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  • Unit 5 Thinking ahead (pp.30-35) - future events, states and actions. - prediction (will/wont) - possibility (may/might)

  • Using these phrases:With a partner discuss these questions:What do you think is a difficult thing to do?2. What is the easiest part of university?3. Whats more important, enjoying your life, or making a lot of money?NOTE: try to use gerund

  • Thinking ahead = ?Listen to the dialog.Practice with your partner.Do you agree with Yuki or David? - Discuss with your partner.

  • will/wont use for certainty.EXAMPLE Ill definitely get an A in this class. Mark will probably forget dinner again. She probably wont study tonight. I definitely wont go to Japan tomorrow.We use adverbs () to show the probability - definitely, probably.Adverbs come AFTER will , and BEFORE wont

  • may/might use for possibility.EXAMPLE I think it may snow tomorrow. Tony might go fishing this afternoon. They might not come to the meeting. She may not like those earrings.

  • most probableleast probableWill definitelyWill probablyMight/mayProbably wontDefinitely wont

  • Put the words in the correct order to make the sentence.next/I/will/go/summer/definitely/traveling - I will definitely go traveling next summer.2. definitely/world/there/pollution/the/more/will/be/in3. there/wont/the/cities/under/ocean/definitely/be/any4. still/probably/cars/people/drive/will/in/50 years5. peaceful/world/the/probably/be/will/more6. be/electric/never/cars/popular/will7. in/robots/the/help/humans/might/home

  • There will definitely be more pollution in the world.

    2. definitely/world/there/pollution/the/more/will/be/in

    3. there/wont/the/cities/under/ocean/definitely/be/any

    4. still/probably/cars/people/drive/will/in/50 years

    5. peaceful/world/the/probably/be/will/more

    6. be/electric/never/cars/popular/will

    7. in/robots/the/help/humans/might/homeThere definitely wont be any cities under the ocean.People will probably still drive cars in 50 years.The world will probably be more peaceful.Electric cars will never be popular.Robots might help humans in the home.

  • Fill in the blanks with your partner.A: ________ people still drive cars twenty years from now?B: Im not sure. There _________ be a new invention by then.A: I doubt it. I cant imagine anything _________ replace the car.B: You never know. We _________ have cars that can fly.A: I hope not! That ________ definitely mean more pollution.B: Yeah. Anyways, I ________ buy one. I hate flying!

    LISTEN and compare what you wrote to the conversation.Willmightwillmightwillwont

  • Yes, I think soI hope not.I doubt it.I dont think so.I hope so.

  • Interview your partner: Do you think that?Make sure to reply with what we learned: i.e.) Yes, I think so, I hope so, I dont think so, I doubt it, etc.If you can, explain WHY.

  • With a partner. Discuss: How will ____________ change in 100 years?EXAMPLE: How will school change in 100 years

    Use future tense and probability/possibility to discuss your thoughts.

    EXAMPLE: In 100 years, we think people might not study in schools. Instead, they will go to school on the internet. It will definitely be easier to go to school because it will be in your house.

  • How will cars change in the next 100 years?

  • How will cell phones be different in 100 years?

  • How will travel change in the next 100 years?

  • How will shopping change in the next 100 years?

  • How will KOREA change in the next 100 years?