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    Waikato Pathways College (WPC) is a newly established academic unit within the University, led by Professor Brian Findsen, a senior academic in adult & higher education.

    Waikato Pathways College caters for much of the universitys work with students which is not focussed on the gaining of degree quali cations. A range of programmes which provide pathways to successful degree study are offered, principally in Hamilton and also in Tauranga. All of the English Language programmes (formerly the Language Institute), and Continuing and Community Education activities are incorporated into WPC as it makes available leading experts and cutting-edge research to the community. Each year around thirty international study groups visit the University for a range of professional development and credit study programmes.

    Learning Support for students at all stages of their study bachelor, Master, doctoral and non-credit students whether domestic or international, at schools / faculty / college throughout the university is provided at no additional cost to them. Other ways of strengthening and supporting study outcomes while students are studying at all levels are to be introduced.

    A range of preparation and bridging programmes, designed for specialised sub-groups, are also provided, such as the Certi cate of University Preparation, Te Timatanga Hou, and Foundation Studies.Over the summer, WPC provides short, non-assessed programmes such as New Start,Quick Start, Bridging Mathematics, Bridgingfor Women, and Science Foundation.

    WPC organises the Waikato Summer Schoolfor the Arts, WaiSSA, an annual blast of exciting Arts offerings, rapidly becoming a feature in New Zealand and now attracting studentsfrom overseas.

    WPC is an exciting research led universityunit, with senior academics mentoring PhDstudents, and a number of staff are involvedin national and international research projects. WPC also arranges overseas consultancies and professional development activity for staff in universities, public sector and private enterprise. Contact: Lester Finch, Manager,on l


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  • 85C H O O S E Y O U R S C H O O L



    Courses Offered Include:Certi cate of Attainment in English Language for university >or other tertiary study in English-speaking countries

    General English for everyday English >

    IELTS Preparation for the IELTS (International English >Language Testing System) test

    Groups and Study Tours customised programmes to meet >speci c needs

    Academic English

    Certi cate of Attainment in English Language

    The Certi cate of Attainment in English Language (CAEL) is for students with English as an additional language who need to improve their English language skills for successful study in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. There are eight levels, from elementary to advanced. All students study a core programme during the morning. The core programme helps students improve their reading, writing listening and speaking skills. Higher level classes focus on skills needed for successful university study such as academic writing, listening and note-taking, academic reading, and oral presentation skills.

    In the afternoon, there is a compulsory Language Skills programme for students in the lower levels (elementary and pre-intermediate). Students in the intermediate to advanced courses can choose one of the following afternoon options: IELTS preparation, Business English, Reading and Writing, and Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation. To ensure suf cient attention is given to individuals, class numbers will not normally exceed 18 students.

    CAEL is full-time, with 23 hours of tuition each week for 250 hours (circa 12 weeks). There are four intakes each year. When you arrive your English level will be assessed and you will be placed in an appropriate level. On successful completion of the course you will receive a University of Waikato Certi cate of Attainment in English Language. Intermediate to advanced certi cates are endorsed with Academic English.

    Students who obtain a B grade average in the upper levels of the Waikato Pathways CAEL programme have the English Language requirement for direct entry into some University of Waikato programmes. Academic requirements must also be ful lled in order to gain entry to these programmes. A CAEL Level 6 B grade average allows entry to Foundation Studies. A CAEL Level 7 B grade average allows entry to University of Waikato undergraduate degrees. A CAEL Level 8 B grade average allows entry to University of Waikato postgraduate courses. Academic requirements must also be ful lled.

    Pre-Sessional Academic English

    This course is designed for students who are about to start a university or tertiary degree or diploma. The 8 week course will provide you with an intensive programme of academic study preparation that relates your academic language and study skills to the speci c contexts of tertiary study in an English speaking university.

    To enrol in this programme you must have an unconditional offer into a degree or diploma with a minimum of IELTS 5.5.

    Afternoon Options:

    IELTS Preparation >

    Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation >

    Business English >

    Research Skills >

    Reading, Writing and Grammar >

    News and Current Affairs >

    Availability of afternoon options varies between courses and centres, and can depend on your level of English.

    IELTS Preparation and Examinations

    Waikato Pathways College is an award-winning IELTS testing centre, recognised for its consistently high level of performance in areas of IELTS test delivery. Waikato Pathways College students can sit an IELTS test at any of our centres. IELTS preparation courses are available in the afternoon in CAEL, and usually in General English. Free IELTS seminars give students the opportunity to nd out more about IELTS and get personal advice and assistance. Further information about the IELTS test is available from the IELTS administrators in Hamilton.

    Waikato Pathways College offers a variety of English language programmes to students from around the world. It has centres in the cities of Hamilton and Tauranga.

    Active learning is the key to the success of Waikato Pathways College. All Waikato Pathways College teachers are experienced and quali ed. Many of them have taught overseas. We pride ourselves on the continuous professional development of our teachers.

  • 86 T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F W A I K A T O


    General English offers an exciting opportunity for people from around the world to learn everyday English in an English-speaking environment, integrating aspects of New Zealand culture.

    Classes are offered from elementary to advanced levels and you will complete an initial placement test to assess your entry level. An orientation is also included as part of the programme.

    General English is available full-time (23 hours per week) orpart-time (15 hours per week). You can start on any Monday (except New Zealand public holidays) and study for as long asyou like. You will receive a Waikato Pathways College Certi cateof Attendance.

    In the morning, you will study General English. Full-time students also have afternoon classes. In the afternoon, elementary topre-intermediate students focus on uency, listening, speaking and pronunciation. Intermediate students and above may choose one of various afternoon options. To ensure suf cient attentionis given to individuals, class numbers will not normally exceed18 students.


    Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    9.00am-10.30am C O R E S U B J E C T

    10.30am-10.45am Morning Tea

    10.45am-12.00pm C O R E S U B J E C T

    12.00pm-1.00pm Lunch

    1.00pm-3.00pm A F T E R N O O N O P T I O N S SELF ACCESS

    Afternoon Classes (the 23 hour programme)

    The afternoon timetable for General English includes the following options (all options are subject to numbers):

    Option 1: Business English

    Option 2: News and Current Affairs

    Option 3: Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation

    Option 4: Reading and Writing

    Groups and Study ToursThis option provides a tailor made course for groups of ve or more. Classes can run in the morning only or two to four afternoons can be added. The duration of the course, timing of classes and the number of study hours per week is exible and will be negotiated with you. Most classes use the Waikato Pathways College textbook Living English. This has been especially produced in house as an introduction to life in New Zealand, whilst improving general language skills. Lesson content requests are welcome. Previous groups have chosen themes such as: Charities in NZ, Drama, Business English, Radio Broadcasting,and English for Academic Purposes, etc.

    Summer SchoolA range of courses are offered as summer school packages for those students who want to study abroad during the summer holidays. Each course is 4 weeks and is available full or part-time.

    Some Summer School courses are not available at all centres.

    Business English

    This intensive course will help improve your communication skills in business English and strengthen your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. The course may contain optional modules on presentation skills, negotiating skills, telephone skills, and business writing skills. You must have a minimum of an Intermediate level of English to apply.

    IELTS Preparation

    This course provides basic training in the language skills and examination strategies you will need to


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