Una segunda oportunidad A second chance at ... - El ?· permanecen con sobrepeso, ... tics, air pollutants,…

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    Ver MEDICINA pgina 3 See MEDICINE page 3

    por Christina JohnsonUC Newsroom

    Miles de mdicos bien educados, formados en el extranjero en California enfrentan barreras enormes para convertirse en mdi-cos aqu, y mdicos de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Cali-fornia en San Diego estn tratando de ayudar por altruismo y para mejorar la atencin al paciente en el condado de San Diego.

    Un grupo de mdicos en el Departamento de Medicina Familiar y Pre-

    by Christina JohnsonUC Newsroom

    Thousands of well-educated foreign-trained physicians in California face daunting barriers to becoming doctors here, and UC San Diego School of Medicine physicians are trying to help out of altru-ism and to improve patient care in San Diego County.

    A group of doctors in the UC San Diego Depart-ment of Family and Pre-ventive Medicine recently hosted a forum for ap-proximately 50 local for-

    by the El Reporteros wire services

    A group led by New York state Sen. Gustavo Rivera launched Monday a campaign that proposes awarding state citizenship to the estimated 2.7 million immigrants who live in the Empire State, regardless of their immigration status.

    We have failed with im-migration reform nationally and what we want is to pro-vide an opportunity for the almost 3 million people who live and contribute to the public treasury in our state to take part in its political, civic and economic life, Rivera told Efe Monday before introducing the bill.

    Dubbed the New York Is Home Act, the bill con-templates granting citizen-ship to immigrants who can show they have lived in the state and paid their taxes for the past three years, and who promise to obey state laws,

    por agencias de noticias de El Reportero

    Un grupo liderado por el senador del estado de Nueva York Gustavo Rivera lanz el lunes una campaa que propone la adjudicacin de Estado la ciudadana para los cerca de 2,7 mil-lones de inmigrantes que viven en el Empire State, independientemente de su estatus migratorio.

    Hemos fallado con la reforma migratoria a nivel nacional y lo que quere-mos es ofrecer una opor-tunidad para que los casi 3 millones de personas que viven y contribuyen a las arcas pblicas en nuestro estado que participen en la vida poltica, cvica y econmica, dijo a Efe Ri-vera el Lunes antes de in-troducir el proyecto de ley.

    Bautizado como el acto de inicio de Nueva York, el proyecto de ley contem-

    West declaring ISIS villainous in an attempt to directly intervene in northern Irak and Syria

    Top five foods to eat to avoid belly fat

    by Aurora BelbNatural News

    Studies have linked excess belly fat to high blood pres-sure, heart disease and even premature death, yet millions of Americans remain over-weight, packing on pounds and inches each year. (1) While getting adequate exercise is certainly a key component in keeping belly fat at bay, there are dietary changes that you could -- and should -- be mak-ing to help hit fatty deposits with a one-two punch. Here are the top five foods to eat to help get rid of excess belly fat:

    Cabbage, kale, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies

    Los cinco mejores alimentos para comer para evitar la grasa del estomgo

    por Aurora BelbNatural Noticias

    Los estudios han rela-cionado el exceso de grasa del vientre a la presin arte-rial alta, enfermedades del corazn e incluso la muerte prematura, sin embargo, millones de estadounidenses permanecen con sobrepeso, empaquetados en libras y pulgadas cada ao. (1) Mientras que obtener sufici-ente ejercicio es sin duda un elemento clave para man-tener la grasa del vientre en la baha, hay cambios en la dieta que usted puede - y debe - estar haciendo para ayudar a golpear los depsitos grasos con un

    doble golpe. Aqu estn los cinco alimentos para comer y ayudar a deshacerse del exceso de grasa del vientre:

    La col, la col riza-da, el brcoli y otras v e r d u r a s c r u c f e r a s

    Estos vegetales con-tienen sustancias qumicas naturales llamadas Fito nu-trientes - especficamente, indol-3-carbinol o I3C. Esta Fito nutrientes en particular ayudan a contrarrestar los efectos de xenoestrgenos, que en esencia son sus-tancias qumicas que con-sumimos que actan como el estrgeno. Los xenoes-trgenos se derivan de una amplia variedad de fuentes, incluyendo los plsticos,

    These vegetables con-tain natural chemicals called phytonutrients -- specifically, indole-3-carbinol, or I3C. This particular phytonutrient helps counteract the effects of xen-oestrogens, which essentially are chemicals that we consume that act like estrogen. Xenoes-trogens derive from a wide va-riety of sources, including plas-tics, air pollutants, pesticides, herbicides -- even meat from animals that have consumed hormones as part of their fat-tening-up diets. Once in the body, they can cause an over-load of estrogen that can play a pivotal role in the development

    A second chance at practicing medicine

    See HEALTH page 8

    los contaminantes del aire, los pesticidas, herbicidas - incluso la carne de ani-males que han consumido hormonas como parte de sus engorde-up dietas. Una vez en el cuerpo, pu-eden causar una sobrecarga de estrgenos que pueden desempear un papel fun-damental en el desarrollo de la grasa del vientre.

