unit 5 ch 12 s2 air, noise, and light pollution

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  • 1. AIR & AIR POLLUTION Chapter 12, Section 2: Air, Noise & Light Pollution Standards: SEV3a

2. WHO IS MOST AFFECTED BY AIR POLLUTION? Very young Very old People with heart or lung problems People who have asthma 3. WHAT ARE THE SHORT TERM EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION ON HEALTH? Headache Nausea Irritation of eyes, nose, throat Coughing Upper respiratory infections- bronchitis, pneumonia Worsen effects of asthma & emphysema 4. WHAT ARE THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION? Emphysema Lung cancer Heart disease 5. CASE STUDY: HEALTH EFFECTS OF GROUND LEVEL OZONE (AKA- BAD OZONE) Good ozone is in the stratosphere over Earths atmosphere & protects us from UV rays Ground Level (bad) Ozone = VOCs + NOx + sunlight Mostly from cars, gas vapors & power plants Short term effects: irritation of respiratory system, increased asthma Long term effects: reduced lung function (especially kids who live in urban areas and are outside often) 6. WHAT ARE SOME TYPES OF INDOOR AIR POLLUTION? Sometimes indoor worse than outdoor because more concentrated & more exposure. Tobacco smoke Tetrachloroethylene- dry cleaning fluid Paradichlorobenzene- moth balls & air freshener Bleach, NaOH- cleaners NOx- unvented gas stoves, wood stoves Fungi & bacteria- dirty air conditioning ducts CO- faulty furnace, cars left running Formaldehyde- furniture, carpet, particle board Radon- radioactive soil under foundation 7. WHAT IS RADON? Odorless,colorless Radioactive When home is built, radon can be uprooted If basement or floors develop cracks, radon can seep in If you live in this environment for many years can develop lung cancer. 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in US How do you fix it? Establish ventilation system in basement to release radon so it doesnt build up in house 8. WHAT IS ASBESTOS? Long, thin fibers that are able to resist heat Insulator, fire retardant Brakes & building materials Banned in school buildings now. Inhaling asbestos can cut & scar lungs Leads to type of lung cancer called mesothelioma Cross section of a lung afflicted with mesothelioma 9. WHAT IS SICK BUILDING SYNDROME? Common in well air conditioned buildings that are closed tight to keep in cool air. Cause headaches, nausea that are alleviated by going outside Martin county, Florida- $11 million courthouse closed down due to mold created by air conditioning system with no ventilation. LA Times- Florida's Plague: Sick Building Syndrome 10. WHAT IS NOISE POLLUTION? Unwanted sounds Irritating to ears & damages cells in ears Hearing loss has doubled in US in last 30 yrs 12% teens have permanent hearing loss Measured in decibels (dB) See table 120 dB is threshold of pain Europe MP3 players cannot produce more than 100 dB of noise National Institute of Health sets safe threshold at 85dB for 8 hours US does not regulate personal listening devices. 11. WHAT IS LIGHT POLLUTION? Does not present direct danger to human health. Problems with light pollution: Aesthetic reasons- cant see stars at night Wasted energy when shines upward Shield light so it is focused downward Use timer controls Use low pressure sodium light sources to save energy 12. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO Describe the long term and short term effects of air pollution on health. Describe two ways in which indoor air pollution can be prevented Describe some of the human health problems caused by noise pollution Describe several solutions to the energy waste associated with light pollution.