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Guest lecture given at Bristol University


  • 1. Understanding cloudcosts with analyticsAli Khajeh-Hosseini@AliKhajehNov 2014, Bristol University

2. What is a cloud? 3. Server 4. Rack 5. Container 6. 2500ServersElectricity, Water, Internet 7. Taken from one of Dave Cliff s talk on Cloud Computing 8. a cloud 9. Scale of operationsAround 60 Staff30 Megawatts = Perth (Scotland)!38,500 m2 = 4 ftbl pitchesMicrosoft has >1M serversh#p://web.archive.org/web/20120224062157/h#p://www.microso;.com/Presspass/emea/presscentre/pressreleases/February2012/23-02DublinDataCentre.mspxh#p://news.microso;.com/speeches/steve-ballmer-worldwide-partner-conference-2013-keynote/ 10. Why do companies care?Many benefits- Elasticity & pay-per-use-pricing- On-demand computing... 11. Animotos crazy scale-outScale-out from 50 to 4,000 servers in 3 daysh#p://blog.rightscale.com/2008/04/23/animoto-facebook-scale-up/ 12. Capacity planningImagestakenfromh#p://aws.amazon.com/economics/ 13. Zyngas Z-CloudLaunch new games on public cloudsMove to private cloud when usage patterns are understoodh#p://www.rightscale.com/customers/zynga-grows-to-1-social-gaming-site-with-rightscale.phph#p://code.zynga.com/2012/02/the-evoluNon-of-zcloud/ 14. There are differentpublic cloud pricing modelsRackspaceIBM SoftLayerHP 15. Amazon Web ServicesDifferent purchase options- On-Demand: fixed rate- Reserved: pay upfront, lower rate- Spot: Bid how much you would pay- Discounts and consolidated bills 16. AWS Reserved Instancesup-front procurement to pay-per-useYou have to specify: term (1/3 yr), utilization, availability zone,instance type and OS when buying a RIImagetakenfromh#p://aws.typepad.com/aws/2011/12/reserved-instance-opNons-for-amazon-ec2.html 17. AWS Reserved Instances MarketplaceBuy and sell reservations 18. AWS Spot PricesBid for an instance, itll get switched on if bid >= spot price.You pay spot price, AWS sets it.h#p://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~ladypine/spotprice-slides-postmortem.pdf 19. Example: a MySQL DatabaseAWS Relation Database Service (RDS)- Up-front reservation fee (optional)- CPU: $X/hour (based on instance type and cloud)- Storage: $X/GB/month- Transactions: $X/Millions of I/O ops- Provisioned IOPS: $X/IOPS/month (has other limitations)- Redundancy: double the CPU hourly rate- Data transfer: $X/GB (tiered across cloud) 20. What the heck?I just wanted a simple database 21. Googles sustained usage modelAutomatically lower the price of your virtual machines whenyou use them to run sustained workloadsImagestakenfromh#ps://cloud.google.com/compute/pricing#sustained_use 22. Lets play TetrisImagestakenfromh#p://googlecloudplaRorm.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/introducing-sustained-use-discounts.html 23. The challengeCloud spending is growing rapidlyCloud pricing is complicatedwe scrape over 12,000 prices.Need to monitor, allocate, forecast & optimize costsh#p://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2352816 24. The story so farJan 2009: Started researching cloud cost forecasting in St AndrewsDec 11: With Hassan, we launched PlanForCloudJul 12: Acquired by RightScaleNov 13: Launched Private-Beta of Cloud AnalyticsMar 14: Cloud Analytics goes into Public-BetaOct 14: Cloud Analytics is Generally Available 25. Connect to a cloudWe regularly collect data 26. Slice and dice the data 27. See historic trends 28. Forecast costs based onswitching clouds orincreased growth 29. Who buys our products?Enterprises likeSony, EA Games, PBS,Pearson Publishing, Zynga 30. Some