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  • Vedang Astrology Group 2013

    Understanding Cancer through Astrology Dr.Nirupam K. Joshi

    Astrology is Ancient Shastra in India. Medical astrology in particular is relatively new branch in astrology.

    In this article we will try to study and understand Cancer from astrological point of view.

    19th Century Surgeon called Cancer as The Emperor of all maladies and the King of terrors.

    Cancer, known medically as a malignant neoplasm, is a broad group of various diseases, all involving unregulated cell growth.

    In cancer, cells divide and grow uncontrollably, forming malignant tumors, and invade nearby parts of the body.

    The cancer may also spread to more distant parts of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream.

    In 2002, 11 million new cancer cases and 7 million cancer deaths were estimated worldwide. In 2008, approximately 12.7 million cancers were diagnosed (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers and other non-invasive cancers) and 7.6 million people died of cancer worldwide. Cancers as a group account for approximately 13% of all deaths each year.

    From astrological point of view--- Houses

    Lagna and its Lord--- represent body in general. When anything is happening to body Lagna and its lord should get involved. It governs health, longevity, Constitution.

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    8th house and Lord--- it governs death so it is opposite of 1st house. Chronic and incurable illnesses, cause of death, severe mental sufferings come under its domain.

    6th house and Lord--- Diseases in general, ill health, operations, accidents, mental suffering etc. comes under its domain.

    12th house and lord--- also indicate suffering and hospitalisation. 2nd house, 7th house and its lords--- they are maraca sthanas. They are

    responsible for disturbing health. If further afflicted can even cause death. Planets

    Saturn--- it is slowest moving planet. It indicates incurable, very chronic illness. Primarily, all types of cancers come under its domain.

    Rahu-Ketu axis--- Rahu is equivalent to Saturn; and similarly signifies incurable ailments, chronic illness. Ketu signifies illnesses which are uncertain, with hidden causes/processes, creating confusions in diagnosis.


    1. Involvement of Saturn with Lagna, 6th, 8th houses/lords can indicate suffering from very chronic/ incurable illness.

    2. Involvement of Rahu-Ketu axis with 6-12 houses/lords and 2-8 houses/lords. 3. Lagna lord/House should be majorly afflicted.

    Charts analysed are Rasi Chart, Drekkana D-3, Navmansha D-9, and Dwadashamsha D-12.

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    Case 1 Cancer 1 Female Natal Chart Date: January 28, 1960 Time: 1:00:00 am Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 81 E 26' 00", 21 N 13' 00" Bhilai, India Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 22 Li 32' 56.86" Visa 1 Li Ar Sun - MK 13 Cp 35' 14.17" Srav 2 Cp Ta Moon - GK 7 Cp 25' 57.70" USha 4 Cp Pi Mars - AmK 16 Sg 49' 05.99" PSha 2 Sg Vi Mercury - BK 14 Cp 24' 43.78" Srav 2 Cp Ta Jupiter - DK 1 Sg 01' 25.52" Mool 1 Sg Ar Venus - PK 7 Sg 27' 28.43" Mool 3 Sg Ge Saturn - AK 19 Sg 16' 12.78" PSha 2 Sg Vi Rahu 2 Vi 22' 43.80" UPha 2 Vi Cp Ketu 2 Pi 22' 43.80" PBha 4 Pi Cn Uranus (R) 26 Cn 14' 36.11" Asre 3 Cn Aq Neptune 15 Li 47' 27.08" Swat 3 Li Aq Pluto (R) 12 Le 16' 14.29" Magh 4 Le Cn Maandi 7 Sg 16' 55.63" Mool 3 Sg Ge Gulika 26 Sc 13' 25.31" Jye 3 Sc Aq

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    D-1 Lagna Lord Venus in 3rd H , with 12th lord Mercury and also with enemy Jupiter who is also 3rd and 6th lord. Both Venus and Jupiter are in Moola Nakshatra (Lord Ketu). Ketu is present in 6th house having 4th aspect of Maraka Mars. Rahu-Ketu Axis covers 6-12 House. Saturn is with 6th and 12th lord and aspecting 12th house. D-3 Lagna Lord Mercury is in 12th house. 6th Mars and 8th lord Saturn are placed in 11th house.

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    D-9 Lagna Lord in Mars in 6th house with Saturn. 6th lord Mercury in 2nd house of maraka. Saturn is in 6th house aspecting 8th and 12th house. D-12 Lagna has Saturn, which is 8th lord. Lagna Lord Moon is with Ketu in 9th house. 6th house has Jupiter which is negative placement for Benefic planet. Benefic Mercury is with Mars and Sun in 12th House. Important Features---- Saturn is connected ------ with Lagna Lord/House in D-1,D-3,D-9 and D-12 With 6th Lord/House in D-1, D-3 and D-9 With 8th Lord/House in D-1, D-3, D-9 and D-12 In D-1, 6th House is in Sarpa Drekkana. Lagna Lord Venus and 6th L Jupiter are in Ayudha Drekkana.

