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Twitter and Social Media at Occupy Wall Street. Presented by: Abigail Collazo, Project Manager. The Purpose of Twitter. What is Happening? NOT What Am I Doing?. Occupy Wall Street on Twitter. First mention was in an Adbusters blog post July 13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Twitter and Social Media at Occupy Wall StreetPresented by: Abigail Collazo, Project Manager

The Purpose of TwitterWhat is Happening?


What Am I Doing?

Occupy Wall Street on TwitterFirst mention was in an Adbusters blog post July 13

Small network of tweeters for the first few weeks

Expanded use attributed to hyper-local tweeters those who cover activities and news block by block.

September 16, night before occupation of lower Zuccotti Park, hashtag starts to pick up volume

Within 24 hours, 1 of every 500 hashtags was about OccupyWhy Did It Spread?Timely hashtag. Covering a specific event where there was reason to use Twitter. Live streaming, real action

whats happening?

Tapping into emotion. People are expressing themselves and taking action.

News hook. CEO bonuses, lack of Wall Street regulation, unemployment, etc.Occupy Movement Twitter InfoTwitter HandlesOccupy Wall Street Twitter handle: @OccupyWallSt!/OCCUPYWALLST

The womens Wall Street occupy twitter handle is @WomenOWS!/WomenOWS

The NY Feminist General Assembly twitter handle is @Wowsnyc!/wowsnyc

To FollowLiza Sabater: @blogdiva!/blogdiva

Other Hashtags#woccupy #ows #occupy #mayday#SleepOnWallSt #SleepOWS #Anonymous #OccupyWallStreet #ChicagoSpring, #OccupyChicago, #occupynycWomen, Space, and Occupy

Handle: A username, indicated by the @ symbol before it.

Retweet (RT) A tweet that someone else wrote that you are sharing with your followers. To retweet, copy and paste the tweet and add RT @username before the tweet.

Direct Message (DM)- A private message to another Twitter user.

Follow - Opting in to receive someone's tweets in your Twitter feed.

MT - A "modified tweet," meaning the retweet has been slightly edited for length or content.

Trends - A list of popular hashtags that appears on Twitter's front page.

Twitter GlossaryTwitter Glossary (contd)

Pictures: To upload photos on twitter, traditionally you would use a third party site such

Now, you can also upload photos directly from Twitter, the same way you can on Facebook.

URL Shorteners These services allow you to create a shortened web address. and are examples. Shorteners are also useful for tracking click-thrus. Note: Twitter will convert any shortener to its own format using This just prevents spam and wont affect the address.This photo, uploaded to Twitter via, was the first news of the plane crash into the Hudson River in 2009.

Twitter ListsTwo things to note:

You dont need to be following someone on Twitter in order to add them to a list, and

You can make your own lists either public or private. If they are public, anybody can see them and can also choose to follow that entire list as well.

Best way to find relevant lists are to find a few key users and see what lists theyre following or they are on. Then you can follow those same lists/users.

Lists You Are On

On your profile page, you can see how many lists other people have placed you on.

- The @ sign is also used as a way to identify, mention or reply to other users on Twitter.

- If you want a specific person to see your message, youll want to include their @handle in the message. Even if they follow you, they may miss it otherwise.

Example: @womenwotw1: Thanks to @PixelProject for this posting "16 Female Role Models: Transforming Personal Pain into Positive Action"

Example: @melonabt: @prsarahevans hey! just found out abt your journchat eventsuper curious to see how that works!

Mentions, or @ symbol

Mentions versus Hashtags@UserA: When you want a response or are specifically looking for user to know you are discussing him/her

#UserA: When you are talking with a number of other people about the topic of this person.

Main question to ask yourself: who else do you want seeing it? Are you directing to the company/person, or are you crowd-sourcing for info/support?

A Hashtag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. Its also where Twitter Communities meet to discuss certain issues or current events.

Understanding Hashtags

Example: @womenwotw1: Thanks to @PixelProject for this posting "16 Female Role Models: Transforming Personal Pain into Positive Action #vaw

#vaw stands for Violence Against Women

Events: Egypt (#Jan25)Communities: Fem2 (#Fem2)Topics: Debt Ceiling Negotiations (#debtceiling)Recommendations: Follow Friday (#FF)

Note that #OccupyWallStreet and #OWS fit into several of these categories at once, making them more flexible and unwieldy, but also more viral and spreadable.

Effective Use of Hashtags

Fem2 is the hashtag used by the progressive feminist community. Hashtags are used for four primary functions: Dissecting The TweetHey @turnrstrategies, loved this weeks blog post. Heres our take on the #debtceilingcrisis ( By mentioning @turnrstrategies, that user will know your tweet is directed at them.Putting a # before debtceilingcrisis allows anyone following that hashtag to see your tweet.This link was shortened using a URL shortener. Once it was uploaded though, Twitter changed it to say The address underlying it is still the same though. Using a URL shortener will save characters in your tweet.

Sites for Looking Up

Best Practices for Using Hashtags

Keep it short give others room to retweet and add comments

Dont overuse them - your tweets become too messy and abbreviated. Its tempting sometimes to put a # sign before every key word in your tweet, but try to avoid that urge as it will dilute your message.

Use different hashtags to connect to different communities. Are you looking to engage a new audience, or to move your supporters up the engagement ladder?Gaining Influence Important to remember that the universe of people on Twitter (and online) is infinite.

You want to gain influence in a specific sector, or about a specific topic. Dont try to tap into every conversation and every community youll spread your message too thinly.

Listen to Your Followers

Key for you to both drive the conversation, but also pay attention to what your fan base is like what their interests are.

Claire McCaskill very active on Twitter, does all of her own tweeting

Lessons from Troy Davis, September 21, 2011Followers

Engage with Followers

Getting Mentioned by Influentials Think about what they want to tweet about, or what their interest is.

Find a time when they are likely to be heavily engaged in Twitter. During a tweetchat, while live tweeting an event, etc.

Coordinated Plan to Flood White House TweetchatFrom the National Council of Womens Organizations:

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 26th, Vice President Biden will answer questions submitted by people from across the country in his first Twitter interview. So far, many constituencies have coordinated tweets to flood these chats with their questions. We want the womens community to do the very same thing by flooding these two specific Tweet chats with messages about fair pay.

At 1:30 p.m. EST tomorrow, tune into the interview with Vice President Biden (his Twitter handle is @VP) using the hashtags #SOTU and #WHchat. Tweet the above messages about fair pay, again using the correct hashtags and handles so that it gets to the right audience. What Happened?

If you remember nothing elseTwitter is a conversation. Always remember to not just inform, but also engage your audience.

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