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  1. 1. Meet Bob.
    ..He died of liver cancer.
    Beloved husband, father and grampa
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    Bobs college days of shooting up and sharing needles along with heavy drinking made him contract hepatitis B and gave him cirrhosis of the liver which put him at risk for liver cancer.
  3. 3. As he aged, he started to feel nauseous all the time and the area around his liver was very tender.He ignored these symptoms and found relief with a liquid stomach medicine and his afternoon cocktails.
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    After months of this home remedy, Bobs wife insisted he go to the doctor.
    Too late!Poor Bobs cirrhosis of the liver had grown into cancer.
  4. 4. Bob could have had a liver screening every 6 months (which was recommended when he first contracted hep B)to prevent the cancer from growing rapidly.
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    He could have also quit drinking those afternoon cocktails
  5. 5. Bob would be enjoying his retirement years with his family, traveling in his new motorhome right now, if he had just taken the right steps to prevent further illness because he was already at risk for liver cancer.
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