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  • Unique baby shower gift ideas

    It's often very difficult for us to choose gifts for a newborn baby thatno one else might give. Booties, feeding bottle, diapers, strollers arecommon but isn't there anything else that one can gift which is bothunique and practical? Here are some of those charming Baby ShowerGift Ideas that any new mom is going to enjoy receiving and using:Digital photo frame, scrapbook or album: Young parents are going toenjoy clicking their bundle of joy in various positions and moods.Photos taken at birth or at the end of the first month or any othermilestone can easily be captured here and enjoyed forever. Travel stroller: Take your baby around in this wonderful stroller thatrolls easily on large wheels that ensure its stability and your baby'ssafety. Show him his surroundings at an early age. Baby food mill: Not only does it make life easy for you by processingall your baby's food but it's a size that you can carry around too. Plus,it doesn't work on electricity, so whenever baby's hungry, just givehim his mushy stuff to eat. Alternatively, you can buy the little one aportable baby blender.

  • Gift basket: This practical idea wins hands down each time one has topresent a gift at a baby shower. Practical in nature, this basket ofessentials for the baby can include just whatever you want to gift.Personalize it by asking the new mom what she wants in particularand fill your basket with such things, like diapers, clothes, baby feed,soap, shampoo, etc. Or you can consider gifting a clothing basket or agourmet gift basket of things you think they will need in abundance.Crib for traveling: A wonderful combination of a crib and a travelbag, any new mom is sure to welcome and appreciate this innovativegift.

    Personalized baby gifts: You can gift feeding stuff, bath toys,clothing, bibs or baby blankets with the baby's name or initials.Nothing could be more heartwarming to a young parent couple thanseeing their baby's name on all his or her daily needs. If you're aclose friend of the new parents, you can even gift a necklace for thebaby girl with her initial carved on the pendant. Or perhaps, you cangift him a high chair or crib with his name painted on it. Spill-proof sipper: Gift the baby a sipper that's spill-proof, so babywon't mess his clothes while you continue with your work.

  • Soft toy pacifier: Kids love something warm and cuddly to cuddle upto, so here's a combination of a soft toy that has a pacifier that he canput in his mouth and sleep for awhile.Bouncy with a difference: This bouncy can't be missed, what with itsseat giving out soft music, jungle pals, spinners and blinking lights.The newborn will lie in here, very comfortably and completelyentertained for hours.These are a few Gift Ideas NZ that you can consider for that babyshower that's on your social agenda.