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Find out more about UI/UX services offered by eLuminous and how do we apply logical factors that make the clients fall in love with your website.The impact of UI/ UX is very strong and it affects every single moment that user spends on your website.


<ul><li><p>eLuminous Technologies -UI/UX Services</p></li><li><p>1. Introduction to UI/UX</p><p>2. Our Approach</p><p>3. Good Design Vs. Bad Design</p><p>4. Important Factors of UI/UX</p><p>5. Our project philosophy</p><p>6. Case study</p><p>7. About us</p><p>This presentation includes</p></li><li><p>Introduction to </p><p>UI/UX</p></li><li><p>Introduction</p><p>User Experience (UX) User Interface (UI)</p><p>UX is how it works and feels.</p><p>Design Technology</p><p>Strategy</p><p>Functionality</p><p>UI is how it looks.</p><p>Convenience</p><p>Aesthetics</p></li><li><p>Our Approach</p></li><li><p>Our Approach</p><p>Pleasing to eyes Easy-to-use Minimize the effort </p><p>required for activity.</p><p>Every website that we design is,</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad </p><p>design</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>Single ColumnMultiple Columns</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>Segregated menu Merged Menu</p><p>Who we are?Our StoryOur VisionOur GoalContact us</p><p>About UsContact us</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>Social ProofSelf bragging</p><p>Heres how our customers think we are amazing</p><p>Customer 1</p><p>Customer 3</p><p>Customer 2</p><p>Customer 4</p><p>We are amazing because:</p><p>We are the best</p><p>We are the best</p><p>We are the best</p><p>We are the best</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>Single Call to Action Multiple Options</p><p>Contact Us</p><p>Interested? Interested?</p><p>Contact Us</p><p>Download this amazing eBook</p><p>Download</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>Machine-like feel Human Feel</p><p>Plan1 Plan2 Plan3 Plan1We recommend </p><p>Plan2 Plan3</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>More efforts Less efforts</p><p>Name:Address:</p><p>City:State:</p><p>Name:Address:</p><p>Select City:Select State:</p><p>Your details Your details</p><p>Enter amount:</p><p>Total Amount:</p><p>Pay Now Pay Now</p><p>$79.00 only</p></li><li><p>Good Vs. Bad Design</p><p>More efforts Less efforts</p><p>Name:Address:</p><p>City:State:</p><p>Name:Address:</p><p>Select City:Select State:</p><p>Your details Your details</p><p>Enter amount:</p><p>Total Amount:</p><p>Pay Now Pay Now</p><p>$79.00 only</p></li><li><p>Importance of </p><p>UI/UX</p></li><li><p>Why UI/UX is important for business?</p><p>Improved Brand </p><p>Value</p><p>100% browsing </p><p>satisfactionFaster sales </p><p>conversion</p><p>Customer Loyalty Business Growth </p><p>and enhancement</p></li><li><p>Our Project </p><p>Philosophy</p></li><li><p>Project philosophy</p><p>We master our UI/UX skills following this process: </p><p>Planning &amp; Ideation UX/UI Design Development QA Measure &amp; Enhance</p><p>Usability testing</p></li><li><p>Case Study</p></li><li><p>Case Study</p><p>Clients Business: As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BananaWit, A client has developed the foundationalconcept; he has established BananaWit as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Pentony Group, a</p><p>limited liability company incorporated under the laws of New Jersey.</p><p>Business needs: BananaWits team was looking to hire an outside, software engineering firm with a successfultrack record and in-depth media experience to handle the full design, engineering,</p><p>development, testing, training, maintenance, and technical support of BananaWit until the</p><p>sites official launch. After product launch and full implementation of services, their desire wasto transfer the operational and technical support of the site to an independently managed IT</p><p>team, employed by BananaWit.