ub. barcelona ub 18 faculties 2 university schools 8 affiliated centres ub faculties and centres

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18 faculties 2 university schools 8 affiliated centres

UB faculties and centres4

Diagonal Nord 18.880Bellvitge 2,008Clnic 1,421Sants 860Diagonal Sud 12,241Mundet 8,543Centre 7,411UB Campus5Faculty and research staff (PDI)Administrative and service staff (PAS)

The people at the UB6Teaching at the UBThe UB offers a wide range of academic studiesArt and HumanitiesExperimental Sciences and Technical DegreesHealth SciencesSocial SciencesEducation Sciences66 official degrees 49 doctoral programs receiving award for quality 5 UB-endorsed degrees 98 doctoral programs 7 degrees at affiliated centres406 postgraduate programs88 official masters degrees545 lifelong learning courses7Teaching at the UBOfficial Programs50,563 Undergraduate Students11,825 New students 2,548 Doctorate students 9,655 Postgraduate studentsOutcome 7,345 Graduated 559 Doctorate8Teaching at the UBInternational mobility 863 UB students abroad1.919 foreign students at the UBSocrates-Erasmus program: UB students at European universities Socrates-Erasmus students at the UBThe UB also organizes exchanges with the US, Canada, Latin America and other countries.7941.185Study and residence permits for non-EU lecturers and students863Official degrees (undergraduate, doctorate and Erasmus Mundus masters) taught in conjunction with other foreign universities8UB-endorsed degrees (postgraduate) taught in conjunction with other foreign universities24

9Faculty of ChemistryFebruary 25, 2011UB


The Faculty of Chemistry1450: Foundation of the UB

1845: First studies in Chemistry in the UB 1859: Creation of the Faculty of Sciences, with a secton of Chemistry 1969: New building of the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry in the Campus of Pedralbes 1998: Beginning the enlargement of the building2006: Enlargement finished and inauguration

www.ub.edu/quimica deganat.quimica@ub.edu11Council of the FacultyDEAN: P.L. CabotAdministrator of the Centre: Chemistry and Physics: X. MenesesHead of the Secretary: M. BoadaCouncil for Chemistry StudiesM. SarretComission of Library UsersE. BoschSecretaryR. CostaVice-DEANF. LpezResearch CommissionDoctorate CommissionPermanent CommissionStaff of the FacultyVice-DEANF. UrpAcademic CommissionCommission for Security, Health and EnvironmentVice-DEANT. RocaCouncil for Chem. Eng. StudiesJ. TejeroCoordination of General LaboratoriesM. SecoConuncil for Mater. Eng. StudiesI. FernndezUQMAS: I. PrezProfessorate CommissionDelegation for External and International RelationsC. GonzlezCommission for the Quality of TeachingJ. GimnezCommitee of QualityJ. GimnezExternal Consulting Committee Commission for Language DynamizationTICs Commission (Web)12DepartmentsInorganic ChemistryAnalytical ChemistryPhysical ChemistryOrganic ChemistryChemical EngineeringMaterials Science andMetallurgical Engineering

13Undergraduate Students: 1400 (Chemistry)+ 400 (Chem. Eng.) + 100 (Mater. Eng.); GRADUATED: 265PDI (all cathegories of teachersand researchers): 245 (60 Full Prof.)PAS (administration and services): 85European Master Students: 85PhD Doctorate Students: 80 14(2009-10)New Graduation StudiesGraduation in Chemistry:240 ECTS (4 years)Graduation in Chemical Engineering:240 ECTS (4 years)(2010-11)Graduation in Materials Engineering:240 ECTS (4 years)15 Master in Advanced Chemistry (with specialties) (90 ECTS)Master in Environmental Engineering (90 ECTS)WorkingDOCTORATENon-official Masters

Experimental Master in Chemistry (with specialties) (60 ECTS)

Experimental Master in Chemical Engineering (60ECTS) Other Masters such as: Molecular Biotechnology (60 ECTS)Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (90-120 ECTS)Water (Interdisciplinary) (90-120 ECTS)16 DOCTORATE Homogeneous Catalysis Molecular Inorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry of the Environment and the Pollution Electrochemistry. Science and Technology Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Technology of Materials Biotechnology Environmental Science and Technology Engineering and Advanced Technologies


5 PC Rooms

14 Laboratories

17 Classrooms 1 Aula Magna18


Tupper's room



Library of Chemistry and Physics30.000 monographic volumesMore than 200 printed scientific journals 1600 journals in electronic formatPrinted Chemical Abstracts since 190720ResultsThe quality of the scientific research. El Pas, 29/09/04M. Nazario y E. I. Nebot, The Faculty of Chemistry of the UB is in the first place in this study and it is the first Spanish University Centre in number of published papers and in the number of citations.

