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UNC Dance Marathon's 17th year is off to an exciting start! In September we welcomed around 400 committee members, canned at UNC football games and hosted a benefit night at Sup Dogs. We will be revealing this year's marathon theme at The Heel this Thursday at midnight.In this month's, newsletter read about all of the new opportunities for both committee members and dancers to get involved at UNC Children's from Pediatric Playroom to Healthy Steps. Also, learn about the new 10K, Kilometers For the Kids, the expanded 5K FTK.Check out our social media profiles for Theme Reveal updates and more exciting things to come!


  • The mission of The UNC Dance Marathon is to overcome childhood illness by providing major support for the medical, surgical, and emotional care of the patients and families served by UNC Childrens.

    Volume 6, Issue 2 September 2014

    UpcomingEventsSept. 25. Theme RevealCome to The Heel as we unveil this years theme.

    Nov. 37. Dancer Recruitment WeekCome see us in the Pit all week to sign up to dance!

    Nov. 22. Kilometers For the KidsJoin us for our third annual race, this time featuring a 10K.

    March 20 & 21. The 2015 UNC Dance MarathonMark your calendars and get ready for the 17th marathon.

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

    Henry Ford

    In This IssueCommittee Recruitment UNCDM recieved over 400 committee applications this year, of which over half had never served on a committee before.

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    Kilometers For the KidsThe 5K FTK will now feature a 10K, in addition to the traditional 5K and Fun Run.

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    Expanding Volunteer Opportunities This year there will be more ways than ever to get involved at UNC Childrens.

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    Healthy StepsTake a closer look at one of UNCDMs grants that connects committee members, and now dancers, most directly with the cause. Page 3

    Social Media SpotlightSee what the UNC Dance Marathon community has been up to recently.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please contact 2015 Publicity Chair Brendan Leonard at publicity@uncdm.org.

    Photo by Elisabeth McFarland| UNCDM committee chairs at Fall Fest

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  • Committee Recruitment Week by Marleigh Cannon

    September Newsletter | 2

    Kilometers For the Kids: The New 5K FTK by Caroline Atkinson

    ,I\RXZDONHGWKURXJKWKH3LWDWDOOGXULQJWKHUVWZHHNin September, you knew that it was Committee Recruitment Week for UNC Dance Marathon. Between blasting Beyonc music, crazy committee dance moves, and colorful trifold boards scattered in the center of the Pit, it was hard to ignore the energy and enthusiasm of the UNCDM committee members. As the largest student-run philanthropy in North Carolina, UNCDM has no trouble showing how much they care about the cause. We had a very positive atmosphere in the pit during CRW, explains Executive Director Evan Sherwood. We were very approachable this year I thought, and I really think that will help us a lot in recruiting for committees and dancers as well. The excitement radiating out of the people representing UNCDM in the Pit was a large part of the reason the organization received over 400 applications. Of those accepted, just over half of them will be VHUYLQJRQDFRPPLWWHHIRUWKHUVWWLPH Jean-Luc Rivera, Morale & Recruitment Chair, agreed that CRW was a hit, adding that the Week of Welcome service event made a difference. The service event that consisted of volunteers making cards and blankets for patients in UNC Childrens was great because it allowed us to have some one-on-one time with people that were genuinely interested in UNC Dance Marathon, he said. The word started spreading rapidly through campus

    about the opportunities available through UNCDM and what we for. This generated a lot of interest and led to a steady stream of people checking out our table in the Pit during CRW. First-year Community Outreach committee member Claire Weintraub decided to get involved after hearing great things about UNCDM from other students. I wanted to get

    involved because it sounded like a really fun event, and I liked the idea of being involved in such a large, student-run organization, said Weintraub. I am really looking forward to the opportunities to volunteer at the hospital [and] the actual marathon, because it seems like a really fun and exciting event. In addition to the abundance of new committee members, Dance Marathon received a lot of returnees. Junior Ren Kronlage of the Morale & Recruitment committee knows what its like for a sick child to constantly in and out of the hospital, as her brother used to struggle with seizures until he was put on the Ketogenic Diet, with the help of UNC Childrens. I wanted to do UNCDM again because it is more than something to just get involved with on campus. Its mission is amazing and truly wonderful, she said.

    [Im really looking forward to] Theme Reveal, booty shaking FTK, getting people excited for the marathon [and] being able to motivate dancers to love UNCDM and its cause as much as [I do]! I cant wait to see how much we raise!

