unit 11 could you please clean your room? sweep the floor what is she doing now?

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  • Unit 11

    Could you please clean your room?

  • sweep the floorWhat is she doing now?

  • make the bedWhat is he doing now?

  • do the dishes

  • do the laundry

  • take out the trash

  • 1a Pairwork Do you do these chores at home? Write Y (for yes) and N (for no). Then ask your partner and write down his or her answers.

    ChoresYouYour partnerdo the dishessweep the floortake out the trashmake your bedfold your clothesclean the living room

  • 1b Listen. In the chart, write M next to Moms chores and P next to Peters chores.MMMPPP

    ChoresPeters chore or Moms chore?do the dishessweep the floortake out the trashmake your bedfold your clothesclean the living room

  • M: Peter, we need to clean the house. Your grandma is coming over at 7:00.P: Okay, but I need to do my homework first.M: Yes, thats right. After you finish your homework, lets clean the kitchen. I can do the dishes and sweep the floor. Could you take out the trash?P: Yes, sure.M: Good. And could you make your bed and fold your clothes?P: All right.M: And lets see I can clean the living room.

  • 1c Pairwork Look at the picture. Ask your partner to do the chores that you see.A: Could you please sweep the floor?B: Yes, sure.

  • 2a Listen. Peter asks his father if he can do four things. What does his father say? Check () yes or no.

    Peter wants toPeters father saysgo to the movies yes nostay out late yes nouse the car yes noget a ride yes no

  • 2b Listen again. Why does Peters father say no? Draw lines to the reasons in the chart.

    Peter wants toPeters father saysHis fathers reasonsgo to the movies yes noI have to go to a meeting.stay out late yes noYou have to clean your room.use the car yes noI need to eat breakfast.get a ride yes noYou have a test tomorrow.

  • P: Hey, Dad?D: Yes?P: Could I go to the movies tonight?D: I guess so. But Dont stay out late.P: Could I stay out until eleven?D: No, you cant. You have a test tomorrow, remember?P: Oh,yeah. Well, could I use the car?D: Sorry, but I need it. I have to go to a meeting.P: Could you give me a ride downtown?D: Sure.

  • 2c Pairwork Student A, you are Peter. Ask if you can do things. Student B, you are Peters father. Say yes or no. If you say no, give a reason.A: Could I please use your computer?B: Sorry. Im going to work on it now.A: Well, could I watch TV?B: Yes, you can. But first you have to clean your room.

  • 3a Fill in the blanks with make or do.A: I hate to chores.B: Well, I hate some chores too, but I like other chores.A: Really? Do you like to the laundry?B: No, I dont. Its boring.A: I agree. Do you like to your bed?B: No, not really. But I like to the dishes, because its relaxing. And I like to breakfast, because I like to cook.dododomakemake

  • 3b Make a list of the chores you do. Write like or dont like next to each chore. Tell a partner what chores you like and dont like. Say why.wash the car----like do the dishes----dont likeA: I like washing the car because I can be outside.B: I dont like doing the dishes because its boring.

  • 4 Sorry, I cant! Write each of these chores on a card and put them face down. Turn one card and ask your partner to do the chore. Your partner says no and gives a reason.do the dishes wash the carclean your room take out the trashsweep the floor fold your clothesmake your bed

  • 3a Read the e-mail message. Which things are about exercise? Cleaning? Food? Complete the chart.Nancy, Thanks for taking care of my dog. Could you please do these things every day? Take him for a walk. Give him water and feed him. Then wash his bowl. Play with him. Dont forget to clean his bed. Have fun! See you next week. Thanks, Thomas

  • Complete the chart.Take him for a walk.Play with him.Then wash his bowl.Dont forget to clean his bed.Give him water and feed him.


  • 3b Sandy wants Dave to help her with her party. Complete this e-mail message from Sandy to Dave. Look at the chart in activity 2b for ideas. Dave,Mom says I can have the school party at my house. I need some help. When you come over on Saturday, could you help me sweep the floor?

    Thanks, SandyCould you clean the living room with me? And I need to move the good chairs to the bedroom, could you help me move the good chairs to the bedroom?

  • 3c Imagine you are going to move to a new house. Write an e-mail message to a friend and ask him or her for help.Dear Rosa, Im going to move to a new house! I need some help. Could you help me

  • 4 Groupwork Work in groups of three. Student A, look at page 94. Student B, look at page 95. Student C, look at page 96.A: We need more drinks and snacks. Could you buy some?B: Im sorry, but I dont have any money.C: I have money, but I dont have a

  • Self check1 Fill in the blanks with the words given.hate take care of work on use forget1. I doing the dishes. Its too boring.2. Im going to my English project and then meet my friends.3. My mom gets really angry when I to clean my room.4. Can I your dictionary, please? Mine is at home.5. Could you my cat when Im on vacation?hatework onforgetusetake care of

  • 2 You and your parents are going on vacation. Leave a message for your best friend, Li Ming. Ask him to help you take care of your house.Dear Li Ming,My parents and I are going on vacation tomorrow. I went to your house, but you werent in. I need some help. Could you please feed my dog? And could you


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