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Air compressors, air filtering systems


  • UNI-TECH Central Asia

    Service and engineering company

    July 12

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  • About Uni-Tech

    Uni-Tech specializes in selling, installing and servicing Food Processing, Packaging, Filling Equipment, Compressors and Water Treatment Systems in Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa. Weve been dedicated to serving our customers since 2004 providing them with better and smarter solutions. Over the past 8 years Uni-Tech has become one of the leading suppliers of quality machinery and has gained recognition for outstanding service and support. Our professional team has formed successful business relationships with Europes leading manufacturers.

    Our core business is providing beverages and oils filling equipment, pasta processing equipment, water treatment systems, PET blow-moulding machines, compressors and packaging equipment.

    We offer a wide range of competitively priced services, such as on site maintenance and repair services, spare parts supply and equipment upgrade.

    Our philosophy is a recipe for your business!

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    July 12

  • Regional offices

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    Uni-Tech European Community headquarters: Poznan, Poland

    Uni-Tech Middle East office: Dubai, UAE

    Uni-Tech Central Asia office: Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Our reference

    July 12

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    July 12

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  • Airpol

    Airpol Ltd. Compressor Manufacturing Company was established in 1991

    after restructuring a factory with over 30 years of tradition in

    manufacturing compressors.

    We pay particular attention to the quality of the machines and

    equipment offered, as well as to the quality of the services provided. Our

    work has been certified with a quality system based on the ISO 9001

    standard that we have held since 1998. We also acquired different

    certificates from other countries.

    Today Airpol Ltd. is the largest Polish screw compressor manufacturer and

    is constantly searching for new technical and organizational solutions to

    satisfy its customers. We offer the complete range of services from design

    to full execution of complicated tasks. Our products are fitted to meet our

    clients individual needs.

    July 12


    sertificate ISO 9001:2008

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  • Advantages of Airpol compressors

    Firmness of the screw compressor till the first replacement of bearings from 30.000 to 50.000 hours

    High quality of compressed air only 5ppm of oil and increase in temperature to 10 C of ambient temperature

    Sound-absorbing enclosure reduces the noise level to 80%, which makes it possible to install the compressor in the production area

    Economy of energy checked, highly qualified hardware

    (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Rotorcomp)

    low operating costs, achieved due to competitive prices of consumables and technical surveys

    easy to maintain - due to the availability of all items of equipment

    microprocessor unit continuously protecting compressor and leading monitoring of all critical parameters of its work

    Production of high quality confirmed by certificate IS 9001, received in 1998

    July 12

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  • il (controller S385) Other manufacturers

    Control of motor voltage set no

    Control of motor temperature set no

    Sensor of separator set no

    Sensor of air filter set no

    Absorption sensor set no

    Sensor of oil filter set no

    Motor manufacturer Siemens ?

    Quality Europe ?

    July 12

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  • Frequency converter

    In many industries you do not need to use compressors at full capacity.

    Standard compressors run at a constant efficiency and energy consumption.

    Frequency converter reduces compressor efficiency to 50%, which provides the real economy of energy.

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    July 12




    0% 25% 50% 75% 100%








  • Standard compressor

    Energy consumption




    With frequency converter

    Energy consumption





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    40% economy

    July 12

  • Compressors of KT series

    Compressors of KT series with belt drive is completed with built-in dehumidifier, filters and receiver, which significantly reduce the size of the station and provide a comprehensive solution.

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    Efficiency: from 10 to 120 m3/h


    from 8 to 15 bar

    Receiver volume:

    400/500 L

    Motor power:

    from 4 to 15 kW

  • Screw compressors with belt drive

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    Efficiency: from 10 to 120 m3/h

    Pressure: from 8 to 15 bar

    Motor power: from 4 to 55 kW

  • Screw compressors with direct drive

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    Efficiency: from 40 to 2500 m3/h

    Pressure: from 8 to 15 bar

    Motor power: from 30 to 250 kW

  • G series screw compressors

    Screw compressors Airpol G are designed to work in the underground, methane mines.

    These compressors are suited for use in areas with potentially explosive methane and coal dust. Specially designed and fortified tin enclosure ensures high density and sound absorption.

    Compressors Airpol G is the ideal solution for working in hazardous industries.

    July 12

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  • Air pressure

    Screw compressors linked with boosters allow you to collect stations of high efficiency with a discharge pressure of 40 bar

    July 12

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    Such stations are used in food, oil and gas industry, particularly for PET containers and pumping gas using compressed air.

  • Compressor plant

    Compressor stations in container are the mobile individual decision for the industries with limited space or in places where the compressor plant was not originally designed.

    These plants are easily transported and include the equipment for work with compressed air, adapted to any capacity.

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  • Managing a group of compressors

    In large industries it is often required to diagnose and manage large numbers of equipment.

    Controllers of Airpol compressors are fully adapted for such decisions. It allows you to combine 8 compressors under one controller.

    Connection to a PC system allows remote control with specialized programs.

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    July 12

  • Apps

    Air for heating

    Each compressor during operation produces heat, the amount of which depends with the power of the motor. All screw compressors in sound-absorbing enclosures provide the possibility of recycling of warm air.

    Sound-absorbing enclosure

    Screw compressors, mounted in the body, are most popular among consumers who are planning to install them not in isolated areas, but directly in the production of the working area. Insulation is 80%.

    July 12

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  • 19

    Screw compressor Centrifugal separator

    Receiver Pre-filter

    Refrigerant dehumidifier

    Adsorption dehumidifier

    Pre-filter Fine filter

    Carbon filter

    Microfilter Fine filter

    Sterile filter

    Oil-water separator

    Without the quality requirement


    packaging, air for pneumatic systems,


    Freeze endangered plants

    Electronics industry, optics

    Food industry, hospitals,

    pharmaceutical industry

    July 12

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  • Receivers

    Pressure up to 16 bar volume from 100 to 20 000 L

    pressure up to 40 bar volume from 250 to 6 000 L

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    July 12

  • Dehumidifiers

    They are designed for drying compressed air to the required dew point. Relative humidity of air is 100%, and is reduced by the refrigerant dryer to only 21% (ie 0.75 g H2O) in the pressure dew point of 3 C.

    Adsorption dehumidifiers are used in the case of extremely high requirements to the purification of compressed air. The value of the dew point can be set as -40oC or-70oC.

    In dehumidifiersof ALD, HED, MSD types sorber is made of active aluminum oxide. The value of dew point can be set as 20oC, 40oC or even 70oC.

    Medical dryers Medipac 2000 equipped with a pre-filter and final filter.

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  • Filters

    All filters are equipped with a differential pressure gauge and valve condensate removal.

    One of four filter elements is applied depending on the desired grade of air purity.

    There are filters of pressures up to 15 bar and filters of high pressure (40 bar) available.

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  • Filter cartridges


    For separation of oil emulsions and solid particles. Guarantees 99% removal of solid particles of 3 mkm and formed liquid (3 class according to ISO 8573.1).


    Removes 99,9% particles of size greater than 1 mkm. Residual oil content does not exceed 0,1 mg/m3 (2 class according to ISO 8573.1).




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