    Photo courtesy of Jean-Luc Rivera| UNCDM Committee chairs

    and subchairs during committee

    Kilometers FTK, formerly 5K FTK, will now include a 10K race, a longer race that should entice more distance runners. The race will be held on November 22, starting with the Fun Run at 8:45 a.m. and the 5K and 10K starting at 9 a.m. By adding the 10K, Kilometers FTK aims to attract more participants. With so few longer distance races in the area, UNCDM hopes the longer course will bring in runners from the community and surrounding areas. We added a 10K this year to give our runners an additional way to participate in our event, especially for runners that are looking to run a distance longer than a 5K, said Logan Hiers, Operations chair.

    The 10K will consist of two loops of the 5K route, starting and ending in front of the Old Well, the same location as the other courses. UNC junior Taylor Deaton, a participant of the 2013 5K FTK and a dancer last year, said she is eager to run the new race. Im very excited about the longer GLVWDQFHEHFDXVHDIWHUQLVKLQJP\UVWKDOIPDUDWKRQODVWIDOOLWJLYHVme great motivation to get back to that level. Kilometers FTK serves as an opportunity for those outside of the UNCDM community, both on and off campus, to be part of the organization and better understand its mission. My favorite part of last years UDFHZDVFURVVLQJWKHQLVKOLQH

    and seeing some of the patients and IDPLOLHVWKDWEHQHWIURP81&'DQFHMarathon, Deaton said. When I saw the children I was running for, I decided that I wanted to take the next step and sign up to be a dancer.

    Photo by Kendall Clark| Participants with the Cowardly Lion

    at the 2013 5K FTK.

  • Getting to Know UNC Dance Marathon Through Volunteering by Sarah Cooper

    A Closer Look: Healthy Steps by Haley Waxman, Copy Edit subchair

    As the start of the 17th UNC Dance Marathon rolls around, participants will have more volunteer opportunities than ever before, according to Shakeia Burgin, chair of the Hospital Committee. This year, we are partnering with the Hospital School to organize a tutoring program, Burgin said. There are about YHRSHQVORWVIRU81&'0PHPEHUVDQGwe hope to expand this opportunity in the future. Dance Marathon will lead the program as the Teaching Fellows, currently in charge, step down. Pediatric Playroom and Healthy Steps, are expanding this year to offer more ways for dancers to get involved. One of the biggest criticisms we

    receive from students involved in UNCDM is that they really didnt feel a sense of connection to the cause until family hour at the marathon, I want people who are dedicating their time to this wonderful cause to have the opportunity to see and interact with the people they are doing this work for, Burgin said. Through the expansion of these programs, dancers and committee members will be able to more closely experience and witness the cause behind UNCDM. Being able to catch a glimpse of why we do what we do throughout the year motivates people to stay dedicated and reminds them that what they are doing is

    worth every second of their time, Burgin said. UNCDM is also trying to expand to places in which participants have not previously volunteered. We hope to extend UNCDMs impact to pediatric patients who are in areas in the hospital that have not traditionally EHQHWHGIURPXVOLNHWKHEXUQFHQWHUBurgin said. In addition, Burgin plans on expanding UNCDMs current partnership with Ronald McDonald House by offering more volunteer opportunities. All in all, this year will be a year of expansion, improvement, and connection for UNCDM volunteers.

    September Newsletter | 3

    UNC Dance Marathons mission is to overcome childhood illness in more ways than just medical. And by supporting Healthy Steps, a program at UNC Childrens, for the sixth consecutive year, UNCDM is working toward that mission. The Healthy Steps program has been an integral part of UNC Childrens Child and Adolescent General Clinic experience for patients and families over the past 17 years. Healthy Steps is a program that works to support families with counseling and parenting questions, said Shakeia Burgin, UNCDM Hospital Chair. Karen Wysocki, the Healthy Steps early childhood specialist said Healthy Steps remains highly valued and appreciated by both families and doctors. The Healthy Steps specialist is there to extend information and resources, as well as serve as an additional form of support for families. Dance Marathon has been a greatly appreciated source of funding for Healthy Steps and the clinic has worked to provide volunteer and shadow experiences for DM committee members and dancers, Wysocki said. It has been a great partnership that helps to improve the lives of children

    and families served by the NC Childrens Hospital. UNCDMs role with Healthy Steps is to volunteer in the clinic lobby, doing various activities with the children such as reading, playing on the Wii and Dance Dance Revolution and keeping them company while they wait for their appointments. UNCDM members also get the opportunity to shadow physicians, nurses, or special


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