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    Case 2 Cancer 2--- Blood Male Natal Chart Date: December 25, 1985 Time: 1:02:00 am Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00" Delhi, India Natal Chart Date: December 25, 1985 Time: 1:02:00 am Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00" Delhi, India Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 18 Vi 12' 19.72" Hast 3 Vi Ge Sun - GK 9 Sg 17' 32.53" Mool 3 Sg Ge Moon - MK 11 Ta 40' 25.81" Rohi 1 Ta Ar Mars - BK 12 Li 31' 04.90" Swat 2 Li Cp Mercury - AmK 19 Sc 15' 50.31" Jye 1 Sc Sg Jupiter - AK 23 Cp 06' 07.16" Srav 4 Cp Cn Venus - DK 3 Sg 06' 57.61" Mool 1 Sg Ar Saturn - PK 10 Sc 44' 19.41" Anu 3 Sc Li Rahu 14 Ar 17' 41.34" Bhar 1 Ar Le Ketu 14 Li 17' 41.34" Swat 3 Li Aq Uranus 25 Sc 25' 28.90" Jye 3 Sc Aq Neptune 9 Sg 39' 46.83" Mool 3 Sg Ge Pluto 13 Li 04' 58.27" Swat 2 Li Cp Maandi 20 Ge 29' 50.09" Puna 1 Ge Ar Gulika 8 Ge 57' 30.24" Ardr 1 Ge Sg

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    D-1 Lagna lord Mercury in 3rd house in enemy sign with 6th lord Saturn. Mercury and Venus are hemmed between Saturn and Sun (6th and 12th lord respectively). 3rd and 8th lord Mars is in 2nd maraka sthana with Ketu-rahu axis. Saturn aspecting 12th H. Mercury, Saturn and 3rd house are in Sarpa Drekkana Moon is aspected by Mars and Saturn. D-3 Lagna Lord Saturn and 6th lord Mercury are placed in 3rd house. Saturn is aspecting 12th House and 12th Lord Jupiter.

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    Ra-ketu axis is present in 2-8 axis. Mars is with Ketu again in 2nd House. Moon is aspected by Mars, Saturn and 6th Lord Mercury. D-9 Lagna lord Mercury is in 7th House aspected by Saturn. 6th lord Mars is in 8th House. Moon is with 12th Lord Venus and aspected by Mars and Saturn. D-12 Lagna lord Mars is in 12th H with Ketu, Saturn and Sun. 6th lord Mercury is in 3rd H aspected by Mars 8th lord. Moon is in 6th House with Rahu and aspected by all Malefics Important Features---- Saturn is connected---- with Lagna Lord/House in D-1,D-3, D-9 and D-12

    ---- with 6th Lord/House in D-1,D-3 and D-12 ---- with 8th Lord/House in D-3, D-9 and D-12

    Rahu-Ketu axis is connected---- with 6-12 houses in D-12

    ---- with 2-8 houses in D-1 and D-3 Lagna Lord is majorly afflicted in D-1, D-3 , D-12 and partially in D-9.

    Person suffered from Blood Cancer. Moon, Karaka of Blood is damaged in all D-1, D-3,D-9 and D-12. Mars, Karaka of Diseases of blood is with Ketu in D-1, D-3 and D-12. Likewise, part affected by cancer can be traced out. It needs further research.

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    Case 3 Male Cancer 7 Natal Chart Date: February 18, 1970 Time: 2:01:00 pm Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00" Mumbai, India Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa Lagna 3 Ge 50' 24.32" Mrig 4 Ge Sc Sun - GK 5 Aq 50' 32.34" Dhan 4 Aq Sc Moon - DK 3 Cn 25' 22.11" Push 1 Cn Le Mars - AK 24 Pi 30' 35.71" Reva 3 Pi Aq Mercury - AmK 12 Cp 57' 19.16" Srav 1 Cp Ar Jupiter - BK 12 Li 31' 28.74" Swat 2 Li Cp Venus - MK 11 Aq 45' 33.70" Sata 2 Aq Cp Saturn - PK 10 Ar 28' 08.87" Aswi 4 Ar Cn Rahu 18 Aq 24' 35.80" Sata 4 Aq Pi Ketu 18 Le 24' 35.80" PPha 2 Le Vi Uranus (R) 14 Vi 46' 18.43" Hast 2 Vi Ta Neptune 7 Sc 24' 12.09" Anu 2 Sc Vi Pluto (R) 3 Vi 18' 25.40" UPha 2 Vi Cp Maandi 6 Ta 36' 37.29" Krit 3 Ta Aq Gulika 25 Ar 01' 42.31" Bhar 4 Ar Sc

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    D-1 Lagna is aspected by Saturn 8th Lord and Mars 6th Lord. Lagna Lord Mercury is in 8th House aspected by 8th Lord Saturn. Rahu is with 3rd Lord Sun and 12th lord Venus. 6th House and 6th Lord Mars are in Sarpa Drekkana. 8th Lord is debilitated. D-3 Exchange of houses by lagna and 12th Lord Lagna Lor


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