</p><p>BananaWits main aim was to provide a social platform where any individual can register forBananaWit, and each will bring his/her own unique perspective to news reporting based on</p><p>experience, interests, education, research, and original news sources</p><p>Name of the Client: BananaWit (The Peoples Media)</p></li><li><p>Case Study</p><p>Business needs: Doctors &amp; Lawyers Politicians &amp; Public Servants Professors &amp; Teachers Corporate Executives &amp; Small Business Owners Celebrities &amp; Media Personalities High School &amp; College Students Senior Citizens Stay-at-Home Moms Activists</p><p>Our Solution: When client approached us, we provided a solution to design the static responsive website</p><p>featuring all required user interface to interact with site. We had prepared a questionnaire</p><p>which could give us an idea about clients business, purpose of making application, end users(audiences), competitors, design preferences. With the help of inputs provided by client, we</p><p>had prepared the plan and choose the agile methodology to set the deliverables.</p><p>In addition to providing independent reporting opportunities to the general public, BananaWit</p><p>is structured to offer established news outlets prime sponsorship locations on-site, where</p><p>media entities can provide their specific news links to browsers.</p></li><li><p>About us.</p></li><li><p>Our Infrastructure</p></li><li><p>What do we offer?</p><p>1. Web Development</p><p>2. Mobile Apps Development</p><p>3. Website designing </p><p>4. Search Engine optimization</p><p>5. Social Media Marketing</p><p>6. Virtual Assistance service.</p></li><li><p>Why choose eLuminous?</p><p> Incredible UI/ UX.</p><p> Well tested Products.</p><p> Top-notch consulting.</p><p> Commercially successful applications.</p><p> Guaranteed on-time delivery.</p><p> Competitor &amp; business model analysis.</p><p> Committed 24/7 support.</p><p> Innovative solutions as per your industry standards.</p><p>We assure:</p></li><li><p>Our Competency</p><p> Average experience of 4-5 years. </p><p> Good communication skills.</p><p> Goal oriented &amp; target driven.</p><p> Works just like your in-house team.</p><p> Zealous about innovation.</p><p>Our development team consists of developers who feature: </p></li><li><p>Clientele </p></li><li><p>About Us</p><p>Company background</p><p> eLuminous Technologies is established in 2002.</p><p> Member of STPI (Software Technology Parks of India)</p><p> Registered with DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade )</p><p> 100% EOU (Export Oriented Unit) by Govt. of India</p><p> CMMI3 Level Practices.</p></li><li><p>About Us</p><p>Our Mission</p><p>Developing Mobile &amp; </p><p>Web Solutions with latest </p><p>technologies, standard </p><p>processes, committed </p><p>support and consulting </p><p>which brings growth &amp; </p><p>success for our clients.</p><p>To be a world class </p><p>innovative and </p><p>progressive IT company </p><p>having branches across </p><p>the globe by 2016.</p><p>Our Vision Our Values</p><p> Commitment</p><p> Honesty</p><p> Co-operation</p><p>Mission,Vision and Values..</p></li><li><p>Our major client base.</p><p>Canada</p><p>USA</p><p>UK</p><p>South </p><p>Africa</p><p>India</p><p>Malaysia</p><p>SingaporeIndonesia</p><p>Australia</p><p>New </p><p>Zealand</p><p>Hong Kong</p><p>Kenya</p><p>Uganda</p><p>Sweden</p></li><li><p>Get in touch.</p><p>Become one of our esteemed </p><p>CUSTOMER.</p><p>Address: IT Park-29/7, Near Power House,MIDC Ambad, Ambad Industrial Area, Nashik- 422010Email : sales@eluminoustechnologies.comTel :+91 0253 238 2566USA :+1 646 688 3509</p><p>Address: "TAACT, 502, Pushpamangal Commercial Complex, Near Babubhai Petrol Pump, Thane West 400 601.Phone : +91 22 21723177</p><p>Address: 22 Simei Street 1,#01-16,Singapore 529 945Phone : + (65)-9751 4088Email: sg@eluminoustechnologies.com</p><p>Address: 81 General Hertzog, Three Rivers, Vereeniging,1929 Gauteng, South Africa.Phone : + 27 16 423 1893</p><p>HQ-Nashik Office Branch Office- Mumbai </p><p>Branch Office- Singapore. Branch Office- South Africa.</p></li></ul>