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2. Taras Schevchenko The great poet, ardent patriot, thinker and humanist, Shevchenko, is at one and the same time an outstanding master of Ukrainian painting and graphic art, the founder of critical realism and the folk element in Ukrainian fine arts. 3. The creative work of Shevchenko, which was closely tied with the reality of that period and was based on the national-liberation movement, was basically connected with and directed into the future. It is an important stage in the development of realism and the folk element in art. Ukrainian artists refer to the artistic heritage of Shevchenko as one of the greatest and most valuable national traditions. 4. The themes of Shevchenko works, depicting life in Ukraine at that time, are very diverse, indeed. Among them we can single out the watercolor composition of 1841, "Gypsy Fortune-Teller", which was awarded a silver medal by the Council of the Academy of Arts. 5. Oleksandr Bogomazov Oleksandr Bogomazov was Ukrainian painter, known artist and modern art theoretician of Russian Avant-garde. During his artistic life Alexander Bogomazov mastered several art styles. The most known are Cubo-Futurism (1913 1917) and Spectralism (1920 1930). 6. During his artistic life Alexander Bogomazov mastered several art styles. The most known are Cubo-Futurism (19131917) and Spectralism (1920 1930). 7. Eugene (Eugenia) Gapchynska is a popular Ukrainian painter. In 2002 she began painting-exhibition activity. 8. She is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists who has a unique style. Drawing funny little men with touching inscriptions Gapchynska calls herself Happiness Supplier 1. 9. The nickname Happiness Supplier 1was given her not by chance. Gapchynskas paintings are so cute, bright, moving, positive, and the captions are so naive and unsophisticated that looking at them we cannot but smile. 10. Oleg Radvan - was born in Ukraine in 1956. He is an artist without special art education. He began his career as a painter in 2002 and fulfilled the dream of his life. All of his life observations, studying and endless trying and searching during the last 6 years emerged him completely in art work. 11. "I have no special education, and I have not read specialized literature, - says Oleg. - Instead, I began to experiment yourself with different types paint and color. I'm enjoying the process of painting portraits. Grasping some human characteristics, I write and express my inner world people. 12. "Artist chose red as the dominant color in his palette as" red - the color of love, life and fire. " Oleg Radvan Blue Eyes -2009 13. Eugene Negoda Everybody who loves our land and our nature, who is observant and who just knows how to enjoy life, be sure that the exhibition of Negodas pictures will bring pleasure to you. 14. The artist began to paint in his childhood, but as he had many gifts, he didnt know what to choose. Creative search led him to finding and developing a new technique. He combined watercolors, pastels and oils. The effect of such combination is tremendous. 15. The well-known artist exhibits his works very seldom 1 or 2 times in 5 years. So, his admirers are waiting to see his new and great works. 16. Alexander Roitburd The representative of the South Ukrainian art school. One of the founders of Ukrainian postmodernism.The most expensive contemporary Ukrainian artist. 17. Gallery owners consider Roitburds works to be very valuable from the artistic point of view. The international recognition of the artist - his works may be found in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, and PinchukArtCentre,Kyiv. 18. Oksana Mas Oksana Mas (1969) Ukrainian artist. In 1986 she graduated from Ilyichevsk school of arts and then M.B. Grekov Odessa State Art School in 1992. As of 2011, she lived and worked in Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine. 19. She experiments with materials and technique finds her own techniques and combinations. Creates unique objects made of leather, plastic, old engines. 20. The art installation Altarpiece of Nations was presented at the Saint Sophia Square in Kiev. It is made of 250,000 painted Easter eggs. Mas created a series of works using "biomorphic realism". By switching optics, the traditional flat image becomes alive. Varnished lenses refract a light beam, adding effects of the reflected image. 21. Alexandr Guristyuk is a Ukrainian painter. Alekzander Guristyuk has the creative arsenal of about 500 different-genre and differently-styled pictures. In most recent years, Alexander worked in a nativity style. 22. In 1980 A.Guristyuk revolted against the system and "social circus. At the end of the 1990s, the artist painted on ethnic and religion themes. He has worked in these styles to this day. 23. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!