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  • Typesof Retailers

  • Food RetailersGeneral Merchandise RetailersNon Store Retail FormatsService Retailers

  • Food Retailers1. Conventional Supermarkets2. Big-Box Food Retailers 2.1 Supercenters2.2 Hypermarkets3. Convenience Stores2.3 Warehouse ClubWhat DoesBig Box RetailerMean? A retail store that occupies an enormous amount of physical space and offers a variety of products to its customers. These stores achieve economies of scale by focusing on large sales volumes. Because volume is high, the profit margin for each product can be lowered, which results in very competitively priced goods.

  • 1. Conventional Supermarkets

  • 2.1 Supercenters

  • 2.2 Hypermarkets

  • 2.3 Warehouse Club

  • 4. Convenience Stores

  • General Merchandise Retailers1. Discount Stores2. Specialty Stores3. Category Specialists4. Department Stores5. Drug Stores6. Off-Price Retailers7. Value Retailers

  • 1. Discount Stores

  • 2. Specialty Stores

  • 3. Category Specialists

  • 4. Department Stores

  • 5. Drug Stores

  • 6. Off-Price Retailers

  • Non Store Retail Formats1. Electronic Retailing2. Direct-Mail Retailing3. Direct Selling4. Television Home Shopping6. Mobile Selling 5. Vending Machine Retailing

  • 1. Electronic Retailing

  • 2. Direct-Mail Retailing

  • 3. Direct Selling

  • 4. Television Home Shopping

  • 5. Vending Machine Retailing

  • Service RetailersPrevious section sells products to consumers. However, services retailers, firms selling primarily services rather than merchandise, are large & growing part of retail industry.

  • Multichannel Retailer

  • A multichannel retailer is a retailer that sells merchandise or services through more than one channel. Single-channel retailers are evolving into multi-channel retailers to attract and satisfy more customers. By using a combination of channels, retailers can exploit the unique benefits provided by each channel.

  • External SystemWarehousing DistributionTransportationCRMSCM

  • Customer Buying Behavior

  • What influences consumers to purchase products or services? The consumer buying process is a complex matter as many internal and external factors have an impact on the buying decisions of the consumer.

  • The buying process begins when customers recognize an unsatisfied need. Then they seek information about how to satisfy the need, what products might be useful and how they can be bought.

  • There are three types of customer decision making processes are Extended Problem Solving.Limited Problem Solving.Habitual Decision Making.

  • Need recognitionSearch for Info about retailersEvaluate retailersSelect a retailerVisit storeRepeat store patronageNeed recognitionSearch for Info about merchandiseEvaluate merchandiseSelect merchandisePurchase merchandisePost purchase evaluationSTAGESNEEDINFO SEARCHEVALUATIONCHOICEVISITLOYALTYSELECTING A RETAILERSELECTING MERCHANDISE


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