    I3C funciona como una especie de sistema de la-vado industrial, ayudando a contrarrestar y desintoxicar xenoestrgenos para que no puedan causar efectos noci-vos. Comer muchas verdu-ras crucferas, naturalmente,

    Ver SALUD pgina 3

    Ver BREVES LATINOS pgina 5

    See LATIN BRIEFS page 5

    Ver IRAK pgina 3

    Occidente declara a ISIS villano con la intencin de intervenir directamente en el norte de Irak y en el este de Siria

    Proposed legislation would grant New Yorks immigrants state citizenship

    See IRAQ page 3

    now threaten the Iraqi capi-tal city of Baghdad itself. The United States was sure to prop up two unfounded narratives the first being that US intelligence agen-cies, despite assets in Iraq and above it in the form of surveillance drones, failed to give warning of the in-vasion, and that ISIS is some sort of self-sustaining terror organization carv-ing out a state by rob-bing banks and collecting donations on Twitter.

    T h e Wa l l S t r e e t Journal in i t s repor t , I raq i Drama Catches U.S. Off Guard, stated:

    The quickly unfolding drama prompted a White House meeting Wednes-day of top policy makers and military leaders who were caught off guard by the swift collapse of Iraqi security forces, of-f ic ia ls acknowledged.

    In another WSJ post, U.S. Secretly Flying Drones Over Iraq, it claimed:

    A senior U.S. official said the intelligence collect-ed under the small [secret U.S. drone] program was shared with Iraqi forces, but added: Its not like it did any good. The rapid territorial gains by the Is-lamist forces loyal to Is-lamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, an al Qaeda offshoot, caught the U.S. by surprise, the officials said.

    Despite drone flights collecting intelligence, and a 3-year ongoing CIA pro-gram (here, here, and here) all along the Turkish-Syrian border to monitor and arm moderate militants fighting the Syrian govern-ment, the US claims it was caught by surprise. If drones and CIA operatives operating in ISIS territory werent enough to detect the impending invasion, per-haps the CIA should have just picked up a newspaper.

    Indeed, the Lebanon Daily Start in March 2014

    www.elreporteroSF.com Volume 24, Edition No. 10, June 18 - 27, 2014

    profesional permanente, las fuerzas del Estado Islmico de Irak y Siria (ISIS) avan-zaron hacia el sur a Irak desde Turqua y el noreste de Siria, tomando las ciu-dades de Mosul y Tikrit, y ahora amenazan Bagdad, la capital misma de Irak. Los Estados Unidos estaban seguros de desplegar dos narrativas sin fundamento siendo la primera que las

    Nueva re-invasin encubierta estadunidense en Irak

    por Tony CartalucciLand Destroyer


    Fuertemente armadas, bien financiadas y orga-nizadas como un ejrcito

    ventiva de la UC en San Diego, recientemente or-ganizaron un foro para unos 50 mdicos locales formados en el extranjero, durante cual explicaron y respondieron a las preguntas sobre el sistema de salud de atencin primaria de EE.UU. y sus criterios de aceptacin de residencia.

    Se espera que el evento Una tarde con los mdi-cos de medicina familiar de UCSD, ser el germen de una mayor participacin de la Universidad de California

    eign-trained doctors, dur-ing which they explained and fielded questions about the U.S. primary health care system and its resi-dency acceptance criteria.

    Its hoped the event, An Evening with UCSD Family Medicine Doctors, will plant the seed for great-er UC San Diego involve-ment in re-training interna-tional medical school gradu-ates, and that sustained in-volvement in such an effort will eventually help supply

    Americas covert re-invasion of Iraq

    by Tony CartalucciLand Destroyer


    Heavily armed, well funded, and organized as a professional, standing army, the forces of the Is-lamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) swept southward into Iraq from Turkey and north-eastern Syria, taking the cit-ies of Mosul and Tikrit, and

    Legislacin propuesta de N.Y. otorgar a los inmigrantes del estado ciudadana

    Una segunda oportunidad para ejercer la medicina

    Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy, del Deptamento de Salud en UC San Diego, moder un foro para doctores entrenados en el extranjero. Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy, of the Health in the Dept. of Family and Preventive Medicine at UC San Diego, moderated a forum for foreign-trained doctors.

    Gustavo Rivera

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