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Ocean Animals


GO BACKJellyfish Jellyfish are found in all oceans Some live in freshwater as wellThey look like little umbrellas They are usually bright coloredThey are often transparent meaning you can see through themNearly invisible to the human eyeThey are NOT a fish They do not have brains

MAIN MENUDolphin They are believed to be very intelligentThey are meat eaters Bottlenose dolphins are the most common and well known typeFemale dolphins are called cowsMale dolphins are called bullsYoung dolphins are called calves Use a blowhole on top of their head to breath Commutate by clicking, whistling and other sounds

MAINMENUSea Turtle They live in all oceans except for the Artic Ocean They prefer warm water Usually stay in shallow areas They eat crabs, seaweed, jellyfish, and shrimp Can hold their breath for over 30 minutesThe fastest sea turtle swims at over 20 mph

MAIN MENUWhale There are two types of whales. Baleen Whales and Toothed Whales Whales swim up to 30 miles per hour Some whales can stay under water for up to 90 minutesThey do not sleepSome whales singThe Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world

MAIN MENUOctopus They are boneless creatures Their life span goes from 6 months to a couple of yearsThe live in holes or crevices of rocksThey breath through their a muscular funnel They vary in size They have three heartsThey hunt at night

MAIN MENUStingrayDistant relatives of sharks Swim by flapping their pectoral wings that makes them look like they flyBottom feeding creaturesThey have eyes on top of their headsUse their sense of smell to find their dinnerNot usually aggressive

MAIN MENUPuffer FishCan inflate into a ball shape to evade predatorsHave elastic stomachs that they fill with waterCan blow themselves up to several times their normal sizeSome have spines on their skin to ward off predators Most contain toxic substances that make them foul tastingTheir toxin is deadly to humans

MAIN MENUShark They do not have any bones in their bodySome sharks remain on the move their entire lifeThey have great hearingA baby shark (a pup) is ready to take care of itself the moment its bornGreat whites are the most deadly animal in the sea



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