Unit 2 School Life Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

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  • Unit 2 School Life Comic strip & Welcome to the unit

  • Complete the table below.funnierfunniestprettierprettiestmore interestingmost interestinglargerlargestsmartersmartestthinnerthinnest


  • Tell me about your schoolWhere is your school ?What is your school like? What subjects do you study?How many students are there in your class ?Task1:Free talk

  • Do you think they need to go to school?

  • Task2 : 1 Listen

  • Because were cleverer than People . They have to work harder.

  • 2.Listen again and answer :1. What does Eddie think school is like ?It is like watching TV, but there are fewer advertisements.2. Do you think school is like watching TV? 3. What do you like more about schoolthe class, lunchtime or the after-school activities ?

  • Task 3 : language points

  • 1. What is school like?like: prep. (unlike)John looks smart, just like his father. His hat is like mine. The noise sounds like crying. Whats the weather like?*like: v. dislike2. there are fewer advertisements.* a fewfew: a littlelittle:* fewfewerfewest littleless--least

  • China the USAthe UKFranceAustralia

    What language() do they speak?What countries do you know?

  • What countries do you know?What language do they speak?

  • Do you know which countries the flags stand for?ChinaEnglandthe USAChineseBritish EnglishAmerican English

  • footballsoccer American footballfootball

  • A: What is it in British English ?B: It is a football .A: What is it in AmericanEnglish ?B: It is a soccer .Task 4:

  • fallautumn

  • rubbererasermathsmath

  • garden



  • holiday



  • biscuitcookie

  • lorrytruck

  • British English 1.biscuit 2.autumn3.lorry4.film5.football6.holiday7.garden8.rubber9.shopAmerican Englishcookiefall truckmoviesoccervacationyarderaserstore Task 5: practice 1

  • mathsfavouritehumourcolourcentrepractise(v.)theatretravellermathfavoritehumorcolorcenterpractice (v.)theatertravelerAmerican EnglishBritish English

  • truckstorecookiemoviefallpracticesoccerPractice 2

  • 1. to work harderbe like watching TVfewer advertisementsan ideal schoolhave an important matchWhats school like?this autumnWhere are you going?Practice 3: phrases and sentences

  • 9. 10. 11.12.13.

    buy a truck for my cousinin the shop near our school

    see/watch a film/moviethe plan for the weekendpractise this Saturday

  • Homework 1.Read the new words2.Try to find more different words for the same thing.