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  • Two notes on Egyptian monasticismAuthor(s): A. AlcockSource: Aegyptus, Anno 67, No. 1/2 (gennaio-dicembre 1987), pp. 189-190Published by: Vita e Pensiero Pubblicazioni dellUniversit Cattolica del Sacro CuoreStable URL: .Accessed: 15/06/2014 01:37

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  • Two notes on Egyptian monasticism

    The term Sarabaitae is used by Cassian (Collationes xviii 7) and Benedict (Regula 1) to describe a particularly reprehansible variety of Egyptian monk who lives in a small community, has his own wealth and obeys no superior. It is without doubt a word of Egyptian origin, and I suggest the following etymology: man (of) and community, nieghbourhood (1). It is possible that the resulting form * may have become *o

  • 190 A. ALCOCK

    in Nubia Dr George Scanlon discovered the crickled remnant of a leather belt with stamped and tooled geometrical designs in panels in a building which he identified as the gate house (5). The remains of three thongs at one end of the belt suggested to Dr Scanlon a pos- sible use in flagellation.

    A. Alcock

    (5) In his excavation report in JEA 58 (1972) :7 n. 4.

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    Article Contentsp. [189]p. 190

    Issue Table of ContentsAegyptus, Anno 67, No. 1/2 (gennaio-dicembre 1987), pp. 1-336Front MatterAnnotazioni archeologiche e storiche all'autobiografia di Uni [pp. 3-12]Ancora sulla Biblioteca di Tolomeo: frammenti di un discorso ai margini della papirologia [pp. 13-25]Per un tentativo di interpretazione metrica di PSI 1214 di Sofrone [pp. 27-32]Due frammenti dell'Odissea [pp. 33-35]Papiri astrologici dell'Universit Cattolica [pp. 37-43]Einige Papyri aus den Giessener Papyrussammlungen [pp. 45-72]Three Fayum Papyri [pp. 73-78]Four London Documents [pp. 79-88]A Lease of Fishing Rights [pp. 89-93]Frammento di un documento con la damnatio memoriae di Macrinus e Diadumenianus (P. Cair. J.E. 87697) [pp. 95-98]The Milano tax-receipts of Paulus, son of Menas: an addendum [pp. 99-100]The hypomnematographus in the Roman period [pp. 101-125]Crocodilopolis-Ptolemais Euergetis in epoca tolemaica [pp. 127-159]Per la storia di un toponimo: Ptolemais Euergetis-Arsinoitn polis [pp. 161-170]Forum Iulium nell'iscrizione di C. Cornelio Gallo sull'obelisco Vaticano [pp. 171-181]La palabra "lodix" en los papiros griegos [pp. 183-187]Two notes on Egyptian monasticism [pp. 189-190]W. Peremans (1907-1986) [pp. 191-195]TESTI RECENTEMENTE PUBBLICATI [pp. 197-263]RECENSIONI E BIBLIOGRAFIAReview: untitled [pp. 265-270]Review: untitled [pp. 270-271]Review: untitled [pp. 271-273]Review: untitled [pp. 273-274]Review: untitled [pp. 274-277]Review: untitled [pp. 278-281]Review: untitled [pp. 281-284]Review: untitled [pp. 284-285]Review: untitled [pp. 285-286]Review: untitled [pp. 286-287]Review: untitled [pp. 287-288]

    BIBLIOGRAFIA METODICA: DEGLI STUDI DI EGITTOLOGIA E DI PAPIROLOGIA [pp. 289-329]LIBRI RICEVUTI [pp. 334-336]Errata Corrige di AEGYPTUS LXVI (1986) pp. 3-62: Papiri documentari dell'Universit Cattolica di Milano [pp. 336-336]Back Matter


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