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  • Unit II: Scholastic Art Magazine, Celtic Art Name: Block:

    Read the Scholastic Magazine on Celtic Art. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

    1. How is Celtic Art different from that of the Greeks and Romans?

    2. What types of lines are used on the Celtic Shield on page 3? What natural images do they suggest?

    3. What different types of lines are used on the Celtic pot shown on page 4?

    4. What different types of designs decorate the illuminated manuscript page on page 5?

    5. What is interlace?

    6. How do the linear designs on the helmet shown on page 6 suggest plants?

    7. Why do the plaque and dragon pin on page 7 and the pin on pages 8-9 look neat and orderly?

    8. What are some key differences between Viking art and pre-Viking Celtic Art?

  • 9. How is Christopher Patchs work similar to Celtic art?

    10. What are some of the linear patterns Matt Leines used in the work shown on page 11?

    Review the packet on how to create Celtic Knot Designs and Interlace. Using the grids below, draw a Basic

    Celtic Knot, two-strand Interlace, and four-strand Interlace.

    Basic Celtic Knot

    Two-Strand Interlace

    Four-Strand Interlace


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