UI and UX Trends in Mobile App Design

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UI and UX Trends in Mobile App Design

A good user interface and experience serve some key purposes. Well thought-out UI and UX means greater engagements and conversions. Design should be unobtrusive, make the experience fast, easy, and responsive. Intuitiveness is a quality that sits right on top of good app design attributes.

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The swipe is one of the most popular movements when it comes to app navigation, and it will continue to reign supreme in 2017.Card layout is most conducive to swiping. You can use card-based layouts everywhere today, in Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook too.

Split screens are ideal for multi-tasking, and mobile users are sure to appreciate this feature. The feature means that you can use two apps at the same time; you can look up something on the Internet and also tweet/post a status about it simultaneously, thereby boosting user experience.

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Material design is being increasingly adopted for apps, and the trend will continue into 2017.

Material design was first developed by Google, and uses animations that are responsive, transitions and layouts that are grid-based. So, the language of material design is used to create hierarchies by way of colour, lighting and typeface.

Using an apt font and size makes a very important statement in design. You can create a hierarchy between content/body copy and headlines. Also, typography should be scalable and fit into any device style.

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It is a natural human tendency to notice any movement, so your mobile app design should use animation, especially if yours is an e-commerce app. You can then let users move a certain product on the screen and examine it from every angle, thereby creating a physical store experience.

Micro-interactions will become more important in boosting UX. So, what are these micro-interactions, basically? They are micro or smallest details that tell you what the result of your action is, by way of a sound, for example when you send a mail, or like something.

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