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<ul><li> 1. ARCH PortfolioErin Welsh LeeFor as long as I can remember, the builtenvironment has interested me. I have always experimented with different ways to express my fascination with any type of structure. Throughout my first two years studying architecture I have gained a greater passion for this profession. Learning the basic skills in photo (portrait) of youmy first year and building on those through the comprehension of techtonics and space hasbrought my work a long way from the impracti-cal drawing of my childhood. I strive toincrease my knowledge to push myself evenfurther in the design world.</li></ul> <p> 2. Drawing as a Means of Analisis andCommunicationErin Welsh Manganelli The purpose of this project was to convey the motion of ahandheld object through technical hand drawing. I chosea PEZ dispenser. A preliminary study of my object was a series of quick sketches using multiple techniques. Its fun shape and multiple points of movement made the assign-ment both challenging and excitin. I used layout lines to startshaping the final board. After drawing the elevation view, Iused projection ines to create two section drawings and oneplan view. Then, I increased the line weights to give a sense of motion both the vertical movement of the base and thecircular motion of the head. 3. Digital Drawing as a Means of Anal-ysis and CommunicationErin WelshManganelliThis project took the previos technical drawing into the digital world. I decided to focus on the transformation of the original PEZ dispenser to the collectors item of today. I placed theoriginal PEZ dispenser on the left side of the board and all the precious technical drawings on the right side. To link the two together, I intooduced the solind band of color that empha-sizes the collector aspect of the object--the different heads. Again, I varied the line weights to convey the idea of movement with the base and the head and used layout lines to highlightthe main working ponts. I also interposed a faded image of the original object to add interest and show a detail of one of the points of motion. 4. Detail drawings of two sections and plansshow varying line weights, emphasizing therande of motion, and the use of layout linesand projection lines. 5. Perspective Drawing and Spatial Urban AnalysisErin Welsh Manganelli I chose a one-mile path in Genoa, Italy to analyze urban spaces for this project. I chose to create twoboards: one strictly for showing the analysis of the path and the other for the technical drawings. The analysis board shows the three main areas that I chose to explore: Business district, gethering district,and residential district. I used the information gathered in the analysis to create a detailed plan, section, and elevation of each area. Brick patterns were brought in to show the differences of the buildings in thefirst zone and the similarity in materials in the last zone. Also, the addition of trees, people, and cars givesyou a sense of the urban scale.Page 1A SITE ANALYSIS: Genoa, ItalyARCH 151, Project 21 = 85 Erin WelshSpring 2010Business district: This section shows a variety of building styles and heights.A3 -Variety of materials incorporated in the buildings gives each building its onunique facade.-The streets are just wide enough for two cars to pass with parking locatedonly along one curb.Residential district: This area is more plain and the buildings are verysimilar.-The buildings are very similar to one another and symmetrical withinthemselves.alond both curbs.-The sidewalks do not allow much space for a heavy population of walkers. Gathering district: This area is moreopen and is a good place for large groups of people to enjoy.A1 -The main focus of this area is thebasilica.-The roads are very broad and allowA2 -Many buildings surorund the basilicaand have their own unique style, butthey do not detract from the beautyof the central building. 6. Section ElevationA1-1 1 = 60Plan SiteA1-2 1 = 20 A1-3 1 = 15 SectionElevationA2-1 1 = 80Plan Site A2-2 1 = 40A2-3 1 = 25ElevationA3-1 1 = 40Plan Site Section A3-2 1 = 20 A3-3 1 = 20 7. Facade DesignErin Welsh Manganelli In this project, we used the context of the analysis from the last project to design our very own facade. I chose totear down an existing building consisting of nine, one-storystores. The inspiration for the design came from characteris-tics surrounding the site. The street the building was locatedwas on an incline so the angle was incorporated into thecenter entrance and both awnings. The original curve on the left side of the building was modified and mirrored on theProcess opposite end. It was also inspiration for the other round fea-tures, such as the central storefront, the rounded windows,the awning, and the flower box. In addition to these struc-tural elements, the colors were chosen from the surroundingbuildings, acting as a way to unify this district. 8. ContextDetails 9. Pause Erin Welsh Lee In this project, after learning how to diagram in2D, we transferred what we learned for our studyinto a 3-dimensional space. In my moment in time,I wanted to focus on creating spaces through atransparent plane. Aslo, I played with creatingmy space into the rock I placed it so that it seemedto emerge from the rocks side. 10. ItineraryErin WelshLeeasDSSkas 25Crystal Moselle and Spike JonzeMy model focused on the emotion evoked from the still-frames of the video: anxiety, life, death, order, loneliness,and absense. In order to do this, I wanted the person walkingthrough my model to experience each of these emotions. 11. Threshold/ Surface Erin WelshLee The three word-actions I chose for this project weretwist, wrinkle, and corrogate. After creating the meshfor each of these I chose the best combination that showed the most interesting topographical image. Wrinkle The combination of crumple and corragate introduced an image with very strong masses and void placed interestingly throughout. 12. Door Window StairErin WelshLee Door Window Stair was an opportunity to combine all knowledge we learned in the prior projects into one. In order to do this, we created a narrative for a certain characters and spaces that they would occupy. Themain purpose of this project was to focus on tectonic connections and incorporate the elements of a v door, components of the project. 13. Atlas... ...shows his strength. Atlas, known for carrying the world on his shoulders, shows great strength. The large elements towering over the traveler allows them to experience the sense of strength and power all around them. ...exhibits his trickery. Tired of carrying the world, Atlas unsuccessfully tried to trick Heracles into taking the weight off his shoulders. As the traveler walks through the upper walkway, an illusion in itself, they seem to ...views the stars. Originally characterized as the god who held the heavens on his shoulder, Atlas held the stars. Here, a traveler can take a seat, inspired by the little dipper constellation, and view the stars. 14. BCAMiddle Plan View 15. process Based on the character Atlas, I chose three characteristics tobase my three spaces off of: his strength, his trickery, and hiscarrying of the celestial globe. One of the main elements I de-cided to incorporate was a lamenation of strips in various direc-tions. The purpose of this was to create an optical allusion within the trickery space. I then took this weave-like pattern to other was to create a space that a character, walking through, wouldexperience Atlass strength, through the oversized elements andhigh space created; his trickery, through the optical illusions of 16. BDNCA Top Plan View 17. Side SectionFront Section 18. Portfolio Case Erin WelshLeeFor this project I wanted to expand on an idea I tried out in my last model--lamenation. I explored severaldifferent types of lamenation using thin sheets of veneer to create a curved surfaces and a number of thickerlayers glued together to form the base. The idea of the motion is for the case to be carried in a secure locked 19. AssemblyModeling 20. Clemson Grid Erin Welsh LeeEach of us were given a square lot on the campus of Clem-son for this project. We were to anlyze the site and diagram the conditions. After our analysis, we were to introduce a proposal into the space. I chose to emphasize the openfields function of the intramural field by adding cascading landscape seating along with a series of benches that cre-ated additional seating to view the field and more intimate seating areas. 21. 700 710680 680690 680 690700700 A 690 0 70E-05 dale collier SHED700 SHED 690Site in ContextSite Plan SHED1/64 = 1 B 1/16 = 1BELOWABOVEOF RAMP EDGE WALLCONC. WASHER R CARPENTE750740730720710700690680Section Facing SouthA1/16 = 1750740730720710700690680 Section Facing WestB 1/16 = 1 22. 680 690 700 Perspective Pictures </p>