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  1. 1. Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Wedding favors, these serve as a token of appreciation to the bride and grooms guests. They serve as a Thank you gift for attending and being part of the wedding. Wedding favors are very important to weddings. As a matter of fact, it is asimportant as the gown of the bride and her brides maid. It has become anessential part of the entire wedding planning.There are different kinds wedding favor, theme-based wedding favor like beachwedding favors, garden wedding favors, gothic wedding favors etc. But the mostcommon ones are the seasonal wedding favors such as of course winter weddingfavor, spring wedding favors, summer wedding favors and fall wedding favors.These favors may include personalized candles, pens, trinket boxes, cookies, vasesetc. Try to give a useful wedding favor to your guests. Favors like coffee mugs, bookmarks, wine opener, key rings and photo frames etc are some functional yetcommon items. If you want something different, try giving fold up flat shoes to theladies.
  2. 2. Unique Wedding Favor IdeasOne of the most unique wedding favors is After Party Flats. Shoes are perfectwedding favors for brides maid. After the ceremony, women in the wedding canwear them so they can enjoy the party and dancing all night. The style of theseflats is elegant so they look on a dress.Budget is the major factor throughout the wedding planning. So brides must besure to find affordable wedding favors. You would not want to run out of budgetjust because of expensive wedding favors. And one of the best things about fold-upflat shoes is they are affordable. You should always buy inexpensive and affordablefavors. So can save money and spend it to other things like your dress, catering etc.Then again, do not make money your sole consideration in choosing your weddingfavors. Wedding favors should be nice because they a memorable reminder of yourwedding. You have to make sure that your guests will like them too.
  3. 3. Unique Wedding Favor IdeasFor men you can give out something they can use too, like gourmet coffee packs,card holder, handkerchief, necktie etc. Whatever you choose as wedding favors,they must have your personal touch. Show special care to your guests by choosingwedding favors that they can actually use not just display. Try also makingpersonalized seating cards that include your guests name and table number. Makesure that wedding favors you choose will reflect your style and personal taste. Giving out wedding favors is your way of saying thank you to t he people who are close to you, people who took time out of their busy schedules to come to your wedding. There are some people send just thank you cards to their guests, but giving a present after wedding venue shows that you value their presence. And for your loved ones who, for some reason, could not attend your wedding, you should also give them presentjust to make them feel that they are important to you - perfect to say Thank You forthe gifts they sent through mail. When it comes to wedding favors, make sure thatyou give loved ones the best but without hurting your packet.