazine exclusively for magnificent women 50 and above. There are many reasons this magazine was born, perhaps the most important being my vision for this community of women to grow tremendously, while mutually supporting one another and demystifying the aging process in diverse areas.

    During 2014, incredibly important things revealed themselves to me. I saw this magazine as a way to impart valuable knowledge to women everywhere about opening the pages of a new chapter in their lives. Most of our children are grown, whether or not they still live in our homes. We are reaching the time to think about re-tirement from our current jobs. We have less laundry, shopping, cooking and cleaning than in the past. This allows us an amazing opportunity for claiming a new life and a

    new vision of what we would like the next chapter of our lives to look like. We are entitled to find and shine our creative sparkle for the next several


    As women of all ages are empowered to know and say I AM ENOUGH our collective declaration brings about the freedom to pursue our dreams. Thanks to the guidance and mentoring of my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Anita Jackson, this project has come to fruition. Again, it is with deep gratitude and satisfaction that you are reading this inaugural issue.

    It is my pleasure to present the following categories within which our Featured Writers will supply their wisdom, guidance and expertise: Age-less Beauty and Grace, Holistic Wellness, Wealth and Financial Health,

    Dynamic Relationships, and Social Media Communities

    I encourage you to read through the articles in UNLEASHED and pick the pearls of wisdom that apply most to you to-day. Jot them down or use the notes section in your phone. Regardless of how you make a note of them, use them to build a template of what you would create for yourself if there were no holds barred.

    Congratulations for reaching 50 and beyond. Together, lets make certain the rest of your journey is absolutely spectacular.


    Listen nowAudio by Belle Kohen

    Cover Photo courtesy of Starla Fortunatos

  • Hello, Beautiful Soul! I am very proud to share with you this inaugural issue of UNLEASHED. This magazine was envisioned, and has been created, for youthe Woman 50 years

    old or above. I see you. WE see you. We see your Spirit that longs for moments to soar, although your body may be less mobile than it used to be. We see your thoughts that are full and dynamic, although your hair may be thinning. We see

    your arms that hold dreams waiting for fulfillment, although these dreams may have been on hold for several years while those arms held your children. We see your

    hopes, your fears, and your potential.In these pages, youll find encouragement and challenge, along with tips and advice, from dynamic women who have beenand areright where you are. Glean from

    their wisdom. Be emboldened by their victories. Accept, if you can, their challenges to you.

    I truly hope you enjoy what we have assembled here for you. To each of you, I say, Welcome! Welcome to our community. Welcome to this beautiful magazine.

    Welcome to living the rest of your many days....UNLEASHED!

    Letter from the Editor-in-ChiefAngela Mosley

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    Belle Kohen, Publisher, Unleashed Magazine

    A lifetime of experience. Unparalleled passion. Limitless exuberance. Undaunted and daring.

    Today, Belle marries her business strategy savvy with her deeply intuitive nature and her passion for facilitating powerful transformations. As the host of Midlife Makeover Radio with Belle on Bold Radio Station and as a co-host of Outrageous Success Womens TV, Belle provides powerful and practical tools for empowered living and passionately commu-nicates to all women, Youre never too old to unleash your bold!

    Visit Belle at www.coachbelle.com or Call 248-765-0353

    Anita M. Jackson, EdD, Publisher, I Am Enough Magazine, Co-Publisher, Unleashed Magazine, Founder and CEO of The I Am Enough Institute

    Dr. Anita M. Jackson is on a mission to empower all women to know they are enough.

    With 25 years of experience in working with individuals, mostly women, as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Jackson is convinced that when a woman truly un-derstands the powerful and spiritual truth of I Am Enough there will be a powerful shift in all areas of life.

    To step into your next level of outrageous success in every area of your life with confidence, courage, and feminine power, schedule a free 30-min consult with Dr. Jackson via email at draj@iamenoughinstitute.com. www.dranitamjackson.com

    Angela Mosley, Editor-in-Chief, Unleashed Magazine

    Angela Mosley is a professional ghostwriter and editor. She is also a writing coach who helps women write their stories in a way that honors their unique voice and truth. Currently, her blog can be found atwww.b1inspired.com.

    Her new website, www.angelamosley.com, will be launching in early 2015.

    Email her atangela@angelamosley.com

    NLEASHEDExcecutive Team

  • Contact UsWebsite: www.coachbelle.com Email: coachbelle@gmail.com Www.facebook.com/unleashedwomen

    To advertise with our magazine, please contact Dr. Anita M. Jackson at draj@iamenoughinstitute.com to request our 2015 Media Kit.

    Publish DateFebruary 10, 2015

    May 12, 2015August 11, 2015

    November 10, 2015

    Each issue will offer the following:Letter from the Publisher

    Letter from the EditorAgeless Beauty and Grace

    Hollistic WellnessWealth & Financial Health

    Dynamic RelationshipsSocial Media Communities

    UNLEASHED Magazine exists to Intentionally Reawaken Women to Sparkle, Eliminate Obstacles, and Create Momentum Toward Abundance in their lives. Catering to women 50 and above, UNLEASHED provides a

    community for women who are seeking to rediscover the dreams deep within their hearts, by encouraging women to sparkle, inspiring them to overcome obstacles, and connecting them to

    resources that can help them realize the abundance that is their birthright.

  • Ageless Beauty & Grace

    Dare to Dream BigLet me be the first to say that I never would have thought thisthis beautiful magazinewould happen to me! Actually, I guess a more honest statement would be that I didnt even realize this was part of my dream until very recently.

    I have always helped other people achieve their own dreams through my coaching practice, helping people grow their businesses, become more organized, or just become better people. But, when I looked back at what I have accomplished in the last year, I realized that this can (and SHOULD) happen for anyone who has a dream. I am an anyone, and I am realizing my dreamseven at this stage of my life!

    How did I get to this place? How are my dreams coming true? Over the past year, I have taken the time to listen, been open to learn, and made the commitment to say, YES, I WILL....

    Taking the time to listen is so important. The kids are out of the house (for most of us). The household chores have slowed down. We now have the unique opportunity to take time to slow ourselves down as well. We have the gift of time to meditate and really listen to what our hearts may be trying to tell us. As I took the time to