Journal "Capital", February 2005The Faculty of Chemistry of the UB is the first recommended Centre to study Chemistry.

The Universitat de Barcelona, leader en scientific production. Avui, 27/10/05

21ResultsJournal Anales de la Real Sociedad Espaola de Qumica, 102 (2006) 11-17Study performed by P. Romn and A. LuqueThe Faculty of Chemistry of the UB is the first Spanish University Centre in the number of published papers and in the H factor during the period 1996-2005.

Annual reports of the journal "El Mundo" about 50 careers.The Faculty of Chemistry is the first recommended Centre to study Chemistry in Spain in the last five consecutive years. It has been the first in eight of the nine annual reports.

22ResultsCampus more active in research La Gaceta de los negocios (26/02/2007)

23Activities organized by the Faculty

For students in the secondary level: FEM QUMICA AL LABORATORI

CentresStudents24Welcome (July and September)


PAT (Tutorials):During the career.Mobility (Erasmus and Seneca)Activities organized by the Faculty25Journey oriented to search for a job and Exposition of Companies (April)About 300 cooperation agreements with the Industry and Public Institutions

Activities organized by the Faculty26

Chemical Engineering DepartmentUniversity of Barcelona

Faculty of ChemistryMart I Franqus, 1, 6th floor08028 BarcelonaSpainPhone: +34 93 4021288Fax: +34 93 4021291E-mail: dep-eq@ub.edu

Director: Dr. Jose Maria Gutirrez (josemaria.gutierrez@ub.edu)27Good morning everyone!First of all, I would like to Welcome all of you to the University of Barcelona.My names Esther Martra and Im the Head of the Internationa Mobility and Programmes Office.Were here today (I like) to give you a welcome and give you the opportunity to get to know each other a little more. I would like to talk a little about the University of Barcelona, an overview and some representative figures about Faculties, Departaments, research, teaching, professors, students, personal of administration. Finally, I would to talk a little about the organization and some figures of International Mobility in the University of Barcelona.Welcome to the University of Barcelona

First of all, thank you so much for coming. Im here today to present an overview of the University of Barcelona.

First, Ill tell you about an overview of the University of Barcelona. Then, Ill present you with some representative figures of the last academic year, and finally Ill talk about the international mobility and programmes of the University.

28Chemical Engineering Department UB19 Professors17 associate professors1 assistant professor20 researchers5 Administrative and service staff (PAS)


Chemical Engineering GradeEnvironmental Engineering Master

Other grades: Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Food science and technologyOther masters: Molecular biotechnology, Water

28We have 20 Faculties and University Schools, in Science, Medicine, Law and Administration and Humanities.Faculties and University Schools : Faculty of BiologyFaculty of ChemistryFaculty of DentistryFaculty of Economic and Business SciencesFaculty of EducationFaculty of Fine ArtsFaculty of Geography and HistoryFaculty of GeologyFaculty of LawFaculty of Library Sciences and DocumentationFaculty of MathematicsFaculty of MedicineFaculty of PharmacyFaculty of PhilologyFaculty of PhilosophyFaculty of PhysicsFaculty of PsychologyFaculty of Teacher TrainingUniversity School of Business StudiesUniversity School of Nursing29

Results from for researchResearch at the Chemical Engineering Department UB 13PhD and Master thesis60Congress presentations 35ISI Publications276.923Research Projects, FBG contracts431.450Research Projects YEAR 2008 2930Research at the Chemical Engineering Department UB8 Research Groups4 Excellence Research Groups (Catalan Government recognition)Applied Catalysis and KineticsAdvanced Oxidation Process EngineeringEnvironmental BiotechnologyIndustrial Separation Processes Colloidal Engineering SystemsSeparation and energy integration. Design, control and simulationCompostingMethodological Developments. Nanotechnology

30The UB is also home to three large Research Foundations: the Fundaci Parc Cientfic de Barcelona, (Barcelona Science Park, PCB), which includes the Institut de Recerca Biomdica de Barcelona (Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, IRBB); the Fundaci Clnic-Institut dInvestigacions Biomdiques Agust Pi i Sunyer (Clinic Foundation/ August Pi i Sunyer Institute for Biomedical Research IDIBAPS); and the Institut dInvestigaci Biomdica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL) (Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, IDIBELL).

Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of ChemistryMart I Franqus, 1, 6th floor08028 BarcelonaSpainPhone: +34 93 4021288Fax: +34 93 4021291E-mail: dep-eq@ub.edu

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