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· Baby girl photo glass coaster - This coaster is a great way to welcome the new baby girl into the


  • Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas

    Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a new child to the family. It's also a big help to the newparents. The gifts they get at the baby shower can take a huge burden off them when they arepreparing for their expensive bundle of joy.Typically, the party host gives shower favors as door prizes or as prizes for games. The mother-to-beor grandmother-to-be may also give favors as a thank you for the gifts.Baby unique baby shower favors can be gender-specific or neutral depending on the parents'preference of knowing what the baby is before it comes. Choose your baby shower favors based onthis. Don't forget to note this on the invitation.Here are some ideas for cute baby shower favors:Baby BoyBlue is always a good color for baby boys, but why not be a little different and go for browns andgreens or a sports theme. Feel out the mother-to-be before making it a themed shower. She mayprefer it be a boy shower over a baseball shower.Here are some ideas for boy baby shower favors: Blue baby bottle cookies - Serve these at the shower for a themed look. The blue bottle cookiescould also be a cute way to announce the baby boy to family and friends. Blue teddy bear photo frame - This favor can be a great gift for later. It can hold the baby's firstpicture. Blue baby blocks favor box - Fill these adorable blue boxes with Jordan almonds or another bluecandy for an inexpensive baby shower treat.Baby Girl Pink baby bottle candle - This favor is not just for the mother-to-be. The removable pink top revealsa floral-scented candle that they can include in almost any dcor. It comes in a clear package with an"It's a Girl!" bib tag. Baby girl photo glass coaster - This coaster is a great way to welcome the new baby girl into theworld. Give before she gets here, and guests can put her first picture in the frame when you send outthank you notes. Embroidered bag in girly colors - Embroider the new baby girl's initials on the bag as a great favorfor mom. This tote is big enough to double as a small diaper bag.Baby SurpriseSome families don't want to know the gender of the baby before it comes. What do you give as favorswhen this happens? Keep it gender-neutral with these ideas: Umbrella tape measure - This handy tool comes in white, so there's no girl or boy connotationsassociated with it. Bun in the oven candle - This scented candle smells delicious and makes a great gift for a showerwhere the bun is still a surprise! She'll soon see her feet again pedicure set - When the baby's a surprise, focus on mom with this

  • cute pedicure set your guests are sure to love.