unit 5 integrated skills types of films review: types of films cartoon romantic film action film

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  • Unit 5 Integrated skills

  • Review: Types of filmscartoonromantic filmaction film

  • Review: Types of filmsscience fiction filmwesternhorror film

  • Review: Types of filmswar filmdocumentarycomedy

  • 1. Whats Kittys favourite kind of film? Why?

    2. Whats Sandys favourite kind of film? Why?

    3. Why doesnt Kitty like fights in action films?

    Listen and answer Romantic films.They usually have interesting stories.Action films. They have a bad effect on people, especially teenagers.

    [Ifekt] Theyre really exciting.

  • Is suitable for children?cartoonromantic filmaction film

  • Is suitable for children?westernhorror filmscience fiction film

  • Are they suitable for children?war filmdocumentarycomedy

  • What is in Sunshine Town?

  • The World of DinosaursTales of Old BeijingLove Ship A film festival in Sunshine Town[teilz]

  • Film Festival Cinema GuideOlympic CinemaOlympic RoadNow showing Tales of old Beijing

    Suitable for all agesTicket price: 10

    Sunshine CinemaSunshine RoadNow showing The World of DinosaursSuitable for all agesTicket price: 10

    ABC Cinema Forest RoadNow showing Love ShipNot suitable for childrenTicket price: 15( 9 on Tuesdays and before 6.00p.m.on Fridays

    Where can we see ?Is the film calledsuitable for all ages?Whats the ticket price of?

  • The World of DinosaursTales of Old BeijingLove Ship Whatre the types of these films?documentary romantic filmscience fiction film

  • Tales of Old BeijingType of film: a __________ documentary that shows you what Beijing was like __________________ ago.Name of cinema: __________________ on ___________________________Story: the story of ________________________________3-hourmany years Olympic CinemaOlympic Road a family that lived in the hutongsListen and complete the rest of the blanks

  • The World of DinosaursType of film: a ___________________ about __________________Name of cinema: ____________________on ______________________Story: _________________ is chosen to be the _______________of the dinosaur family.science fiction filmdinosaursSunshine CinemaSunshine Roada baby dinosaurfuture king

  • Love ShipType of film: a ___________ filmName of cinema: ______________ on _________________Story: a woman falls in love with a man when she travels ___________, but when they start to __________________ together, something terrible happens.romanticABC CinemaForest Roadon a shipplan their future

  • Here is some information about the films now showing at cinemas Tales of old Beijing is now showing at_____________ Cinema on_____________. It is a ____________ which is suitable for __________. It tells the story of ___________ that once lived in _________.

    OlympicOlympic Roaddocumentaryall agesa familythe hutongsHelp Sandy finish the report on P93

  • Sunshine Cinema on _____________is now showing a film called The World of Dinosaurs. It is an _______ film, which brings _________alive on screen. A _____________ is chosen to be the __________ of the dinosaur family. This film is suitable for ________ .Sunshine Roadamazingdinosaursbaby dinosaurfuture kingall agesHelp Sandy finish the report

  • Love Ship is shown at ___________ on __________. It is a _______ film that is not suitable for _______. It is about a woman who falls in love with a man when she travels ___________, but something terrible happens when they start to ______________ together. The ticket price is _____ but there is a special offer on _______ and before _________ on Fridays.ABC CinemaForest Roadromanticchildrenon a ship 15Tuesdays6.00 p.m.plan their futureHelp Sandy finish the report

  • Introduce my favourite film My favourite filmMy favourite film is Roman Holiday. It is a romantic film and tells a very beautiful love story. The story is about a young princess, she falls in love with a reporter(). The film is a big success. The actress won an Oscar for Best Actress for her lead role in the film.The film is very exciting. I hope one day you can see it because it is well worth watching.

    *What about Kitty and Sandy? What are their favourite kinds of film?*Oh, what is happening in Sunshine Town? Have you seen a lot of films?*There is a film festival in Sunshine Town. Three films are very famous.*Open your books on page 92. here is the guide of the three film.please read carefully, then answer my questions.*Lets guess what are the types of these films.