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University California Santa Barbara. Demand Response May 9, 2008. North East Blackout 2003. United States 40 Million People 8 States Canada 10 Million People 7 Provinces Cost $6.0 to 10.0 Billion. Why do we need Demand Response?. Power Grid Infrastructure 50 to 100 years old - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>University California Santa Barbara</p> <p>University California Santa BarbaraDemand ResponseMay 9, 2008</p> <p>United States40 Million People8 StatesCanada10 Million People7 ProvincesCost $6.0 to 10.0 BillionNorth East Blackout 2003</p> <p>Power Grid Infrastructure 50 to 100 years oldForecasted growth way under estimatedDid not anticipate new electronicsComputersAir ConditionersGame BoysTelevisions Cell Phone ChargersPassive DrainCell Phone chargers, TVs, Microwave, DVDsCell Phone chargers (not charging phone) consume over 900,000 Mw-hours/year Why do we need Demand Response?</p> <p>Grid Overloaded during Summer MonthsPower consumption continues to grow over 2% per yearReduce burning fossil fuels, and generating greenhouse gasses Eliminate Spinning ReserveWhy do we need Demand Response?</p> <p>Power can be disrupted during SummerGeneral public does not understand shortage of power Large commercial and industrial users consume 70% of powerCommercial and industrial users have not understood their role in power managementHave the ability to mitigate rolling blackoutsResidential customers are at work or school</p> <p>General Public Un-informed</p> <p>Without demand response CAISO does not have enough control of gridRolling blackouts are still a threat Large consumers can change rolling blackout risks</p> <p>Commercial and Industrial </p> <p>Three methods that help power consumption and generationEfficiencyCFL, high efficiency A/C ect.WindGenerates non-polluting clean energy Out of sequence with peak demandSolarBest method that helps peak reductionCan these methods keep up with 2% growth in power consumption?Solar, Wind, Efficiency?Building new power plants is not an option3% to 7% of the year there is a problem on the GridNo problem in October, small time during summerNot feasibleCostPollutionTransmission linesCostPermitsWe need to better manage our gridEnergy act 2005</p> <p>Build New Infrastructure?</p> <p>Reduce energy costsCurtail interruptible load at peak priceUser SelectedAir ConditionersLightsNon-critical machines, pool pumps ectCritical Loads are not affectedComputers/ServersInner area lightsVentilationWhat is Demand Response?</p> <p>User selected LoadsCritical and Non-criticalIf CAISO calls Stage 2 Emergency Mica-Tech system sends signal to user Energy Management System EMS to reduce selectedPre-coolingCAISO will notify day ahead warning Set Thermostat 2 deg cooler prior to event</p> <p>How Does it Work?</p> <p>One Event per Day4 hours maximumWill not exceed 120 hours per year</p> <p>How Often?</p> <p>Power Grid System Security and ReliabilityTransmission SubstationHighest level of SCADA Power Grid Control2000 and 2001 Rolling blackouts Utilized Mica-Tech Network (over 20,000 Mw)Single Largest Demand Response Action with Mica-Tech equipmentWhy Mica-Tech?</p> <p>SCADA-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition50,000 Sq Mi territory Southern CaliforniaWyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and ArizonaOver 10 years live grid Reliable and SecureTransmission Substations and Hydro sites (Dams)Mica-Tech Inc.</p> <p>Secure not internet basedCIA: Hackers to Blame for Power Outages Hackers literally turned out the lights in multiple cities after breaking into electrical utilities and demanding extortion payments before disrupting the power, a senior CIA analyst told utility engineers at a trade conference.Bank hack attacks up 81%Mica-Tech System private satellite networkOver 10 years cannot be hackedDemand Response should not put operations at riskCAISO has been hackedCAISO/Mica-Tech Joint Project</p> <p>Why Mica-Tech?</p> <p>No Cost- Installation and Management Technical AssistanceNo Training of Personal -fully automaticNo PenaltiesCash incentiveProgram Details</p> <p>Could work to cut usage just like powerWhere?Pump water back over damFarms not economically feasible crops dieLawns? YesLimit useSchedule best time to waterCut use entirely </p> <p>Demand Response Water?University California Santa Barbara</p>


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