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  • 1. E ? R C E M O ME -CH YW Jaimie WalshP2

2. BENEFITS OF E-COMMERCEGlobal MarketplaceThe global market place is where we sell products to other countries overseas, e.g. Australia, USA. Therefore we gain a bigger income of money, because we are not just selling our products in one place we are selling them in other places too.Jaimie Walsh P2 3. BENEFITS OF E-COMMERCE24/7 Trading There are no staff used online to sellproducts, therefore we are able to sellour products at any times, day or night,in different time zones around the world.Jaimie Walsh P2 4. BENEFITS OF E-COMMERCELow Start -up & Running Costs Setting up a website online to sellproducts is relatively cheaper thanstarting up and running a shop on thestreet. This means it has a low start upcost and has running costs. Jaimie WalshP2 5. BENEFITS OF E-COMMERCESearch FacilitiesMost sites where products are sold have asearch facility at the top of the page, thismakes it much more easier to find theproduct you want to buy. Jaimie WalshP2 6. BENEFITS OF E-COMMERCEFluid Pricing It is where prices of products areincreased or decreased due to thecircumstances. Alternatively whenselling products like holidays as the timedraws closer, the prices could go downto ensure all the places are sold. Jaimie WalshP2 7. WEAKNESSES OF E-COMMERCE& HOW TO ADDRESS THISConsumer Trust Sometimes e-commerce do not trust their buyers when they are buying somethingonline. They sometimes think that they will try and do something to their orders or theywill try and mess up their website. They also think that their buyers will try and buy products for prices that are lowerthan the usual price. This is because the people who work on the websites are notreliable so they cannot trust the consumers. They could also jeopardise the other sales of other products to other customers. It could give them a bad reputation which would .make sales go down creating alower income of money. Jaimie WalshP2 8. WEAKNESSES OF E-COMMERCE& HOW TO ADDRESS THISLack of Human Contact When consumers go to buy something on the website they do not tend to leavemany contact details. This creates a really big problem because if they want to contact them becausethey have an issue with the product they have sold. they wont be able to. This could lead to a customer complaining because their product has not beendelivered this could create a bad reputation and cause less people to shop at thewebsite. Jaimie WalshP2 9. WEAKNESSES OF E-COMMERCE & HOW TO ADDRESS THISProduct Description ProblemsThere could be faulty descriptions on one of the products the company are sellingThis could be a spelling mistake or the seller has put the wrong description on theThis could cause confusion to the buyer because they would think they areThis is because people dont take enough care when they are writing their P2 10. WEAKNESSES OF E-COMMERCE & HOW TO ADDRESS THISSecurity issues This occurs when you are typing in your passwords for the website and things onthe website. For example when you type in your credit card password and you know you aretyping it right, there may be a problem where it says you are typing it wrong whenyou really are not. This could also cause confusion for the customer because they will not know whatis happening. P2 11. THE TECHNOLOGYBrowsersWeb Authoring Software P1 12. THE TECHNOLOGYDatabase systemsIP addresses P1 13. THE TECHNOLOGYDomain NamesMultiple Domain Registration Jaimie WalshP1 14. THE TECHNOLOGYPorts & ProtocolsBrowser & Platform Compatibility Jaimie WalshP1 15. PROMOTIONPaying to be prominent in search engine resultsM1 16. PROMOTIONNewsgroups & ForumsJaimie Walsh M1 17. PROMOTIONBanners & Pop-upsM1 18. PROMOTIONSpamM1 19. PROMOTIONEnsuring An Effective User Interface M1 20. PROMOTIONEstablishing Customer loyalty in a virtual environmentM1 21. PROMOTIONSite Names M1 22. PROMOTIONDirect Marketing M1 23. SECURITYHackingHacking Prevention P3, M2 24. SECURITYVirusesVirus Prevention P3, M2 25. SECURITYID TheftID Theft ProtectionP3, M2 26. SECURITYStrong Passwords P3 27. EVALUATE EXISTING E-COMMERCEBusiness SummaryDiscuss: What business sells, Why they would have moved into e-commerce, Structure of website, Layout ofproducts, Website security, Ease of use, Delivery options D1 28. EVALUATE EXISTING E-COMMERCEStrengthsWeaknessesStrengths- think about the benefits for this company when moving into e-commerce. Strengths of current site.Weaknesses- think about problems that may have had to overcome. Weaknesses of current site. D1