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  • 1. MY UNFORGETTABLE ITALIAN EXPERIENCE My name`s Monika -in March,2011, me and my friendsfrom Mszana Dolna, Poland were inComeniusmeeting in Italy. These arethe memoriesof thisfabuloustime!


    • Imet Sara nearly a year ago. It is true that at the beginningwe knew each other bythe Internet, but after arriving in Savoia in Italy, I sawhowshewas and how shelive d . She was wearing a brown jacket and scarf, on her face were glasses, long hair she wrapped in a ponytail. She wasascuteasat her pictures. She w as w r i t ingto someone on the mobilewhen I saw her . She looked at me and smiled to me, I think we became friendstruethen .. . A moment later we went with Giusy, Zuzia, Rosalba and Michelle in the direction of the village. It wastheevening, and maybe eventhenight, I d idnot remember exactly when we arrived at the station. At one point on a fairly steep hillthewindows lightsappeared . The first thought - houseslike inBethlehem crib. There weremade fromstone, and square. "It's Savoia!" saidthechoirofItalians. It was like a picture, or as if from another world. Stupid camera just broke down at such a moment ... Malice of inanimate objects.


        • WhenM s Rosalba drivedme inher car to Saras house, I said bye to Zuzia, and I wenttoSara.I was a little stressed. Her parents welcomed us with two of her siblings. Her mother wore glasses and had blond hair, dadhada little gr e yhairand a mustache. Mariawas her older sister, and Lucawasher younger brother. They had a beautiful house! Everything was original and in good taste .


        • Sara's room was alsoverynice, butthe best thing I havein my memoryisthe picture painted by Sara, or her sister, I do not remember, but I think thatit waspaintedbySara.It presentedSavoia,exactly-the church tower. At school in Savoiatherewere a few images of thetownin similar terms. The church is very beautiful and stands out from the lower house s , but it all fits together, is in the same style. This village is angelically beautiful !!!


        • There was a moment whenI wasreally scared. It was the first day, so around seven thirty in the morning we boarded a bus to school, together with other Italian students. We moved. I think that when Ms. Rosalbatookus for the first time to Savoia we wentby adifferent route, because I didn't fe elthat thecarisgo ing in the direction ofthesharpturnings...when we went by bus during the daytime I saw that we were on the edge ofsome kind ofanabyss ... Itwasbetterthanina roller coaster !!!

Itwould bea sinno t tosay a word about thecookingof Sara's mum!Fantastic p asta and spaghetti were more familiar to me, buttheother dishes I didnt know too much and I regret, becausetheyw ere delicious, wonderfull!!!.Congratulations,Ms. Salvatore . Thank you for everything. 6.

  • I n Savoia, Imade really great friendswith Zuziaand Martyna because before we weren`t so closely... Since Comenius meeting in Italy and since our great adventuresI, Zuzia and Martyna arethebest friends. I think the reason for our earlier reluctance to each other was, that we earlier d id n't know each otherso welland d id n't want to know , maybe... . Ifit wasn`tthis trip to Italy our bondswouldnotbeas tightand strongas they are now.One could say that we found thefriendshipspirit in Italy.


        • In the evening s,wealwaystalkedtogether with Sara in her house and I usedthe Polish-Italian dictionary. Then I learned that "alba" means "dawn" and "rosa" - "pink". So Ms. Romaniello name translates to "Pink Dawn"( polish: Rowy wit). Pretty poetic !!!
          • In the schoolinSavoia we-me and Zuziametall students from Sara's class. Very cool people! Upstairsthereprimary educationclassrooms , near the school was kindergarten whereLucaattended !!There was also a cafeteria where we ate lunch sometimes.


      • One evening we went to the night tour of Savoia. Zuzia, Giusy, Stefania, Rocchina, Ludovica and her sister Frederica went with us. Savoia is niceduringthe day but at night islike a dream... There was a starry night and the sky was spotless clean. Itawas spectacularview !Likein the film.


        • I remember that day when we went to the monasteryin Vietri .It was t he first time I was in such a place and I knew that the monks behind the monastery ha da garden orapark, and therewere olive trees,vegetables and so on, but it impressed memuch!! . There were lots of flowers, the whole sea ... How I like flowers! And yet therewerelane sfor walking and a chapel.Whatbeautifulviews!! Andparents from Vietri and Savoia prepared a wonderful meal.Delicious!


        • Now Iamsit tingby the window and the lovely, fluffy snowis falling!!! U nfortunate ly,Sara did not recognize MszanaDolna in winter!!!

Thanks for reading ~~~Monika


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