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  1. 1. TWITTER AND TWEETCHATBy: Connor Erwin
  2. 2. TWITTER The Statistics below show how businesses can reach out to new potentialcustomers and current customers anywhere and at anytime Twitter has 255 million active users that collectively send over 500 million tweets eachday according to Only 7 percent of marketers dont use social media which leaves the other 93 percentengaged in social media which includes twitter according to states that 78% of users are accessing twitter from their mobiledevice which gives businesses a great way to reach potential customers no matterwhere the customer may be
  3. 3. TWEETCHAT Tweetchat is a Twitter feature that allows twitter members to hold or engage in achat session on a certain topic. Tweetchat offers a search box that twitter members can insert a hashtag that isthen followed by the subject To participate the follower must use the #(subject) in their tweets during the timeof the chat to interact Tweet chats are great not only to learn more about subjects in which you areinterested, but also to find new connections who share similar interests, says JenLilienstein who leads digital marketing efforts for Touring & Tasting, a wine andtravel marketing company
  4. 4. STEP 1 OF 3 TO CHATTING First enter the subject following a hashtag to find the subject that you wish to chatabout
  5. 5. STEP 2 OF 3 TO CHATTING Next the user has to pick which twitter account they would like to use to hold thechat with
  6. 6. STEP 3 OF 3 TO CHATTING Find your stream and start chatting about your chosen topic
  7. 7. HOW BUSINESSES CAN USE TWEETCHAT Businesses can engage in tweetchats about their industry or their products toensure that their customers are receiving accurate information about theirproducts Tweetchat is a great way to answer questions about products or deal withcustomer service such as problems with products Business Twitter accounts can advertise in advance to allow customers to knowthe time of the tweetchat so that customers are aware of the chat and can askquestions or discuss problems Tweetchat is a way that companies can give interaction with customers in aconvenient and popular method via twitter
  8. 8. RESOURCES Ultimate guide to hosting a tweetchat Social Media Stats 2014 10 surprising social media statistics that will make you rethink your strategy Business Twitter Tweetchat