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  • Unit 13

    A Delightful Village

    Unit 13

    A Delightful Village

  • Part 1 Listening and Speaking ActivitiesIntroduction of functionsListen and speakTry to speak moreMake your own dialogueWhat are they forIf you want to learn more

  • Introduction of functionsAsking for directions

    Could /Can you show me the way to?

    Could you tell me how to get to?

    Is this road to ?

    I d like to find the way to ?

    Does this road lead to?

  • Giving directionsTurn right/left at Go straight ahead and then take the second turn on the right/left.Follow me please, Im going there myself.Take No. 2 bus and get off at hospital.Just cross the street, five-minute-walk from here.Walk one block east/west/north/south.It is not far, about ten minutes ride from here.

  • Linguistic features in giving for and asking directionsUse polite phrases such as excuse me to stop someone in the street for informationUse imperative structures for giving directions.Some related vocabulary or phrases: street, avenue, lane, drive-way, bridge, crossroads, traffic lights, pavement, block, one-way street, turn left/right, cross-roads, corner, etc.

  • Listen and speak

    Listen to Conversation One and Two and then check their answersKeys to Conversation One : 1. B 2. C 3.A

    Keys to Conversation Two: 1.A 2.C 3.A 4.C

  • Try to speak moreUseful structures and expressions

    Can you tell me the way to?Go straight ahead along this road atturn left/right atand you will seeYou wont miss it.

  • Make you own dialogueMonologue Wall street: a street in Manhattan in New York City, a financial centre of the US. The stock exchange in the US is in this street, thus, it is sometimes used to mean stock exchange.

  • What are they for /If you want to learn moreKeys: 1.d 2.g 3.a 4.f 5.c 6.e 7.b

  • Part 2 Reading ComprehensionPre-reading tasksDetailed study of the text

  • ProverbDifficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body

  • What do you think of these pictures

  • Pre-reading Tasks What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside?


    AdvantagesDisadvantagesPeople are friendlier in a village.Life is healthier in the countryside with fresh air, water and environment. The food is fresher with very little or almost no pollution. Country view is beautiful with unspoiled natural environment. Etc. Life is quiet with very little or almost no entertainment.Sanitary conditions are not as good as those in the city. For example, there is usually no decent toilet in the village.Life is not convenient in a village. There is very little employment in the countryside. Farm work is dirty, boring and tiring. Etc.

  • A Delightful Village Garrick is a delightfully unspoiled village surrounded by fields and woods at the mouth of a river. Yet its only a short bus from the old city of Harbury with its factories, industry, and heavy traffic.

    ride: [noun] a trip on an animal or bicycle or in a vehicle


  • A Delightful Village The countryside around the village is incredibly green, with fertile fields, olive groves, and tall trees. Through the village flows a wide, clear river, along the banks of which are a fleet of fishing boats. Upstream the river is broader and shallower and is the home of a great variety of birds and other wildlife. Along the banks of the river you can wild ducks peeping shyly from the undergrowth.glimpse: [noun] a brief looke.g. A large crowd of fans waited outside the airport for 24 hours in order to catch a glimpse of the singer.[verb] to look at something brieflyThe policeman suddenly glimpsed a strange person.


  • A Delightful Village If you are a nature-lover, the walk through the country to Lake Kellymore is wonderful and as it takes less than an hour, it is well worth the effort. This big inland lake is lovely for swimming. The fishing is said to be excellent, though Ive no personal experience with it.

  • A Delightful Village In the centre of Garrick is the village square. Like many of the roads in Garrick, the square is unpaved but rock hard from centuries of foot traffic. Dominating the square are a couple of silver-barked trees which in the spring are alive with nesting birds. Between the trees are a statue and a fountain. Around the square are a few inexpensive restaurants, a couple of bars, and some little shops. Right in the middle of the square is a small store run by an old lady, who sells everything from sweets to T-shirts. Locals and visitors alike sit for hours over a drink in one of the bars, watching nothing much happen.

    Dominatingare alive withalike

  • dominate

    (of a high place) to overlook something e.g. The city is dominated by a castle. The building dominates the town.to have control or power over e.g. The UK used to dominate the America.to be most obvious or important person or thing in e.g. The team has dominated international football for a long time.

  • be alive with be covered with or full of living things e.g. This lake is alive with wild ducks. This forest is alive with a variety of birds.alike similar [adj] or in the similar way [adv] e.g. Great minds think alike. Men and women alike all can take part in the this game.

  • A Delightful Village From the village square a dirt track leads you down through tall trees to the beach in a few minutes. This is a magnificent of pale yellow sand, by bamboos and a few tress, which away to the horizon. Theres just one bar on the beach which light lunches and drinks.


  • stretch [verb] to reach across a distance or become longer or wider; spread out e.g. The banner was stretched across the street. [noun]: an area of land or wateroverlook to have or give a view from above e.g. Our hotel room overlooked the harbor.serve to provide (food or drinks) e.g. We have been in the restaurant for half an hour and we are still waiting to be served

  • A Delightful Village The local people are farmers or fishermen, though more and more are now building extra rooms on their property, which they as bed-breakfast rooms to visitors in the summer. However, there are no large hotels and the village has avoided the effects of mass tourism and kept its character and charm.

    let so far

  • let to rent e.g. He let out his old flat in order to make money to pay the mortgage. let go of to stop the control of something e.g. The boy finally agreed to let go of the string and allowed the dog to return home.so far until now; up to a particular point, degree, distance, etc. e.g. We havent had any trouble so far. You can only trust him so far.

  • A Delightful Village If youre looking for peace and quiet and a lovely rural environment, then Garrick is the place to escape to before everyone else discovers it! ---

  • Grammar 1Round the corner walked a large policeman. 2Under the table was lying a half-conscious young man. here, there, now, then, up, down, in, out, away On the wall hang two maps. On the wall hangs a world of map. Here is your coat.

  • Part 3 Extended Activities (

  • Cultural Information

    Christmas Traditions (1)

  • Some Questions about ChristmasWhat kind of festival is Christmas?Whom do people remember by using this festival?What is the typical food of this festival?What do people usually do at Christmas?Are children happy at Christmas? Why?

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